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Kicksee -- to wife of Albert Kicksee, a son, 30 Jan 1912 in Rhineland [SR19120208p7]

Kicksee -- Magdelena, 49 years 6 months, wife of William Kicksee, died 17 Jun 1913 in Rhineland [SR19130626p7]

Kicksee -- William Kicksee married Mrs. Christina Cole 3 Feb 1915 at his home 
[Rhineland SR19150226p9]

Kickee -- William Kicksee, farmer, Wyecombe 
Christina Kicksee, Wyecombe [1919 Voters List]

Kidd -- Walter H. Kidd, 28. single, born 6 Sep 1873 in Ontario, schl teacher, lodged in the household of Charles McGilvery [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Kidd -- W. H. Kidd has resigned as principal of Port Rowan public school to accept a more lucrative one in Peterboro [SR19020410p1]

Kidder -- Mr. Kidder of St. Catharines has moved to Waterford and is manager of the Canning Factory [SR19110504p2]

Kidder -- Charles Kidder: 
-- see 1919 Waterford junior high
-- see 1921 Waterford High pupils

Kidder -- Earl Kidder -- see 1919 Waterford junior high

Kidder -- Jack Kidder -- see 1921 Waterford public school pupils

Kidder -- to the wife of L. E. Kidder:
-- a son, 4 May 1912 in Waterford [SR19120518p6]
-- a son, 23 Nov 1916 in Waterford [SR19161207p7]
-- a son, 26 Aug 1919 in Waterford [SR19190904p7]

Kidder -- L. E. Kidder attended the funeral of Wm. P. Innes -- see Innes' funeral

Kidder -- Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Kidder -- see three Star items

Kidder -- Lewis Kidder's son, Walter, 6, died 3 Nov 1918 -- see his obituary

Kidder -- L. [E]. Kidder, manager, Waterford 
Gertrude Kidder, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Kidder -- L. E. Kidder 
-- see 1921 Waterford Officers
-- see 1921 Townsend Officers
-- was pallbearer of Alice (Sovereign) York

Kidder -- Louis Earl Kidder 1885-1964 | his wife Gertrude Terryberry 1887-1976
their sons Walter Melvin 1912-1918 | William James 1916-1924
Charles Arthur Kidder 1908-1969 [Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Kidner -- Beth Kidner attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Kielig -- John J. Kielig, 32, died 23 May 1910 in Port Dover 
[BC19100601] [obituary BC19100601p1]

Kienzle -- Mary Barbara Kienzle, 92 years 3 months 16 days, died 24 Mar 1910 at Lynedoch [BC19100406]

Kienzie -- George Charles Kienzie wed Lena Boyer [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Kienzle -- Charles L. Kienzle, farmer, Wyecombe 
Lillian Kienzle, Wyecombe [1919 Voters List]

Kienzle -- Miss Joanna Kienzle of Middleton married [Era.mus] C. Hussey of South Norwich, Wednesday 1[1] Apr 1906 in Delhi [SR19060427] -- Joanne Kiezie wed [BC19060425

Kienzle -- John L. Kienzle died 4 Sep 1882 [Hanselman Cemetery stone]

Kienzle -- John L. Kienzle 1810-1892; his wife Mary B. 1817-1910 
[Hanselman Cemetery stone] -- the will of John Ludwig Kienzle of Middleton was probated in 1892 [Norfolk Wills]

Kier -- Amelia M. Kier, 42, widow, born 15 May 1848 in Ontario, farmer
her single daughter Corra M., 21, born 21 Jun 1879 in Ontario
her single daughter Ida J., 18, born 7 Mar 1883 in Ontario
her single son Howard S., 16, born 25 Feb 1839 in Ontario
her single daughter Elva P., 14, born 28 Mar 1887 in Ontario
her single son Morley R., 11, born 15 Apr 1889 in Ontario
her single daughter Jennie L., 9, born 4 Aug 1891 in Ontario
her single daughter Francis A., 1, born 1 May 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:2]

Kier -- Colin Kier's wife Phebe, 81, died 1 Sep 1887 [Hemlock Cemetery stone] 
-- the will of Phoebe Kier of Houghton was probated in 1891 [Norfolk Wills

Kier -- Colin Thomas Kier born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Kier -- John Kier was an officer of 1887 Houghton Township 

Kier -- Silas Kier 1839-1908 [Hemlock Cemetery stone] 
-- also see Long Lives in Houghton

Kiernan -- Mary Mierman 1865-1946 | her husband Thomas McDonald 1859-1935
[LaSalette Cemetery stone]

Kilborne -- Levi S. Kilborne, 43, born 25 Aug 1857 in Ontario, blacksmith
his wife Jennie, 40, born 30 May 1860 in Ontario
his single daughter Octava M., 6, born 30 Dec 1894 in Ontario
his single sister-in-law Octava M. Campbell, 31, born 19 Aug 1869 in Ontario
his single hired man Simeon Hendershot, 22, born in Ontario
[1901 Census of Townsend:3]

Kilburn -- Florence E. Kilburn, 19, single, born 17 Jul 1881 in England, immigrated 1890, servant, resided in the household of James McDonald [1901 Census of Middleton:2]

Kilburn -- Lizzie Kilburn, RR1 Tillsonburg [1919 Voters List]

Kilduff -- Thomas S. Kilduff of Toronto married Emma Innes, daughter of Wm. C. Smith of Port Dover, 24 May 1913 in Toronto [SR19130522p7]

Kilgore -- J. M. Kilgour [sic], farmer, RR1 Delhi 
Laura Kilgour [sic], RR1 Delhi 
Marian B. Kilgour [sic], RR1 Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kilgore -- J. M. Kilgore 1853-1936 | his wife Laura 1864-1950 [Delhi Cemetery stones]

Kilgore -- Miss Marion Kilgore -- see 1914 SHS Form Four photo

Kilgore -- Miss Marion Kilgour [sic] of Toronto was home in Delhi for Christmas [SR19181226p4] -- Miss Marion Kilgour [sic] of Delhi visited Miss Jean Brock in St. Williams [SR19190821p3] -- Miss Marion B. Kilgore of Delhi was maid of honor in 1920 when S. Jeannette Brock married Harold M. Jackson -- see Brock-Jackson wedding

Kilgour -- John W. Kilgour, agent, St. James, Waterford [1919 Voters List] 

Kilgour -- J. W. Kilgour contributed to the G.W.V.A. Fund

Kiliey -- Henry Manning Kiliey died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Kilinor -- Paul [Kilinor or Killnor] had mail waiting at Simcoe on 5 Mar 1841

Killingrey -- Robert Killingrey of Townsend -- see Waterford & Townsend Cenotaph

Killmaster -- also see Kilmaster

Killmaster -- Killmaster, Lot 18, Concession 1, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Killmaster -- Killmaster, Lot 19, Concession 1, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Killmaster -- Allen Killmaster, Front Street, Port Rowan 
Jennie Killmaster, single, Front Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List

Killmaster -- Annie Laura Killmaster [Ontario Vital Stats 1878] -- Annie Louise, daughter of late George Killmaster of Port Rowan, married Edward Brisco Cook, son of Haldimand County J.P James Cook, 10 Jun 1878 in Port Rowan [BC18780724p3]

Killmaster -- B. Killmaster:
-- Lot 6, Concession 1, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]
-- Lot 7, Concession 1, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]
-- Lot 5, Concession 2, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Killmaster -- Benjamin Killmaster Esq.'s wife, Ellen Graham, 42, died 5 Jul 1880 in Port Rowan [NR18800716p3]
Killmaster -- B. Killmaster was elected to the Board of South Norfolk Railway in 1887

Killmaster -- B. Killmaster submitted his account to South Walsingham Council for payment [BC18890320] 
-- B. Killmaster -- see Port Rowan magistrates

Killmaster -- Benjamin Killmaster, 73 years and 5 months, died 31 Oct 1894 at Port Rowan [NR18941108] -- the will of Benjamin Killmaster of Port Rowan was probated in 1894 
[Norfolk Wills] -- Benjamin Killmaster, born 31 May 1821, died 31 Oct 1894 | his wife Ellen Graham, born 9 Sep 1837, died 5 Jul 1880 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- the late Benjamin Killmaster of Port Rowan's grandson, Lieut. George Stacey Stratford, 25, was killed 17 Nov 1917 in France. His mother has three other sons on the firing line [SR19171206p12]

Killmaster -- C. B. Killmaster appointed an officer of 1890 Port Rowan council.

Killmaster -- C. B. Killmaster of Port Rowan, manager of C. B. Killmaster and Son
 -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Killmaster -- C. B. Killmaster, banker, Port Rowan; Long Point, South Walsingham 
[1919 Voters List]

Killmaster -- C. B. Killmaster was uncle of F. Stacey McCall -- see McCall visited

Killmaster -- Charles B. Killmaster, Main Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List

Killmaster -- Charles Killmaster, born 26 Feb 1836, died 20 Oct 1899 | C. H. Killmaster's wife Helen C., born 4 Oct 1863, died 25 Nov 1901 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- C. S. Killmaster of Port Rowan married Nellie Hill of Acton, 17 Jul 1878 in Acton [BC18780731p3]

Killmaster -- to wife of C. S. Killmaster a son 9 Apr 1879 in Port Rowan [BC18790416p3]

Killmaster -- C. S. Killmaster: 
-- nominated 1897 reeve of Port Rowan [SR18961231p1]
-- of Port Rowan was 1907 Warden of Norfolk
-- agent of Molson's Bank [SR19150211p7]

Killmaster -- Cornelius Killmaster, 50, born 26 Dec 1850 in Ontario, private banker
his wife Ellen S., 45, born 27 Feb 1856 in Ontario
his single daughter Jennie, 18, born 1 Jan 1883 in Ontario, clk bank
his single son Charles B., 14, born 16 Jan 1887 in Ontario
his [single] servant Annie Britton, 22, born 6 Jun 1877 in England, immigrated 1885 
[1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Killmaster -- C. S. Killmaster's daughter, Miss Jeanette Killmaster, A.T.C.M. has been appointed assistant teacher to Mr. H. M. Field of Dresden, Germany, who speaks in the highest terms of her attainments. She is spending the summer travelling in Austria and Switzerland, a guest of their excellencies the Tereschenkos, a distinguished Russian family of St. Petersburg [SR19080813p1]

Killmaster -- Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Killmaster of Port Rowan's daughter, Miss Jeanette Killmaster, is now the superintendent of music in the School for the Blind in Brantford, coming there from the Conservatory at Peterborough [SR19181010p12]

Killmaster -- C. S. Killmaster and son, who for years have been private bankers in Port Rowan, have sold out to Sterling Bank of Canada. C. B. Killmaster will be manager of new bank [SR19191016p11]

Killmaster -- Cornelius S. Killmaster, Front Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Killmaster -- C. S. Killmaster's daughter, Mrs. Harty Morden of Victoria, B.C., is due this week owing to the serious illness of her father [Port Rowan SR19360604p14]

Killmaster -- Cornelius Schermerhorn Killmaster, born 25 Dec 1849, died 30 Jun 1936
Ellen Sophia Killmaster, born 27 Feb 1856, died 6 Mar 1939
Edith Lillian Killmaster, born 5 Dec 1892, died 7 Oct 1893
Charles Benjamin Killmaster, born 16 Jan 1887, died 26 Feb 1921 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- to wife of E. A. Killmaster of Port Rowan, a son, 12 Jul 1900 in Ottawa [SR19000726]

Killmaster -- Earnest [sic] Killmaster, 25, born 22 Apr 1875 in Ontario, merchant
his wife Mary, 25, born 15 Sep 1875 in Ontario
his single daughter Magaret [sic], 14 Jul 1900 in Ontario
his single domestic servant Mary McDonald, 14, born 12 Mar 1887 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Killmaster -- Miss Eizzie, daughter of Benjamin Killmaster, married Joseph Stratford of Brantford, 24 May 1880 in Port Rowan [BC18800526p3][repeated BC18800602p3] [Compiler's Comment: Norfolk researcher Robert Mutrie, in a 19 Nov 2003 email, reported: This was Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Killmaster]

Killmaster -- Elizabeth Killmaster, 23, born and raised in Port Rowan, daughter of Henry J. and Mary Killmaster, married John E. Stearns, 25, merchant, born and raised in Houghton, son of John A. and Helen M. Stearns, 31 Mar 1875 at Port Rowan. Witness: Henry J. Killmaster 
Ontario Vital Stats]

Killmaster -- Mrs. Elizabeth Stacey McCall, a daughter of Geo. A. Killmaster, died 8 Jul 1916 in St. Williams -- see her obituary

Killmaster -- Ellen Graham, 42, wife of Benjamin Killmaster, died 5 Jul 1880 at Port Rowan [BC18800714p3]

Killmaster -- organist and choirmaster F. C. Killmaster, a Port Rowan boy, son of C. S. Killmaster, was presented with a purse of gold when he left Toronto's Church of the Redeemer to accept a similar position at St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Ont. 
[SR19130529p7 citing the Toronto Globe]

Killmaster -- F. G. Killmaster was arrested in England as spy

Killmaster -- Frederick George Killmaster of London, 38, single Church of England organist & choirmaster, born 9 Apr 1879 at Port Rowan, son of Cornelius S. Killmaster of Port Rowan
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Killmaster -- F. G. Killmaster has enlisted for overseas service [SR19170628p5]

Killmaster -- F. G. Killmaster has returned to London after visiting his parents at Port Rowan [SR19191002p5]

Killmaster -- F. G. Killmaster, B.A., Mus.B., F.C.G.O., has tendered his resignation as organist at St. Paul's Cathedral, London. He has accepted the position of musical director of the Regina Conservatory of Music at a salary of $5,000 per annum [SR19200708p7]

Killmaster -- G. A. Killmaster:
-- and John Smith, Lot 19, Concession 3, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]
-- and John Smith, Lot 20, Concession 3, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Killmaster -- Geo. Killmaster of Brantford was home on a visit [Port Rowan BC18870713]

Killmaster -- George A. Killmaster, eldest son of Port Rowan merchant John Killmaster, married Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Rev. C. D. Schermerhorn of Port Rowan, 
3 May 1841 [NO18410612p3]

Killmaster -- George Killmaster died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]
-- the will of George A. Killmaster of Walsingham was probated in 1872 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Mrs. Geo. A. Killmaster, 81, died 23 Jan 1904 in South Walsingham [SR19040205]
-- Geo. A. Killmaster, 57, died 25 Aug 1872
Eliza Schermerhorn, born 22 Dec 1822, died 27 Jan 1904 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- George B. Killmaster, 35, born 23 Aug 1865 in Ontario, farmer
his married housekeeper Sarah Shook, 55, born 24 May 1845 in Ontario
his single domestic servant Alice Duncan, 22, born 14 Jul 1878 in Ontario
his single farm overseer Wellington Mattice, 42, born 25 Nov 1858 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Killmaster -- Col. George B. Killmaster -- see Profile

Killmaster -- G. B. Killmaster, born 1865, died 1928 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- H. J. Killmaster:
-- and Mrs. Backhouse, Lot 17, Concession 2, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]
-- see January 1862 News
-- see 1873 Tillsonburg Observer article
-- see Port Rowan magistrates
-- was uncle of F. Stacey McCall -- see McCall visited

Killmaster -- Henry J. Killmaster, 59, died 4 Aug 1876 
his wife Mary, born 2 Sep 1822, died 24 Oct 1890 [Bayview Cemetery stone]
-- the will of Mary Killmaster of Port Rowan was probated in 1890 [Norfolk Wills]

Killmaster -- at home of H. J. Killmaster in Port Rowan: Francis Ernest, son of F. E. A. McCall, Esq. of St. Williams, died 14 Feb 1880 [BC18800225p3]

Killmaster -- H. J. Killmaster was elected president of 1890 South Walsingham Agricultural Society [BC18900122p1]

Killmaster -- H. J. Killmaster and family are established at the Beach in their summer quarters [Port Rowan NR18920811]

Killmaster -- Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Killmaster will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary 11 Mar 1897 [Port Rowan SR18970311p1]

Killmaster -- Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Killmaster of Port Rowan spent the winter in Cleveland [SR19170426p2]

Killmaster -- Henry J. Kilmaster [sic] of Walsingham married Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Henry Becker of Walsingham, 11 ult. [11 May 1841] at Walsingham [NO18410612p3]

Killmaster -- the will of Henry James Killmaster of Port Rowan was probated 1876 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Henry J. Killmaster, 59, died 4 Aug 1876
his wife Mary, born 2 Sep 1822, died 24 Oct 1890
[Bayview Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- Henry J. Killmaster, 26, farmer, born in Walsingham, resident of Walsingham, son of George and Eliza; married Maria T. McCall, 25, born at Vittoria, resident of Charlotteville, daughter of James D. and Frances, 11 Mar 1872 near St. Williams. Witnesses: Louisa McCall of St. Williams and John G. Killmaster of Simcoe [Ontario Vital Stats]

Killmaster -- Henry J. Killmaster, 56, born 11 Mar 1845 in Ontario, merchant
his wife Maria, 56, born 15 Dec 1844 in Ontario
his single domestic servant Kate Fawcett, 12, born 9 Oct 1888 in England, immigrated 1900
[1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Killmaster -- H. J. Killmaster of Port Rowan was a brother of C. S. Killmaster of Port Rowan and an uncle of of Stacey McCall -- see Rev. F. S. McCall preached

Killmaster -- Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Killmaster of Port Rowan have their son, E. A. Killmaster of Cleveland, visiting  [SR19190821p2]

Killmaster -- H. J. Killmaster, gentleman, Port Rowan; Long Point, South Walsingham 
[1919 Voters List]

Killmaster -- Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Killmaster of Port Rowan will spend the rest of winter with their son, E. A. Killmaster in Cleveland [SR19201223p5]

Killmaster -- Henry Killmaster, Church Street, Port Rowan 
M. T. Killmaster, Church Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Killmaster -- Isabella Killmaster born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Killmaster -- Isabel Blanche, youngest daughter of B. Killmaster, Eaq., of Port Rowan, married James Kerr Osborne of Brantford, 18 Sep 1888 in Port Rowan [BC18880926] [NR18880927]

Killmaster -- J. Kilmaster [sic] was proposed as committee member of the new agricultural association [NO18410529p3]

Killmaster -- J. Killmaster:
-- and P. B. Fick & village of Port Royal, Lot 10, Concession BFsw, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]
-- and T. Williams, Lot 18, Concession BFne, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Killmaster -- Miss Jennette Killmaster of Port Rowan has been appointed musical director at the Institute for the Blind at Brantford. She is eminently fitted as to ability and temperment for the position [SR19180815p2] -- also see C. S. Killmaster, above

Killmaster -- Jessie Killmaster died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Killmaster -- John Kilmaster [sic] -- see 1841 Licenses

Killmaster -- John Killmaster, born 23 Dec 1781 in Thornbury England, died 28 Nov 1861 in Port Rowan | his wife Elizabeth Stacy, born 12 Feb 1784 at Detroit, died 25 Nov 1861 at Port Rowan [Bayview Cemetery stone] 

Killmaster -- John George Killmaster wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]
-- John G. Killmaster, Esq., barrister of the firm Killmaster & Wells, of Simcoe, married Mary, daughter of the late Canon Grasett of Simcoe, 2 Sep 1880 in Simcoe [NR18800903p2]

Killmaster -- Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Killmaster are honeymooning in England [NR18801022p5]

Killmaster  -- John George Killmaster died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]  
-- barrister John G. Killmaster, 39, died 7 Jul 1883 in Simcoe [WS18830719]
-- the will of John George Killmaster of Simcoe was probated in 1883 [Norfolk Wills]
-- John George Killmaster, born 12 Feb 1844, died 7 Jul 1883 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Killmaster -- M. E. Killmaster, Ellis Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List

Killmaster -- Martha Killmaster wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874] 

Killmaster -- Mary Elizabeth Killmaster wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]
-- also see her Family Group Sheet

Killmaster -- Mrs. Mary Emily Killmaster married Dr. David Thompson of Cayuga last Thursday in Simcoe. Her cousin, Rev. Henry Grassett Thompson of Toronto, co-officiated [BC18890130p1]

Killmaster -- Mrs. Rachel Gustin, daughter of late Henry Killmaster of Port Rowan, died 11 Jun 1911 in Bay City, Michigan [SR19110622p7]

Killmaster -- Roli Killmaster passed 1882 Entrance Exams

Killmaster -- W. Killmaster -- see Sports: 1883 Port Rowan Baseball 

Killmaster -- W. G. Killmaster died 
[BC19060815 death notice, obituary] [BC19060808]
-- W. G. Killmaster, born 1 Mar 1868, died 4 Aug 1906 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

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