Etc. -- Hanselman/Dicks Hill Cemetery, Middleton Township
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Hanselman/Dicks Hill Cemetery [GPS: 50.185/31.025] opposite 2490 1st Concession Road STR, half a kilometre east of Schafer Side Road in Middleton Township, Norfolk County. There are thirty surviving stones in this cemetery. Over half are still readable. 
Photographed 17 Jul 2010 by John Cardiff. -- see enlargement of above photo.

This cemetery is no longer in use. Many of the surviving stones have been gathered together to facilitate grounds keeping. Approximately half have been placed in one of three concrete slabs on the ground. Several stones have been broken and/or are no longer readable.
Photographed 17 Jul 2010 by John Cardiff -- see enlargement of above photo.  

Partial index of names on stones photographed in this cemetery:

Cornelus and Wilhelmine Arn
Wilhelmena Gaiger
Carlina W. Geiger
Matthies Geiger
Christian and Catharine Guhl
Martin Heemer
David J. Staib
Staib children
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