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Veal -- John Veal wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Veale -- Doris Veale -- see 1921 Waterford public school pupils

Veale -- Flora Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Veale of Langley Ave., Toronto, married Gordon Leroy Lemon of Hamilton, son of H. P. Lemon of Simcoe, 2 Dec 1918 in Toronto [SR19190102p5] -- also see wedding review

Veale -- Lewis Walter Veale of Toronto, son of John Veale of Nestleton, Ontario, married Lottie C., eldest daughter of Wallace Mason, 11 Aug 1909 in Waterford [SR19090819p10]

Veale -- to the wife of L. W. Veale, a son, 24 Apr 1917 in Waterford [SR19170510p7]

Veale -- Phyllis Veale -- see 1921 Waterford public school pupils

Veale -- Walter Veale, traveller, Waterford 
Lottie Veale, part Lots 8 and 9, Concession 8, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Veale -- L. W. Veale 1877-1949 | his wife Lottie Mason 1887-1931
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Veale -- Mrs. W. T. Veale, who has been ill, has her sister, Mrs. Wray Smith of Toronto, visiting 
[Waterford SR19201202p6]

Vears -- Jonathan Philip Vears wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Veasey -- Frank Veasey, laborer, RR2 St. Williams; Lot 6, Concession A, Charlotteville  
[1919 Voters List]

Veasey -- Frank Veasey stone, in Hillcrest Cemetery

Vedele -- Miss Mary Vedele of Saline, Michigan, married John H. Butler of Simcoe, Tuesday in Windsor
-- see Wedding Delayed

Veil -- A. Veil -- see 1925 Townsend Officers

Veil -- to the wife of C. V. Veil, a daughter, 26 Aug 1920 in Tillsonburg [SR19200902p7]

Veil -- Frederick Veil, 16, single, born 17 May 1884 in Ontario, labourer, resided in the household of Henery [sic] Wallace [1901 Census of Middleton:1]
Vielonda -- to wife of Tona Vielonda a son 5 Dec 1916 in Simcoe [SR19161207p7]

Veit -- also see Viet, Vite

Veit -- Alfred Veit of Middleton married Miss Emma Walther of Middleton, daughter of John Walther, 21 Sep 1915 in Rhineland. Bride's sister Miss Louise Walther was maid of honor. Bride's brothers, Ed. and Herb, of Belmont City, Wis., attended [SR19151007p6]

Veit -- Alfred Veit, cheesemaker, Silver Hill 
Emily Veit, Silver Hill [1919 Voters List]

Veit -- Miss Clara Belle Veit, 24, daughter of Mr. L. Veit, died 18 Jan 1908 in Charlotteville [SR19080123]

Veit -- Frederick Veit wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Veit -- Frederick Veit married Miss Maggie Ryder Mills, 28 Jan 1903 at home of Alonzo Mills in Delhi [SR19030205] -- Frederick Veit, 19, bachelor farmer of Delhi, born at Delhi, son of George and Mary, married Maggie Ryder, 18, spinster of Delhi, born at Delhi, illegitimate daughter of Mary Ryder, 28 Jan 1903 in Delhi [Ontario Vital Stats 013537] 

Veit -- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Viet's [sic] eldest daughter, Leila, 12, died Friday 21 Dec 1917 in Courtland. Funeral Sunday in Methodist Cemetery [SR19171227p5] [Compiler's Comment: see J. Fred Veit]

Veit -- to the wife of Fred Veit, a son, 13 Oct 1919 in Courtland [SR19191023p7]

Veit -- to wife of G. M. Veit a daughter 6 Jun 1914 in Middleton [SR19140618p9]

Veit -- George Veit of Rhineland married Miss Clara McClentic of Delhi 21 Feb 1905 in Delhi [SR19050303]

Veit -- Mr. and Mrs. George Veit -- see two 1910 Rhineland passings

Veit -- Geo. Veit donated to Belgian Relief (Delhi car) [SR19141203p4]

Veit -- George Veit of Middleton died Monday of last week in Hamilton -- see his obituary

Veit -- George L. Veit 1867-1930 | Phoebe Kohl 1873-1965 [Rhineland Cemetery stone]
-- Geo. Viet [sic] married Miss Phoebe Kohl, daughter of Conrad Kohl, on Wed 9 Feb 1916 [Rhineland SR19160217p3] 

Veit -- Helen Veit -- see S.S. 3 Windham promotions

Veit -- Henry Howard,15 months, son of W. G. Veit, died 19 Oct 1908 in Woodhouse [SR19081022]

Veit -- Miss Ida Veit, daughter of Michael Veit of Middleton, married Rev. Mr. Millar, Lutheran minister of Detroit, 1 May 1900 at Rhineland [SR19000510] -- Ida, 24, daughter of M. Veit, wife of Rev. W. Miller, died 9 Apr 1901 in Detroit. Interred Rhineland Cemetery, Middleton [SR19010418] -- Ida Marie Veit, wife of Rev. Wm. Miller, was born 14 Aug 1876 near Delhi, died 9 Apr 1901 at Detroit [Rhineland Cemetery stone]

Veit -- John Christopher Viet married Miss Bertha May Davis, daughter of Mahlon Davis of Vittoria, 26 Oct 1910 at her home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burgess in Vittoria [SR19101027p7] [BC19101102p6] -- couple will reside in Tonawanda, N.Y. [SR19101103p1]

Veit -- to wife of J. C. Veit (nee Bertha Davis of Vittoria), a son, 25 Feb 1914 in St. Thomas [SR19140312p6]

Veit -- J. Fred Veit 1884-1952 | his wife Margaret Miles 1884-1954
[Courtland United Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: also see Fred Veit]

Veit -- Miss Katie Veit of Middleton married Jacob Langs Jr. of Windham, 20 Oct 1891 in Colborne [NR18911111] [NR18911105]

Veit -- Lena Viet, about [..], died 3 Apr 1898 in Middleton [SR18980414]

Veit -- Leonard Veit wed Marie Bilger [Ontario Vital Stats 1877] 

Veit -- to wife of Leonard Veit, a daughter 16 Feb 1881 in Middleton [NR18810311p3]

Veit -- Leonard Veit, 60, died 18 Sep 1905 in North Walsingham [SR19050922]

Veit -- "Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Langs and Mrs. Leonard Veit visited their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Voight" [Rhineland SR19151216p2]

Viet -- Leonard Viet, farmer, Lynnville 
Annie Viet, Lot 2, Concession 9, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Veit -- M. Veit: 
-- was a 1889 Middleton pathmaster [BC18890227]
-- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Veat -- Magdelina Veat wed George Eitel [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Veit -- to wife of Michael Veit a son 25 Aug 1888 in Middleton [TO]

Veit -- Michael Veit was elected an officer of 1890 Middleton Agricultural Society [BC18900122p1] -- Michael Veit of Middleton was member of 1891 Jury

Veit -- Michael Veit, 75, died 24 May 1911 in Middleton, leaving widow, grown family. Prominent in township affairs. Buried Rhineland Lutheran cemetery [SR19110601p1] 
-- Michael Veit, 75, died 24 May 1911 [Rhineland Cemetery stone] 
-- Michael Veit, born 15 Sep 1836, died 24 May 1911 [newer stone, Rhineland Cemetery]

Veit -- Roger Veit attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Veit -- Wm. Veit donated to Belgian Relief [SR19150107p1]

Veit -- William Veit, farmer, Lynnville 
Margaret C. Veit, Lot 2, Concession 10, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Veit -- Wm. Viet: 
-- see 1921 Windham Agricultural Society
-- was a 1921 Windham officer

Venatter -- Ben Venatter was an officer of 1913 Houghton Township

Venatter -- John Venatter was an officer of 1913 Houghton Township

Venner -- Fred Venner, 24, single, born 10 Aug 1876 in Ontario, farm labour, resided in the household of her brother-in-law Alex Fletcher [1901 Census of Windham:2]

Vern -- Wm. C. Vern was a 1885 Townsend Officer 

Vergint -- John Vergint of Onondaga married Miss Elsie North 23 Aug 1907 at home of bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Orlando North [SR19070906]

Verral -- William Verral, farmer, RR4 Simcoe
Robina Verral, Lot 5, Concession 12, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Vessella -- Mrs. L. B. Vessella of New York was daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Fick, 160 Colborne street, Simcoe [SR19150805p10]

Vestergaard -- Mrs. Ida Maud Mary Vestergaard of Port Dover married Edward Moon of Port Dover 20 Dec 1899 at the Methodist Parsonage [SR18991228]

Vice -- Phoebe Ann Eddy, 83, who was born in the village of Scotland, died at Kirkton, Ont. At an early age she married John Abbott who became publisher of Simcoe Standard newspaper, and died upwards of 25 years ago. She then married Geo. Vice of St. Mary's, Ont., who survives. Other survivors: three daughters including Mrs. S. H. Harding, wife of the editor of the Port Rowan News, a brother Eli Eddy of Burford, and a sister Mrs. Gundy of Scotland [SR19161109p7]

Vice -- William Vice, 25, married, Mohawk, born 17 Apr 1875 in Ontario, f[arm] laborer
Pheoba [sic] Vice, 26, married, Mohawk, born 16 Feb 1875 in Ontario
Mabel Vice, 5, single, Mohawk, born 30 Mar 1896 in Ontario
James Vice, 4, single, Mohawk, born 7 Jul 1896 in Ontario, son* and
Gorden [sic] Vice, 1, single, Mohawk, born 20 Sep 1899 in Ontario, son*
resided in the household of James Anderson [1901 Census of Townsend:2]
[Compiler's Comment: James and Gorden are sons of William Vice, not James Anderson. Mabel's relationship is to other Vices is not given. Birthdays prove she and James could not be siblings]

Vichauser -- Charlie Vichauser -- see Doan's Cemetery Monument

Vichert -- Blenheim farmer John Vichert, a quiet, sober and industrious man, fatally shot himself last Monday [NR18670711]

Vicker -- D. M. Vicker and Thomas Armstrong, Lot 31, Concession 3s, Middleton 
[1857 Sketch]

Vickerman -- Wilfred Vickerman, laborer, RR4 Waterford; Lot 16, Concession 8, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Vickers -- Miss E. Vickers, teacher -- see 1921 Hartford pupils

Vidler -- Mrs. Viddler, widow, RR2 St. Williams; Lot 5, Concession A, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Vidler -- Florence Vidler: 
-- see 1910 S.S. 13 Charlotteville promotions
-- see 1914 Elementary School Grads

Vidler -- Florence Lillian, daughter of Mrs. Vidler of Forestville, married John Cripps, youngest son of Mrs. Charlotte Cripps of Simcoe, 29 Oct 1919 in Simcoe [SR19191030p7]

Vidler -- Winnifred Vidler -- see 1910 S.S. 13 Charlotteville promotions

Viet -- also see Veit

Viet -- [Compiler's Comment: The OGS/Norfolk Names on Norfolk Cemetery Stones CD lists over 50 Veit references, but no Viet references]

Viet -- George Viet of Middleton married Miss Rosa Ebert of Middleton, 19 Dec 1894 at Middleton [NR18941227]

Viet -- George Viet, farmer, RR3 Delhi 
Mary Ann Viet, RR3 Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Viet -- Geo. M. Viet, farmer, Delhi 
Carrie Viet, housewife, Delhi 
J. F. Viet, farmer, Delhi 
Maggie Viet, housewife, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Viet -- George Viet, carpenter, Delhi 
Phoebe Viet, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Vince -- Fred Vince of Townsend married Ethel Farrington of Townsend, Wed 22 Mar 1916 in Townsend [SR19160323p11]

Vince -- Fred Vince, farmer, Waterford 
Ethel Vince, Lot 5 Concession 5, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Vince -- Joseph T. Vince, 45, born 8 Dec 1855 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Tamsau I., 41, born 26 Mar 1860 in Ontario
his single son Melvin, 17, born 14 Aug 1883 in Ontario, farmer's son
his single son Fred, 14, born 15 Sep 1886 in Ontario
his single daughter Weltka G., 6, born 21 Apr 1894 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:6]

Vince -- Jos. Vince: 
-- see
1913 Townsend Officers 
-- [J.] see 1921 Townsend Officers

Vince -- Joseph Vince, farmer, Waterford 
Melvin Vince, farmer, Lot 3 Concession 5, Townsend 
Ida Vince, Waterford 
Rose Vince, Lot 3 Concession 5, Townsend 
Weltha Vince, spinster, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Vince -- Mrs. Melvin Vince, 40,. nee Rose Clifford, eldest daughter of Wm. Clifford of Brantford, died 19 Dec 1924 in Townsend. Survived by eight children, others [obituary WS19241225p1] [Compiler's Comment: obituary has more genealogy]

Vince -- Melvin Vince -- see 1925 Townsend Officers

Vince -- Melvin O. Vince 1883-1954 | his wife Rose E. Emma Clifford died 19 Dec 1924
their son Clifford Vince 1921-1928 [Wilsonville Cemetery stone]

Vincent -- A. Vincent was a 1867 Simcoe Grammar School student

Vincent -- Chas. F. Vincent, formerly of Simcoe, accidentally drowned 5 Apr 1903 at Tampa, Florida [SR19030430]

Vincent -- Ellen, 64, wife of H. J. Vincent formerly of Simcoe, died 10 Aug 1891 at Los Angeles, California [BC18910826] [NR18910827]

Vincent -- Ellen S. Vincent, formerly of Simcoe, wife of Fred. W. Frank, died Sun 12 Jan 1919 at Brantford [SR19190116p7]

Vincent -- H. J. Vincent -- see 1880 Simcoe Firemen

Vincent -- Henry J. Viscount, 65 years 11 mos 18 days, who lived in Simcoe for a number of years, died 10 Feb 1894 in Elmhurst, Alamada County, California [NR18940322]

Vincent -- Isaac Vincent, 35, single, born 12 Jun 1865 in Ontario, tel. operator, lodged in the household of Robert S. Paskins [1901 Census of Townsend:6]

Vincent -- Isaac W. Vincent 1868-1903
Tillie Vincent, wife of Dempster Drake, 1869-1935 [Courtland Baptist Cemetery stone]
Vincent -- James Vincent, 796134, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- James Vincent of Simcoe, 42, single Church of England laborer, born 
23 Sep 1873 in Kent England, friend of Mrs. Charlotte Les of Simcoe
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.
-- also see 24 Soldiers return

Vincent -- James Vincent, laborer, 110 Robinson Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters' List]

Vincent -- L. D. Vincent of Exeter, Ont., married Ruby, eldest daughter of Richard Hiltz, 29 Jul 1896 at her parents' home in Simcoe [SR18960806]

Vincent -- Matilda R. Vincent, 31, single, born 5 May 1868 in Ontario, merchant
[1901 Census of Middleton:3]

Vincent -- Nellie S. Vincent wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882]

Vincent -- Rebecca Jane Vincent married Andrew Ostrander in 1864 -- see Andrew's obituary

Vincent -- Miss Tillie Vincent  -- see Early Courtland

Vinne -- Minerve Vinne born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Vinton -- Mrs. Francis Vinton's daughter, Sarah Julia, is engaged to marry Lorne Widner Saville, on Thanksgiving Day at Buffalo, N.Y. [SR19171122p7]

Vivian -- John Vivian, farmer, Waterford 
Bell Vivian, Lot 7 Concession 5, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Vivian -- Stephen Vivian, a good neighbor north of the village. sold his 50 acre farm with contents to Mr. Misner of Woodhouse for $4200. He and his wife start for England shortly to remain about a year [Boston WS18990803p8]

Vivian -- Stephen Vivian -- see 1910 Townsend Officials

Virgint -- Frederick P. Virgint, son of J. Virgint of Onondaga, married Miss Caroline Eva Walker, daughter of George B. Walker of Weston, 19 Mar 1909 at Toronto [SR19090325]

Virgent -- John Vergent, 48, born 15 Jul 1852 in England, immigrated 1874, farmer
his wife [Elieph], 46, born 27 Feb 1845 in England, immigrated 1875
his single son Fred, 23, born 15 Mar 1878 in Ontario
his single son John, 18, born 18 Jun 1882 in Ontario
his single adopted daughter Lilly, 5, born 4 Mar 1896 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Virgint -- John Vergint of Onondaga married Miss Elsie North 23 Aug 1907 at home of bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Orlando North [SR19070906
-- John Virgint wed [1907 Ontario Vital Stats]

Virgint -- to wife of John Virgint Jr.:
-- a daughter 5 Jun 1908 at Villa Nova [SR19080611]
-- a daughter 14 Sep 1909 at Onondaga [SR19090923]

Virley -- John T. Virley of Woodstock married Miss Annie Carrington of Nixon 5 Oct 1904 in Delhi [SR19041014]

Visaw -- Francis Visaw's wife Anna, 49, died 24 Sep 1876 -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Visaw -- George Visaw, 38, born 13 Jan 1863 in Ontario, farm labourer
his wife Esther A., 27, born 19 Aug 1873 in Ontario
his single daughter Mary A., 11, born 8 Dec 1889 in Ontario
his single daughter Lucy J., 7, born 21 Jul 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Visaw -- James Visaw wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Visaw -- Miss Lucy Visaw married A. Miller of Port Dover 25 Jun 1912 at her home in Aylmer [SR19120704p12] [Compiler's Comment: Although this entry was transcribed correctly from the newspaper, in a 21 Jun 2006 email, Donna-Rae Prong reported: "... the surname should be Millen, as shown in Ontario Marriage Registration 007260-12."]

Visaw -- Lucy J. Visaw 1893-1975 | her husband G. Albert Millen 1886-1962 
[Cultus Cemetery stone]

Visaw -- Robert and Elizabeth Visaw's children:
Harriett, 1 month 21 days, died 10 Sep 1901
Roy, 6 months 6 days, died 11 Feb 1905 [Hemlock Cemetery stone]

Visaw -- Robert Visaw's wife Elizabeth, 38, died 11 Feb 1907 [Hemlock Cemetery stone]

Vite -- Christina Vite wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Vivian -- the will of Charity Vivian of Windham was probated in 1882 [Norfolk Wills]

Vivian -- John Vivan and K. Slaght, Lot 5, Concession 1, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Vivian -- to wife of J. H. Vivian a son 20 Feb 1908 in Townsend [SR19080305]

Vivian -- John Howard Vivian of Oakland married Miss Sarah Bell, daughter of Robert Collver of Townsend, 14 Dec 1901 at home of her parents [SR19020102]

Vivian -- J. H. Vivian: 
-- see 1919 Townsend Ag Society officers
-- see 1919 Township Fair Officers

Vivian -- John Vivian of Grove Union's brother Fred died last Saturday in Brantford Hospital. Funeral was Tuesday from his mother's home in Oakland [WS19181024p5]

Vivian -- pioneer teacher Richard Vivian -- see Pioneer Schools and Teachers

Vivian -- S. Vivan -- see 1895 Townsend Officers

Vivian -- S. Bertha Vivian 1864-1893 | her husband Wm. S. Gage 1858-1918
his wife Roxa Beemer 1859-1945 [Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Vivian -- Mrs. Stephen Vivian is still very ill. No hopes are entertained for her recovery [Boston WS18980428p8]

Vivian -- Stephen Vivian was a 1899 Townsend pathmaster [WS18990216p5] 

Vivian -- a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vivian who left for England last summer reports they are having a pleasant and enjoyable time [WS19000104p8]

Vivian -- Stephen Vivian, 50, born 1 Nov 1850 in England, immigrated 1883, farmer
his wife [], 51, born 15 Mar 1850 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:2]

Vivian -- to wife of W. C. Vivian of Waterford a son 27 Nov 1895 in Carsonville, Mich. [TO]

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