Doan's Hollow, 1938-39
Doan's Hollow Public School, 1938-39
Last updated: 21 Aug 2017
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These are larger versions of the faces in the photo, presented from left to right, top row first, middle row second, and first row last. Although these thumbnails take a moment to display they may save considerable squinting at the entire photo.

If you think you recognize someone in a photo below, click on the face to view a close up. All photos below are linked to an enlargement.

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Bernice Hilliard

Patsy Hunter

Laureen Kelly

Kath. Kitchen

Helen Duncan

Peter Pos

Joe Kelly

Howard Clapp

John Pos

Harry Small

William Hagan

Bruce Small

Arthur Miskelly

Douglas Awde

Leonard Kelly

Walter Miskelly

Jean Schoff

Ruth Duncan

Evelyn Pos 

Jean Waddle

Ruth Schoff
Mary or Marion Clapp
Marion Clapp
Mary or Marion Clapp
Mary Clapp

Frances Kelly

Inez Hagan

Joyce Waddle

Person 39-27

Robert Sidway

Viola Pursley

Doris Boomer

Pauline Pursley

Jean Horlock

Betty Awde

Ernest Schoff

Gerald Robinson

Roy Graham

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