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Ellis -- Ellis Cemetery, Port Rowan -- see Ellis Grave Yard

Ellis -- "Messrs. Innes, Ellis and Geo. Jackson, school committee on repairs, paid an official visit to the Union School on Saturday last and resolved to make sundry necessary repairs and improvements." [BC18870309]

Ellis -- A. and A. Ellis' son Burty R., 6 months 12 days, died 1 Feb 1876
[OGS/Norfolk's transcription of stones in Hemlock Cemetery]

Ellis -- [Compiler's Comment: Frank Gordon, 39, of the late firm Gordon & Ellis, hardware merchants, died 18 Sep 1884 in Simcoe]

Ellis -- to the wife of A. D. Ellis a son 30 Oct 1878 in Simcoe [BC18781106p3]

Ellis -- A. D. Ellis, Norfolk Hardware Store, Simcoe [ad, NR18860121]
-- also see Hardware Store's history

Ellis -- A. D. Ellis of Simcoe: 
-- was Jack Ryerson Inquest jury foreman, 1891
-- served on 1899 Grand Jury
-- see 1899 Townsend Accounts
-- occupied Norfolk & Argyle Sts. corner store in Simcoe owed by Duncan Campbell

Ellis -- A. D. Ellis, Simcoe merchant, was a provisional director of the Simcoe Pork Packing Co. Ltd. [WS19000104p4] -- subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Ellis -- A. D. Ellis and Company hardware store was purchased by Charles E. Boyd in 1903 -- see Charles' obituary

Ellis -- Mrs. A. D. Ellis of Toronto was a daughter of Mrs. J. B. Carpenter

Ellis -- Aaron Ellis of Leamington was a brother of Joseph Ellis -- see Joseph's obituary

Ellis -- Augustus Ellis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Ellis -- Agustus [sic] T. Ellis, 53, born 12 Feb 1848 in England, immigrated 1856, [..........]
his wife Caroline A., 48, born 20 Jan 1853 in Ontario, [..........]
his single daughter Lola P., 26, born 11 Sep 1874 in Ontario, [..........]
his single lodger Franklin W. Wegenast, 24, born 17 Jun 1876 in Ontario, teacher
1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Ellis -- Bertha Ellis, Port Dover, passed 1883 Entrance Exams in Port Dover [NR18830111]

Ellis -- Bertha, second daughter of Johnathan Ellis, Esq., married Wm. R. Liddy, B.A., principal of Port Dover High Schcool, 15 Aug 1899 in Port Dover. Rev. J. J. Liddy, M.A., of Oshawa, brother of the groom, and Rev. Hugh Ivey of Le[b]anon, N.Y., brother-in-law of the bride, participated [SR18990824]

Ellis -- Bertha Ellis, 41, wife of W. R. Liddy, B.A., died 30 May 1911
[Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Beth Ellis attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Ellis -- Miss Caroline Ellis, 74, died Monday -- see her complete obituary

Ellis -- Cartherine (Ellis) Ruston has died -- see her passing

Ellis -- Charles Ellis, [31], son of late Jonathan Ellis of Port Dover, died 30 Jan 1914 in Hamilton  [SR19140212p5]

Ellis -- Charles Smith, son of Jonathan Ellis and Mary Austin, 1876-1914 
[Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Charlotte Brown, mother of Jonathan Ellis, 1823-1895 [Port Dover Cemetery stone] 
-- Charlotte, 7[7], wife of Thos. Brown, died 23 Jan 1895 in Port Dover [NR18950131

Ellis -- Clara, eldest daughter of Jonathan Ellis of Port Dover, married Hugh Ivey of Port Dover 31 Aug 1892 at her father's home [NR18920908]

Ellis -- to wife of D. J. Ellis a daughter 16 Oct 1878 at Port Rowan [BC18781030p3]

Ellis -- at home of D. J. Ellis in Port Rowan, Annie, 14, only daughter of J. J. Buckley of [Pentanguishene], died 12 Jul 1885 [NR18850723]

Ellis -- Daniel J. Ellis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Ellis -- Edith Stewart Danvers, daughter of Mrs. Thomas D. Ellis, married Leslie Victor Smith, son of Dr. Smith, 21 Apr 1909 in Toronto [SR19090422]

Ellis -- Erie, second daughter of William Ellis of Port Rowan, married John Kell of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., 7 Jul 1902 at home of her parents [SR19020717]

Ellis -- Frank Ellis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Ellis -- Fred Ellis, processor, 162 Maple Street, Simcoe 
Ida Ellis, 162 Maple Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Ellis -- George Ellis of Dereham married Miss Lilia[s] Eliza Otterson of Middleton, 25 Nov 1896 in Tilsonburg [SR18961203]

Ellis -- Gordon Ellis of New York City married Lillian May Todd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Todd, 98 Head Street, Simcoe, Monday 28 Jun 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200701p7] -- also see wedding review

Ellis -- H. and J. Ellis, Lot 14, Concession BFsw, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Ellis -- H. C. Ellis -- see his niece Miss Bessie Eakins

Ellis -- Hannah C. Ellis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Ellis -- Henry C. Ellis, 53, single, born 8 Dec 1847 in Ontario, farmer
his single sister Martha, 55, born 29 Aug 1845 in Ontario
his domestic servant Blanch Mansfield, 13, born 24 Sep 1887 in England, immigrated 1893
1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Ellis -- Henry C. Ellis of Port Rowan married Miss Penelope White, 17 Jan 1907 at her mother's residence "Willow Lawn" in Clear Creek [SR19070125] [BC19070123]

Ellis -- Henry C. Ellis, 63, died 8 Jun 1910 in Port Rowan [BC19100615]
Henry C. Ellis, 63, died 5 Jun 1910 in Port Rowan [SR19100616p7]
-- see his obituary

Ellis -- Henry Clinton Ellis 1846-1910 | his sister Catharine Ellis Rushton 1842-1919
[Port Royal Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Mrs. H. C. Ellis went to Aylmer on Monday to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law, Warren Cartwright [Port Rowan SR19161207p5] -- Mrs. H. C. Ellis and her brother Burwell White of Port Rowan have their sister, Mrs. W. Cartwright of Aylmer here for the holidays [SR19171227p5] -- Mrs. H. C. Ellis' mother, Mrs. R. Cartwright of Aylmer, who spent the winter here, has returned home [Port Royal SR19180328p5] -- Mrs. H. C. Ellis of Port Rowan had her sister, Mrs. Warren Cartwright, visit last week [SR19200506p5] -- Mrs. Henry C. Ellis of Port Royal has returned from Saginaw, where she attended the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Franklin [SR19201125p2]

Ellis -- J. and H. Ellis, Lot 14, Concession BFsw, Walsingham [1857 Sketch]

Ellis -- J. R. Ellis and Sela Mills, Lot 18, Concession 13, Windham  [1857 Sketch]

Ellis -- James Ellis, born 15 Mar 1805, died 9 Jan 1855 [Bayview Cemetery stone] 
-- also see The Ellis Grave Yard

Ellis -- Mrs. James Ellis, 95, died 13 Dec 1899 at Port Rowan [SR18991221]

Ellis -- James Ellis, the new general superintendent of Lackawanna Mills in South Scranton, Penn., was previously manager of Penmans Limited and subsequently assistant manager of the Penmans whole business in Canada, has many friends here [SR19130106p1]

Ellis -- Jonathan Ellis nominated M.P. -- see Ellis Nomination, 1891

Ellis -- Jonathan Ellis, 63, of Hamilton, formerly of Port Dover, father of Mrs. W. H. Liddy of Port Dover and eight other children, died alone and unattended [no date provided] in Port Dover [page 1 article and B-M-D column SR19051027] [Compiler's Comment: obit includes more genealogy] -- Jonathan Ellis, 1842-1905 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Jonathan Ellis was the proprietor of the woollen mills at Port Dover 34 years ago, when John Greenwood, was connected with the woollen mills. Greenwood, a resident of Australia for a considerable time, visited C. B. Dell in Port Dover, 9 Sep 1916 [Port Dover SR19160921p7]

Ellis -- Mrs. Brandon, wife of Dr. Brandon of Ancaster and widow of Jonathan Ellis of Port Dover, died yesterday. Survived by several children including Mrs. W. H. Liddy of Port Dover 
["Death of Mrs. Brandon" SR19090930p12] 
-- Mary Smith 1843-1909 wife of Jonathan Ellis [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Mrs. Joseph Ellis was sister of Mattie (Anderson) Finch

Ellis -- Joseph Ellis, 65, born 9 Sep 1835 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Sarah E., 57, born 7 Nov 1843 in Ontario
his single daughter Leota, 18, born 18 Oct 1872 in Ontario
his single granddaughter Helen, 5, born 14 Aug 1895 in U.S. [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Ellis -- Joseph Ellis, 81, son of the late James Ellis of Port Rowan, died Mon 27 Dec 1915 in Aberdeen, Washington [SR19160106p10] -- Joseph Ellis died 27 Dec 1916 in Aberdeen, Washington -- see his obituary -- also see The Ellis Grave Yard

Ellis -- Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson's children, H. W. Anderson, Mrs. Joseph Ellis of Port Rowan and Mrs. Jefferson Finch have erected a fine granite monument to their parents in the cemetery [Port Royal NR18910625p3]

Ellis -- Joseph Ellis, 81 years 3 months 18 days, died 27 Dec 1911
his wife Sarah E., 68 years 1 month 13 days, died 24 Dec 1911
Henry W. Anderson, born 22 Feb 1842, died 22 Apr 1912
Jane Anderson, born 14 Dec 1846, died 7 Oct 1930
James Anderson, 70 years 6 months 17 days, died 27 Feb 1889
his wife Matilda J., 65 years 2 months 27 days, died 15 Aug 1890
[Port Royal Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Kate Ellis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Ellis -- Kate (Ellis) Rushton has died -- see her passing

Ellis -- Miss Kate M. Ellis of Hamilton married Robert W. Nickerson of Woodstock Business College, 3 Oct 1899 at residence of Mr. H. Tresham, Oxford St., Hamilton [SR18991026]

Ellis -- Laura, third daughter of Jonathan Ellis of Port Dover, married H. D. Petrie, barrister, of Simcoe, 3 Sep 1895 in Port Dover [SR18950905]

Ellis -- Miss. Leota Ellis was niece of Mattie (Anderson) Finch

Ellis -- Mrs. Leota Ellis of Port Rowan has her daughter Helen, Mrs. W. L. Benner and her little daughter of Port Stanley, visiting [SR19190320p11]

Ellis -- Mrs. Maggie Ellis of Port Rowan was sister of Mrs. Sarah Smythe of Walsingham Centre [Walsingham Centre SR19150415p9]

Ellis -- Martha Ellis of Walsingham qualified as a teacher in 1869 -- see 1869 Teachers

Ellis -- Miss Martha Ellis, 64, died 18 Jan 1908 in Port Rowan [SR19080130]

Ellis -- Mary Ellis, 28 years 10 months, wife of Richard W. Meadows, died 6 Jan 1862 
[Port Royal Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- the will of Mary Ellis of Chicago, Ill., was probated in 1891 [Norfolk Wills

Ellis -- Mary Smith, wife of Jonathan Ellis, 1843-1909 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Ellis -- Miss Mina Ellis, fourth daughter of Wm. Ellis, married Eugene Uptgrove of Brantford 30 Dec 1904 in Scotland [SR19040122]

Ellis -- Minnie Elizabeth, third daughter of William Ellis of Port Rowan, married Harold Poile of Port Rowan 11 Feb 1903 in Port Rowan [SR19030219]

Ellis -- Nancy Ellis of Walsingham married Chas. Hanson of Houghton, 27 Dec 1843. 
Witnesses: Ephraim Tisdale; Peter Price [GJR-SR19010307]

Ellis -- Penelope Ellis, Port Rowan; Lot 15, Concession 3, South Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Ellis -- Penelope Ellis, Front Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Ellis -- Percy Ellis -- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions

Ellis -- to wife of Richard Ellis, a son, 20 Oct 1914 in Simcoe [SR19141022p4]

Ellis -- Richard Ellis signed 1914 temperance petition

Ellis -- Richard Ellis, 796538, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own] -- Richard Ellis, 40, of Simcoe, barber, born 4 Jan 1876 in P0rtland Dorsett England, parents: deceased, wife: Mary Elizabeth of Simcoe; father of Reginald, 16, Percival, 15, Herbert 13, Ivy, 9, and John, 1. 
Address of wife at discharge: Galt, Ontario.
-- see scan of Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see scan of Attestation Paper side 2.
-- see scan of other military documents [pdf]

Ellis -- Robert B. Ellis of Aberdeen, Wash. married Miss Ora May Mitchener of Clear Creek, daughter of Henry Mitchener, 24 Dec 1896 [SR18970107]

Ellis -- Russell Ellis of San Diego, California was a son of Joseph Ellis -- see Joseph's obituary

Ellis -- to wife of W. C. Ellis, a daughter, Marion Grace, 14 Feb 1908 in Buffalo, N.Y. [SR19080227]

Ellis -- Mrs. W. L. Ellis was sister of Mrs. Millard of Sault Ste. Marie 
[Port Rowan SR19161116p4]

Ellis -- Walter Ellis of Port Rowan married Miss Susia E. Yeo of Aylmer, 19 Nov 1884 at her father's home [BC18841126] [NR18841127p3]

Ellis -- Mrs. Walter Ellis died last week at her home here being badly burned. The sad circumstance attending the calamity call forth the utmost sympathy for the bereaved husband, mother and other relatives [Port Rowan SR19151007p2]

Ellis -- Walter Ellis married Miss Nellie Jordan, Thursday in Hamilton. Couple left for their home in Forestville [SR19130410p9]

Ellis -- Walter Ellis of Port Rowan was a son of Joseph Ellis -- see Joseph's obituary

Ellis -- Walter L. Ellis of Port Rowan married Miss Allie Franklin of Clear Creek last Saturday [Port Rowan SR19160608p4] -- Walter Ellis married Alice Franklin, Monday 5 Jun 1915 in Port Rowan [SR19160608p7] -- Mrs. Walter Ellis of Port Rowan visited her mother, Mrs. Olive Franklin at Clear Creek [SR19171101p10]

Ellis -- Walter Ellis, laborer, Main Street, Port Rowan 
Allie Ellis, Main Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Ellis -- William Ellis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Ellis -- to wife of Wm. Ellis a son 5 May 1880 in Port Rowan [BC18800519p3]

Ellis -- to wife of William Ellis a daughter 22 Jul 1882 in Port Rowan [BC18820802]

Ellis -- to wife of William Ellis a daughter 17 Apr 1885 in Port Rowan [NR18850423]

Ellis -- William Ellis, 57, born 1 Aug 1843 in Ontario, gardener
his wife Margarete [sic], 53, born 16 Dec 1847 in Ontario
his single daughter Henretta, 27, born 7 Feb 1874 in Ontario, dress maker
his single daughter Erie E., 24, born 13 Apr 1876 in Ontario, milliner
his single daughter Mina, 18, born 21 Jul 1882 in Ontario
his single daughter Annie M., 15, born 17 Apr 1885 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Ellis -- William S. Ellis 1843-1914 | his wife Margaret E., 1847-1932 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

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