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A lightly edited partial transcription of the St. Williams column on page 5 of the 15 Apr 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


People who live in a community should be anxious and pleased to see public improvements going on around them, and especially do we watch the young boys and girls as they grow up and start out in the different occupations that appeal to them and to which they intent to devote their energies hereafter.

St. Williams has the pleasure of knowing a great many young men who grew up here who have made a success of the calling they decided to follow.

Among them at this time we are pleased to mention the name of F. Stacey McCall, B.A., who started in the St. Williams Public School, afterwards attending the Port Rowan High School, and later attended the University, through all of which he passed successfully, finally entering the ministry, and now at the age of 39 years, by his energy and devotion has climbed to the important position of principal of Alberta College, located at Edmonton, where over 1,400 students are receiving their education.

He was chosen to come to Toronto to arrange the shares due the different colleges from the Methodist National Campaign, and came on here last Friday to spend Sunday at his old home with his sister, Miss Edith, and aunt, Mrs. Newitt.

He was welcomed by everyone here and willingly agreed to preach in the Methodist Church on Sunday morning, where the people came together to listene to a wonderful sermon, which all who heard appreciated.

May his years of usefulness be many.

A lightly edited partial transcription of the Port Rowan column on page 7 of the 15 Apr 1920 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


The Rev. F. Stacey McCall of Edmonton, Alberta, preached a very able discourse to a large congregation in the Neal Memorial Church last Sunday night.

Mr. McCall is a nephew of H. J. and C. S. Killmaster, and was at one time principal of our public school. He still has scores of admiring friends in the village.

He is a native of St. Williams and one of whom the people of that village are very justly proud.

Mr. McCall is a young man of marketed ability, an eloquent speaker and bears an excellent Christian character, and has become one of the leading men in the Methodist Church in Canada.

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