Doan's Hollow 1938-39
Doan's Hollow Public School, 1938-39
Last updated: 21 Aug 2017
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The original photo is the property of Linda Russell of Port Dover, who's father, William Hagan, appears in the photo. Sometime ago Linda visited Joe Kelly, who also appears in this photo, and they developed the list of student names that Linda submitted along with the original photo. 

We augmented that list by cross-referencing it against the list of students promoted at Doan's Hollow (S.S. 2, Woodhouse) Public School published in a Jul 1939 issue of Simcoe Reformer, and our augmented list can be seen here. Other identifications provided by site visitors are credited on the appropriate web pages.

While we appreciate the efforts of all who have identified students, identifications should be considered tentative until confirmed. The older the "last updated" date on each bio web page, the higher our confidence in that identification.
The original photo has faded and yellowed, and shows signs of age and other imperfections, which are obvious on a few of our enlargements. The original black and white print measures approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. There are 36 people (students and teacher) in the picture, which appears to have been taken in the spring of 1939. The identity of the photographer is unknown.

Doan's Hollow Public School was a one-room elementary school house located south-east of Simcoe and north-west of Port Dover. All students are assumed to have lived within a mile or so of the school.
At the time this photo was taken, Ontario elementary education consisted of eight grades: 
1 through 8. Typically students would have started elementary school at approximately age 5 and graduated eight years later, age 13, so the students in this photo would have been born between approximately the early 192os and the early 193os.

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