Etc. -- 1867 Simcoe Grammar School students 
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The following is not a transcription. Rather, it is an alphabetically re-sequenced list, developed from an 
article on page 10 of the 5 Jul 1917 Simcoe Reformer
List may be incomplete.  

50 Years Ago
(From the Reformer of July 4th, 1867)
Simcoe Grammar School

The following is the class list of this school for the half year ending June 28th. The senior Latin and Greek classes not being complete, were not examined.

Austin, A.

Barber, C.
Barber, G.

Bowlby, F.

Boyd, J.

Bray, A.

Campbell, L.

Covernton, T.

DeCoe, F.

Douglas, P.

Falls, A.

Foley, Chas.

Foley, Frank

Giles, Essie
Grasset, H.

Grassett, H.

Groff, H.


Lyons, M.
McGill, Peter
Snider, C.

Tisdale, J.

Van Norman, C.

Vincent, A.

Walsh, W.

Wells, M.

Williamson, J.

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