Doan's Hollow Public School, 1938-39
Last updated: 02 Jan 2017
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This is: student Kathleen Kitchen
Tentatively Identified by Joe Kelly and Linda Russell
Confirmed 29 Jan 2006 by Ruth Shoff Tharrington
Confirmed 22 Aug 2006 by her daughter Elisabeth

From Elisabeth, youngest daughter of Kathleen Kitchen: "[This] is indeed Kathleen Kitchen, daughter of Omer Kitchen and Bessie Pegg, long time residents of the area. (Their families arriving in the 1790s during the aftermath of the American Revolution.) The Kitchens lived and farmed in Lynn Valley just down the way from the Kelly family. Kathleen's older brothers Kern, Clinton and Keith Kitchen also attended Doan's Hollow School. 
Kathleen married Harold Duckworth in 1949 and they had four children together. Kathleen is still living, and is with her youngest daughter in Kamloops, British Columbia."

From Elisabeth, 29 Dec 2016: "Kathleen passed away in Kamloops BC, 23 Sep 2016. Interred in Kinnaird Cemetery, Castlegar, BC, with her husband, R. Harold Duckworth."

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