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Vail -- Vail Bros. of Windham -- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory

Vail -- Alex. Vail:
-- was an officer of 1910 North Walsingham 
-- was a 1910 South Walsingham Officer

Vail -- Alex Vail, farmer, RR5 Simcoe  
Mary Vail, Lot 13, Concession 14, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Vail -- Alex. Vail has purchased the farm of Harry Hall at Renton. Harry has purchase a farm in Woodhouse near Doan's Hollow from Albert Baldwin [SR19191225p2]

Vail -- Alice Vail:
-- was a 1919 Junior High Candidate
-- see 1920 High School diplomas

Vail -- Amos Vail of Townsend married Miss Ella Freeland of Charlotteville 28 Dec 1899 in Simcoe [SR19000104

Vail -- Amos Vail  
-- see 1909 Townsend Officers
-- see 1910 Townsend Officials
-- see 1913 Townsend Officers
-- [A.] see 1921 Townsend Officers 

Vail -- Amos R. Vail, 30, born 4 Feb 1871 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Ella E., 28, born 20 Apr 1872 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:6]

Vail -- Amos Vail, farmer, RR4 Simcoe  
Ella Vail, Lot 15, Concession 12, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Vail -- Mr. and Mrs. Amos Vail of Tyrrell celebrated their silver wedding anniversary 30 Dec [1924] [WS19250108p4]

Vail -- Amos Vail 1871-1959 |his wife Ella E. Freeland 1872-1940
their children Audrey M. 1903-1905 | Norman Sep-Dec 1909
[Oakwood Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: same stone as George Vail]

Vail -- A[n]dra May, 2 years 6 months, daughter of Amos Vail, died 16 Oct 1905 in Townsend [SR19051020]

Vail -- Anna Vail 1847-1928
her husband James Youmans 1838-1929 [Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Vail -- C. E. Vail -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Vail -- Carrie M. Vail of Windham married John H. Pew of Windham 18 Sep 1907 in Colborne [SR19070927] -- Carrie Mabel Vail married 1907 [1907 Ontario Vital Stats]

Vail -- C. R. Vail of Simcoe -- see Norfolk Students banqueted

Vail -- Cecil Ray Vail of Simcoe married Miss Eleanor Barrow, daughter of the late James Barrow and Mrs. Barrow of Montreal, in Montreal [SR19150624p7] [SR19150701p7]

Vail -- Charles Vail of Simcoe married Miss Ethel May Anderson of Simcoe, 30 Mar 1910 
in St. Thomas [BC19100406] -- Mrs. Ethel Vail is visiting her brother, Fred Anderson [Nixon SR19180228p5]

Vail -- Charles L. Vail had mail waiting at Simcoe in Dec 1840

Vail -- Charles L. Vail was a 1865 councillor of Townsend [WS18990302p1]

Vail -- Charles L. Vail, 77, died 22 Jan 1882
his wife Charlotte, born 29 Mar 1812, died 7 Sep 1895
their son Bradford, 3 years 8 months 24 days, died 3 May 1852
their daughter Emily, 11 months 11 days, died 26 Aug 1853 [Culver-Collver Cemetery stones] [Compiler's Comment: parents' surname spelled Vail; children's surname spelled Vale]

Vail -- the will of Charles Lewis Vail of Walsingham was probated in 1882 [Norfolk Wills]

Vail -- Charles Lewis Vail, son of Isaac Vail, was father of Mrs. John B. Hall -- see her obituary

Vail -- Charles William Vail,  [4]5, died [8] Jan 1918 in Woodhouse [SR19180110p5]
[Compiler's Comment: Compare with Leavitt Vail and Matilda Park's son William]

Vail -- Charles Wyatt Vail born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Vail -- Charlotte, [83] years 6 months, relict of Lewis Vail, died 17 Sep 1895 at home of 
son-in-law F. Brackenridge in Windham. Funeral services at Bloomsburg [SR18951003]

Vail -- Clark [sic] Vail:
-- see 1909 Charlotteville Officers
-- see 1912 Charlotteville Officers

Vail -- Clarke E. Vail 1867-1951; his wife Emily Thorne 1865-1912
[Oakwood Cemetery stones] [Compiler's Comment: also see Edward E. Vail]

Vail -- Edward C. Vail, 34, born 13 Jan 1867 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Emily, 35, born 11 Oct 1865 in Ontario
-- 1901 Census of Woodhouse:2 [Compiler's Comment: living next to Thomas E. Vail]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Clarke E. Vail]

Vail -- Eliza Vail -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Vail -- Eliza Vail, single 86 Brock Street, Simcoe 
Henriett Vail, single, 86 Brock Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Vail -- Elizabeth Vail, married Rev. Geo. J. Ryerse, was mother of Wm. Henry Ryerse

Vail -- Elizabeth Matthews, 78, wife of John Vail, died Sun 11 Jun 1916 in Simcoe [SR19160615p7]

Vail -- Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" Vail, wife of Rober Winter, born 1827, died 1890, buried Old Woodhouse Church [OWC]

Vail -- Ellen Jane Russ 1842-1924, wife of George Vail 1835-1905 
-- see photos of their cemetery stone
-- see our online Oakwood Cemetery video

Vail -- Emily Thorne, 47, wife of Clark Vail, died 22 Oct 1912 in Simcoe. Interment: 25 Oct 1912 in Oakwood Cemetery [SR19121024p6] -- Emily Thorne 1865-1912 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Vail -- Frank Vail born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Vail -- to wife of Frank Vail, nee Emily Thorn, a stillborn 1 Jul 1900 in Charlotteville 
[Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Vail -- Dr. G. N. Vail of Kansas was a brother of Mrs. John B. Hall -- see Mrs. Hall's obituary

Vail -- George Vail has graduated Model School with professional certification [BC18900101p1]

Vail -- Geo. Vail Sr. has visited his son William at Grimsby [Boston WS18990202p8] 

Vail -- George Vail, 66, born 30 Mar 1835 in Ontario
his wife Ellen J., 58, born 19 Jun 1842 in Ontario
his single son Cecil R., 15, born 28 Dec 1885 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:6]

Vail -- Geo. Vail Sr., who has been living with his son at Grimsby is here again [Tyrrell WS19000524p8]

Vail -- George Vail's relict celebrated her 77th birthday -- see party review

Vail -- George Vail, 69, died 30 Jan 1905 in Woodhouse [SR19050203
-- Mrs. George Vail was buried in Simcoe 9 Oct 1924 -- see her obituary
-- George Vail 1835-1905 | his wife Ellen Jane Russ 1842-1924
-- see photos of their cemetery stone
-- see our online Oakwood Cemetery video

Vail -- George A. Vail of Townsend passed 1882 Entrance Exams

Vail -- Miss Ida E. Vail of Townsend married John A. Andrews of Townsend 7 Mar 1894 at her parents' home [NR18940315]

Vail -- Ira Nelson Vail of Woodhouse married Miss Georgina Aitkins of Woodhouse, 
11 Sep 1894 at her mother's home in Woodhouse [NR18940913]

Vail -- to wife of Ira N. Vail a daughter 3 Dec 1902 at Renton [SR19021211]

Vail -- Ira N. Vail of Renton -- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory

Vail -- Ira Vail of Renton -- see 1912 Holstein Breeders

Vail -- Ira Vail of Renton has purchased the farm of John Millard of Windham, who has moved to Windsor to be with his daughter [SR19190529p2] -- Ira Vail of Renton has purchased a farm near Lynnville [SR19190529p2]

Vail -- Ira Vail, farmer, RR1 Nixon 
Georgina Vail, Lot 4, Concession 12, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Vail -- Ira Vail of Lynnville has his brother, Dr. and Mrs. Frank Vail and son Philip of Detroit, visiting [SR19200819p11]

Vail -- Mrs. Ira Vail has her brother, Mr. and Mrs. John Aiken and family of Owosso, Michigan, visiting [SR19200909p4]

Vail -- Ira N. Vail 1865-1926 | his wife Georgina Aitken 1865-1940 
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Vail -- Isaac and Mary Vail's daughter, Miss Susan Vail, born 31 Mar 1833 in Port Ryerse, 
died 25 Dec 1926 at the home of her sister, Mrs. James Youmans, concession 11, Townsend [SR19261230p1]

Vail -- Isaac Vail was father of Chas. Lewis Vail and grandfather of Mrs. John B. Hall
 -- see her obituary

Vail -- Isaac Vail, 56 years 5 months, died 1 May 1857
his wife Mary, 80 years 7 months, died 10 Jan 18[8]3
Edward, 34 years 7 months, son of Isaac Vail, died 20 Mar 1866 
-- see photo of their cemetery stone

Vail -- Isaac Vail was a 1890 Charlotteville pathmaster

Vail -- the will of Isaac Emanuel Vail of South Walsingham was probated in 1895 [Norfolk Wills]

Vail -- James Vail was a 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

Vail -- James H. Vail, 79, died 3 Aug 1926 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: next stone: Leavitt Vail]

Vail -- John Vail died 5 Jul 1894 at Charlotteville Centre [NR18940712]

Vail -- L. Vail:
-- was a 1909 Windham Officer [WS19090401p6]
-- was a 1910 Windham Officer [WS19100331p4]

Vail -- Leonard Vail was a 1918 Windham Officer

Vail -- to wife of Leslie Vail a son 23 Dec 1907 at Rockford [SR19080109]

Vail -- to wife of Rev. Leslie Vail a daughter 8 Jun 1912 in Waterford [SR19120118p12]

Vail -- Leslie H. 1875-1974 | Annie A. 1876-1951 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Vail -- Levitt [sic] Vail, 60, born 25 Jul 1840 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Matilda, 55, born 7 Mar 1846 in Ontario
his single son Charles H., 28, born 26 Jul 1872 in Ontario
his single son George H., 25, born 9 Apr 1875 in Ontario
his single daughter Maud, 19, born 4 Jul 1881 in Ontario
his single cousin Carrie, 18, born 28 Jul 1882 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:6]

Vail -- Leavitt Vail's wife Matilda, 54, died 4 Jul 1909 in Windham [SR19090708]

Vail -- Levitt [sic] Vail, laborer, RR2 Port Dover; Lot 8, Concession 5, Woodhouse 
[1919 Voters List]

Vail -- Levitt [sic] Vail, a former resident of the Tyrrell vicinity, died Sunday at the home of his son-in-law, John Andrews in Woodhouse [WS19250115p4]

Vail -- Leavitt Vail 1841-1925 | his wife Matilda Park 1845-1909
their son William 1872-1918 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: next stone: James H. Vail]

Vail -- Mabel and Alice Vail donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141126p1] [SR19141203p1] 

Vail -- Mabel Vail of Simcoe -- see 1920 Middle School Normal Entrance Results

Vail -- Margaret Vail -- see 1917 Simcoe High Honor students

Vail -- Mary Vail died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Vail -- Mary Eliza Vail born [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Vail -- Mrs. Mattie Luella Vail of Windham married Fred. Breakenridge of Windham, 12 Jan 1887 at home of C. Hall in Lynnville [WS18870120]

Vail -- Nelson Vail of Woodhouse married Nancy Vrooman of Niagara, 4 Feb 1833. 
Witnesses: Robert Kemp; Thomas Vrooman [GJR-SR19010307]

Vail -- Nelson Vail's wife, Mary, 36 years 15 days, daughter of Solomon & Mary Vrooman, 
died 20 Apr 1863 [Culver-Collver Cemetery stone]

Vail -- Nelson Vail died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Vail -- Nelson Vail's widow, Adelaine Maplet, 79, died Sat 2 Sep 1916 in Woodhouse [SR19160907p7]

Vail -- Norman Vail, 3 months, son of Amos Vail, died 11 Sep 1909 in Townsend [SR19090916p7]

Vail -- Susan M. Vail, born 9 Sep 1842, died 26 Feb 1918
her husband John B. Hall, born 4 Sep 1841, died 18 Nov 1922
their sons Morris F., born 17 Jan 1871, died 16 Sep 1924
William E., born 6 Mar 1879, died 25 Dec 1911 [Evergreen Cemetery stones]

Vail -- Miss Susan Vail of St. Williams has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Jas. Youmans at Nober [WS19000329p8]

Vail -- T. Vail of Woodhouse -- see 1919 Ag Society

Vail -- Thos. E. Vail married Miss Annie Thompson of Port Ryerse last Wednesday 
[Tyrrell WS18990608p8]

Vail -- Thomas E. Vail, 32, born 3 Jan 1869 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Annie E., 30, born 13 Jun 1870 in Ontario [1901 Census of Woodhouse:2
[Compiler's Comment: living next to Edward C. Vail]

Vail -- Thomas E. Vail -- see 1919 Woodhouse Officials

Vail -- Thomas E. Vail, retired, RR2 Simcoe  
Annie E. Vail, Lot 11, Gore of Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Vail -- Mrs. Thomas Vail of Simcoe was a sister of James Stewart Thompson -- see his obituary

Vail -- Mrs. T. H. [sic] Vail of Boston was daughter of Henry Thompson and Ursula Sinclair
-- see Ursula's obituary

Vail -- Thomas Vail 1869-1965 | his wife Anna E. Thompson 1870-1954
George A. Anguish 1871-1947 | his wife C. Alberta Thompson 1873-1935
J. Stewart Thompson 1878-1919 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Vail -- Wm. Vail of Simcoe married Miss Ethel May Anderson of Simcoe, 30 Mar 1910 in St. Thomas [SR19100407p12]

Vair -- Grace Emily Vair died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Vair -- to wife of Thomas Vair a daughter 17 Mar 1878 at Port Dover [BC18780403p3]

Vale -- also see Vail

Vale -- Amos Vale subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Vale -- Charles J. Vale had mail waiting at Simcoe on 5 Mar 1841

Vale -- Charles L. and Charlotte Vale's children: 
Bradford, 3 years 8 months 24 days, died 3 May 1852
Emily, 11 months 11 days, died 26 Aug 1853 [Culver-Collver Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: Carles and Charlotte's own stones spell the surname Vail.]

Vale -- Mrs. Priscilla Vale of Port Ryerse married Stewart Walker Wells of Port Dover,
13 Oct 1897 in Simcoe [SR18971014]

Valentine -- Laura Mabel Valentine of Simcoe married Charles Melvin Gamble of Simcoe, 11 Nov 1918 in Simcoe [SR19181114p7]

Vallee -- "It is reported that Mr. Merritt Vallee, a married man with one or two small children, has gone away with Maude Robinson, daughter of John Robinson, a girl under 14 years of age. It is surmised that they have gone to Detroit or the Northwest." [Walsingham Centre SR19100825p2]

Vallentine -- Joseph Vallentine, 41, married, born 25 Feb 1860 in England, immigrated 1890, cigar manufacturer; and 
Mary N. Vallentine, 26, married, born 24 Apr 1874 in Ontario and 
Grace Vallentine, 2, single, born 10 Apr 1898 in U. States, immigrated 1899, boarded in the household of William D. Battersby [1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Valley -- James Valley, 53, married, born 13 Jan 1848 in Ontario, sawmill, and 
George Valley, 20, single, born 6 Mar 1881 in Ontario, sawmill, lodged in the household of 
Walter Thompson [1901 Census of Charlotteville:2]

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