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Kent -- Kent & McGregor donated to Belgium Relief at Delhi [SR19150211p5]

Kent -- Agnes Julia Kent born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kent -- Miss Agnes V. Kent married John Silverthorn of Buffalo, late of Teeterville, 28 Dec 1892 at home of her father, Geo. Kent of Delhi [NR18930105]

Kent -- Miss Annie Kent married George Key Wednesday evening at the home of her mother Mrs. George Kent in Delhi. Miss Araula Kent was bridesmaid. James A Key of Oakland was groomsman. Little Miss Anna Kent, daughter of Wm. Kent, was maid of honor [SR18971216]

Kent -- Miss Arsula Kent of Delhi, daughter of Mrs. Geo. Kent, married Herbert Smith of Windham 29 Sep 1898 at her mother's home at Delhi [WS18981006p6] -- Miss Arsula Kent of Delhi married Hubert Smith of Windham Thursday at her mother's home in Delhi [WS18981006p1] 

Kent -- Arthur Kent, bookkeeper, 153 Maple Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Arthur Kent was pallbearer of Nina (Ferguson) Wallace

Kent -- Arthur P. Kent -- see photo, 1939 president of Simcoe Kinsmen

Kent -- B. P. Kent has gone to Chatham. We believe he is in Kent Mills there
[Renton NR18921222]

Kent -- Bessie M. Kent, teacher, Church street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Charles Kent -- see Matthias Schilz' biography

Kent -- Edwin P. Kent, [8]6, formerly of Simcoe, died 24 Feb 1895 at Moose Jaw, Ara. [NR18950307]

Kent -- Eleanor Ada, daughter of Geo. W. Kent and neice of Geo. Stanton, M.D., married Allan N. Stanton of Cincinatti, Ohio, 30 Oct 1889 in Simcoe [BC18891106]

Kent -- Eleanor Ada Kent, [55], wife of Allan Stanton of Chicago, died 8 Jun 1920 at the residence of her brother, F. H. Kent of Lynn Valley. Funeral will be tomorrow. Service at St. John's Church, Woodhouse [SR19200610p7] 

Kent -- Ella (Kent) Stanton died 9 Jun 1920 at the home of her brother, F. H. Kent
-- see Ella (Kent) Stanton's obituary

Kent -- Miss Elma E. Kent of Delhi married George E. Quance of Delhi, 28 Sep 1910 in Delhi [BC19101005p4] [SR19101006p10] -- see wedding review

Kent -- the will of Frances Anne Kent of Simcoe was probated in 1871 [Norfolk Wills]

Kent -- Miss Frances E. Kent, 75, born 8 Feb 1826 in Ontario, retired
her single sister Sarah M., 60, born 5 Oct 1840 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Kent -- Miss Frances Elizabeth Kent, 80, eldest daughter of George Kent of Simcoe, died 15 Feb 1906 in Simcoe. Interred St. John's Cemetery, Woodhouse. She was born in Simcoe, 8 Feb 1826. Survived by sisters Mrs. William Wallace and Miss S. M. Kent, and brothers S. Y. and C. C. Kent
[obituary, B-M-D column SR19060223p1] [BC19060221p10 death notice, obituary]

Kent -- Frances R. Kent died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kent -- Frank Kent, 60, widower, born 31 Oct 1840 in U.S., retired, boarded at the hotel of
William Gould [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Kent -- to wife of F. H. Kent a son 21 Oct 1886 in Woodhouse [NR18861028]

Kent -- F. H. Kent:
-- was an officer of 1910 Woodhouse Council
-- was an officer of 1913 Woodhouse Council
-- was an officer of 1914 Woodhouse Council
-- was an officer of 1915 Woodhouse Council
-- see 1920 Woodhouse Officers

Kent -- bachelor Anglican farmer Francis Henry Kent, son of George W. and Frances E. Kent, married Anglican spinster Marion F. Evans, daughter of Rev. W. B. and Lizzie Evans 9 Dec 1885 at St. John's Woodhouse [St. John's Registers] -- Francis H. Kent of Woodhouse married Marion, eldest daughter of late Rev. W. B. Evans, 9 Dec 1885 in Woodhouse [NR18851217]

Kent -- to wife of Frank H. Kent a son 30 Sep 1888 in Woodhouse [BC18881003]

Kent -- Mrs. Frank Kent of Woodhouse's mother was sister of Dr. George Stanton -- see Dr. Stanton's obituary

Kent -- Mrs. F. H. Kent and Mrs. Frank Bowlby of Woodhouse, had their siblings Charles Evans-Lewis and Misses Kathleen and Edith Evans of Toronto, visiting [SR19190911p1]

Kent -- Francis H. Kent, farmer, RR3 Simcoe 
Marion F. Kent, Lot 7, Concession 4, Woodhouse 
Reginald B. Kent, farmer, RR3 Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Mr. F. H. Kent's sister, Mrs. Allan Stanton, who has been in Brantford Hospital since November, has returned to his home in Lynn Valley [SR19200318p1]

Kent -- Frank Stanton Kent of Belleville, son of F. H. Kent of Lynn Valley, married Mabel Elizabeth Evans, daughter of late Francis Evans and brother of F. G. Evans, 11 Dec 1912 in Orillia [SR19121212p1] 

Kent -- F. S. Kent -- see Windsor report

Kent -- to wife of F. S. Kent of Canadian Bank of Commerce, a son 30 Nov 1915 in Belleville [SR19151202p7]

Kent -- F. S. Kent, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kent of Lynn Valley, accountant at the Canadian Bank of Commerce at Belleville, will establish and manage a new branch at Dashwood Ontario [SR19181212p2]

Kent-- G. & S. Kent and D. Campbell, Lot 12, Concession 14, Windham [1857 Sketch]
[Compiler's Comment: 1856 Map lists G. & G. Kent; 1857 Sketch lists G. S. Kent]

Kent -- G. Harry Kent, 35, born in Simcoe, died Oct 1910 in Outlook, Sask. Survived by widow, infant daughter and brother W. C. Kent here, parents and sister in Burford, Brant County, and a brother in Walkerton, Ontario [reprinted from 28 Oct 1910 Outlook, BC19101116p12]

Kent -- to wife of Geddes Kent a son 4 Feb 1890 in Middleton [BC18900312
[Compiler's Comment: also see J. G. Kent, Gid. Kent, Gideon Kent, Geddis Kent]

Kent -- Geddis J. Kent, 35, born 30 May 1865 in Ontario, teamster
his wife Charlotte A., 29, born 5 Apr 1871 in Ontario
his single son Harry C., 11, born 4 Mar 1890 in Ontario
his single daughter O. E. Gladdys [sic], 5, born 15 Jun 1895 in Ontario
his single daughter Ila Marie, 1, born 2 Jul 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Delhi]

Kent -- Mrs. Geddis Kent, 31 years 1 month 25 days, died 30 May 1902 in Delhi [SR19020605
-- Charlotte Ann, 31 years 1 month 25 days, wife of J. G. Kent, died 30 May 1902 
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Kent -- to wife of Geddes Kent a daughter 10 Dec 1903 in Delhi [SR19031225]

Kent -- George Kent and his wife Sarah Kent married in England before coming to Canada and becoming pioneer settlers of Simcoe in 1820s. Those seeking information on Sarah's ancestors are invited to email Young family descendant Nicholas Herbert-Young of England.

Kent -- George Kent's wife Sarah S., 48, died 18 Mar 1848. Buried at St. John's Woodhouse cemetery -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Kent -- George and Samuel Kent:
-- and part of Simcoe, Lot 14, Woodhouse Gore [1857 Sketch
-- and part of Simcoe, Lot 15, Woodhouse Gore [1857 Sketch

Kent -- George Kent, 75, died 27 Mar [1896] in Delhi [SR18960402
-- the will of George Kent of Delhi was probated in 1896 [Norfolk Wills]
-- George Kent, a native of Cornwall, England, born 9 Nov 1820, died 27 Mar 1896 
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Kent -- George Kent, 24, bachelor farmer of South Norwich, born in Middleton, son of Robert and Julia, married Clara Compeau, 24, spinster of South Norwich, born in South Norwich, daughter of Francis and Julia, 23 Dec 1903 in Delhi [Ontario Vital Stats 013549]

Kent -- Mrs. George Kent of Delhi's daughter, Mrs. George Key of Fullerton, California, a former resident of Delhi, was killed in a car accident just days after returning home from a two month visit with her mother in Delhi. Mr. Key, also formerly of Delhi, was seriously injured [SR19170111p7]

Kent -- George W. Kent of Simcoe married Frances, daughter of Francis Gore Stanton, barrister of Simcoe, on Tuesday last, in Simcoe [NR18611003p3]

Kent -- George W. Kent, Norfolk Lodge -- see January 1862 News

Kent -- George W. Kent, 67, formerly of Simcoe, died 13 Jun 1900 in Moose Jaw, Assiniboia [SR19000621]

Kent -- Mrs. Gid Kent -- see 1906 Delhi Reporter
[Compiler's Comment: also see Geddes Kent, Geddis Kent, Gideon Kent, J. G. Kent]

Kent -- to wife of Gideon Kent, a daughter, 2 Jul 1899 in Middleton [SR18990713]

Kent -- Gordon C. Kent of Delhi was 1934 Warden of Norfolk

Kent -- to wife of Herbert Kent of Port Rowan a son 24 Jul 1908 in Simcoe [BC19080805] [SR19080720]

Kent -- Herbert Charles Kent, manager of the Bank of Hamilton at Port Rowan, married Orressa Rhea, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sterling, 6 Dec 1906 at home of bride's parents, Talbot Street., Simcoe [SR19061207] [BC19061212]

Kent -- to wife of H. C. Kent a daughter 14 Jul 1912 in Delhi [SR19120725p7]

Kent -- Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kent (nee Rhea Sterling) left Delhi last week for their new home in Hamilton [SR19140910p5]

Kent -- J. Allen Kent married Miss Emma E., daughter of W. A. Tomlinson of Au Sable, 27 Dec 1887 at her parents' home [BC18880118]

Kent -- J. G. Kent of Delhi married Miss Margaret Murphy of Middleton 17 Nov 1902 at home of Mrs. Joseph Smith in Delhi [SR19021127
[Compiler's Comment: also see Geddes Kent, Gid. Kent, Gideon Kent]

Kent -- J. G. Kent of Manitoulin Island married Etta Misner, eldest daughter of Wilson Misner, 10 Oct 1907 at the home of her parents in Clear Creek [SR19071101]

Kent -- James Allan Kent, [49], son of S. Y. Kent of Simcoe, died 6 Feb 1915 at Duluth, Minn. Interment 9 Feb 1915 in Michigan [SR19150211p5] 

Kent -- James Geddis Kent of Middleton married Miss Charlotte Ann Wilbur, 10 Apr 1889 at her father's home in Delhi [BC18890417]

Kent -- Jessie May Kent wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882] -- Jeanie M. Kent, only daughter of S. Y. Kent of Simcoe, married F. R. Alley of Chicago, 26 Dec 1882 in Simcoe [BC18821227] [NR18821228

Kent -- to wife of John Kent a daughter 8 May 1910 at Rosanna [BC19100518]
Kent -- Luke Kent, 39, M. D., died 21 Nov 1884 at his mother's home at Aylmer [BC18841203]

Kent -- Lydia Kent, 54, born 14 Dec 1846 in Ontario, widow;
her single daughter Bessie M., 17, born 19 Jan 1884 in Ontario;
her single daughter Minnie M., 15, born 19 Feb 1886 in Ontario;
her single stepdaughter Elma, 25, born 24 Sep 1875 in Ontario [1901 Census of Delhi]

Kent -- Lydia Kent, widow, Church street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Maria Kent -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Kent -- Miss Marjorie, daughter of Mr. G. Kent of Innisvale, Alberta, married Frank Ryan of Delhi, 2 Jun 1920 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilbur [SR19200603p8] -- see wedding review

Kent -- Mary A. Kent, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Mary Ann Kent, 81, widow of British Canadian editor William Wallace, ex-M.P., died 29 Mar 1910 in Simcoe [SR19100331p12] [WS19100407p1] [BC19100406]

Kent -- Minnie M. Kent, Church street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Miss Minnie Kent of Delhi was presented with a serving tray by the Women's Institute in honor of her approaching marriage. Mrs. L. B. Birdsall of St. Thomas is in town for the Kent-Smith wedding [Delhi SR19200212p2]

Kent -- Muriel Jane Kent born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Kent -- Reginald B. Kent of Woodhouse: 
-- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]
-- was an officer of 1918 Woodhouse Council
-- [R. B.] see 1920 Woodhouse Officers

Kent -- Richard H. Kent of Delhi married Miss Velma D., daughter of Henry Lossing of South Norwich, 3 May 1882 at her father's home [BC18820517]

Kent -- Samuel and George Kent:
-- and part of Simcoe, Lot 14, Woodhouse Gore [1857 Sketch
-- and part of Simcoe, Lot 15, Woodhouse Gore [1857 Sketch

Kent -- S. Y. Kent returned home for Christmas 1890 -- C.P.R. agent E. E. Ford recently sold tickets to Mr. and Mrs. S. Y. Kent for Montreal [BC18901231]

Kent -- S. Y. Kent -- see H. Davidson Belknap

Kent -- Mrs. S. Y. Kent's only sister: Harriet Wilson died 22 Feb 1913 in Hanover, Ill. [SR19130227]

Kent -- S. Y. Kent signed 1914 temperance petition

Kent -- Mrs. S. Y. Kent donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141210p7]

Kent -- Samuel Y. Kent died 2 Mar 1915 in Simcoe, a month after the death of his only son. Funeral private, omit flowers [SR19150304p9]

Kent -- Mrs. Samuel Kent, a very old resident, fell coming downstairs last week, fracturing a thigh so severely her recovery is considered doubtful. Her daughter, Mrs. Fred Alley of British Columbia arrived yesterday [SR19180516p16] -- see her obituary

Kent -- S. Y. Kent 1834-1915 | his wife Susan Wilson 1839-1918 [Oakwood Cemetery stone] 

Kent -- Sarah S. Kent, 48, wife of George Kent, died 18 Mar 1848. Buried St. John's Woodhouse Cemetery -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Kent -- Sarah Kent died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881] -- Sarah, 43, wife of lumber merchant Geo. Kent, died 26 Jan 1881 in Middleton [BC18810209p3] [Compiler's Comment: also see Kant, Sarah]

Kent -- Miss Sarah Maria Kent, 70, died 22 Feb 1911 in Simcoe [SR19110302p3]

Kent -- Mrs. Susan Wilson Kent -- see Mrs. S. Y. Kent

Kent -- T. H. Kent was an officer of 1918 Woodhouse Council
[Compiler's Comment: suspected typo referencing F. H. Kent]

Kent -- Mrs. Thay Kent of Toronto was a daughter of Emanual Doan and Catherine DeCou of Doan's Hollow, Woodhouse Township -- see Mrs. Catherine Doan's obituary

Kent -- Mr. and Mrs. Thay Kent of Toronto announced the marriage of their niece Catherine Hermoine, to Charles S. Hall on Saturday th [sic], 1920 at St. Mark's Anglican Church [SR19200812p1]

Kent -- to wife of W. B. Kent a son 16 Mar 1899 at Delhi [SR18990323p1]

Kent -- C. W. (Billy) Kent, son of [B]. P. Kent of Outlook, Sask. and grandson of C. C. Kent of Burford, was killed in action, 9 Apr 1917 in France [SR19170503p6]

Kent -- to wife of W. R. Kent a daughter 12 May 1894 in Delhi [NR18940531]

Kent -- William R. Kent, 40, born 11 Dec 1860 in Ontario, implement agt.;
his wife Mary, 35, born 13 May 1865 in Ontario;
his single daughter Elma E., 14, born 30 Jun 1886 in Ontario;
his single daughter Anna R., 13, born 12 Dec 1887 in Ontario;
his single daughter Winnifred May, 6, born 19 May 1894 in Ontario;
his single son George Gordon, 2, born 10 Mar 1899 in Ontario;
his single boarder, Alice Brown, 30, born 4 Mar 1871 in Ontario, dressmaker
[1901 Census of Delhi]

Kent -- Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kent of Delhi's eldest daughter, Ella, married George Quance, 
25 Sep 1910 in Delhi  -- see wedding review

Kent -- Mrs. W. R. Kent donated to Belgian Relief (Delhi car) [SR19141203p4]

Kent -- W. R. Kent of Delhi has his brother, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Kent of Henry, South Dakota, visiting [SR19200219p7]

Kent -- William R. Kent, agent, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kent -- Will Kent, a former resident of Renton, has married [SR19090114]

Kenzie -- Miss Mary Kenzie of Middleton married Thomas Brumpton of South Norwich 20 Apr 1904 in Tillsonburg [SR19040429p4]

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