Etc. -- Hillcrest Cemetery, Charlotteville Township
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Hillcrest Cemetery, 638 Charlotteville Road 1 (south side), at the intersection of Vermeulin Road, east of Forestville, northeast of St. Williams, in historic Charlotteville Township. 
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GPS: N 42 41.915 | W 80 22.300 
Photographed 13 Aug 2009 by John Cardiff

Partial index to names on stones photographed in this cemetery:

Horea Baker
Christian Barker
Warren Cartwright's wife Martha
Charles F. Beaupre and wife Charity Kern
Amanda Bacon, wife of G. L. Coombs
Amoret daughter of N. & S. Fairchild
Elizabeth Fairchild
William Havens and wife Elizabeth
Roxa, wife of Levi Kern
James W. McCall and wife
Sarah wife of Benjamin Palmerton Senior
Wm. & L. Price's daughter Ella J.
Wm. Provan's wife Margaret Cathcart
Abaigal Swick, wife of George A. Schram
Peter and Caroline Schram's children
Wm Taylor and wife Mary Etta Horton
Ann Amelia
, wife of Wm. John Ward
John Ward and wife Eliza Bigelow

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