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McEchren -- Archie McEchren [sic] of Vanessa, boot and shoe cobbler, watch and clock tinker [WS18991207p8] -- Archie McEchrean [sic] has given up business here and returned to Chatham [Vanessa WS18991228p8]
-- Henry McElchon wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

McElhone -- A. A. McElhone and H. Henry, Lot 16, Concession 5, Windham [1857 Sketch]

McElhone -- Arthur McElhone had mail waiting in 1840

McElhone -- "Arthur McElhone - " -- see photo of original LaSalette monument

McElhone -- Arthur McElhone lived at Lot 22, 4th Concession of Windham Township in Jan 1842 [NO18420101p2]

McElhone -- Arthur McElhone, 75, died 23 Jan 1879 in Windham [BC18790205p3] 
 -- the will of Arthur McElhone of Windham was probated in 1879 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Arthur McElhone, 75, died 23 Jan 1879 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

McElhone -- Bridget McElhone, 53, widow, born 11 Sep1847 in Ireland, immigrated 1864, farmer
her son Thomas J., 24, born 4 Oct 1876 in [Ontario], farm labor
her son [Fredieric], 18, born 16 Apr 1852 in [Ontario], farmer's son
[1901 Census of Windham:3] [Compiler's Comment: both sons' place of birth is smudged]
[Compiler's Comment: living next to Charles McElhone]

McElhone -- Charles McElhone, 56, born 25 Mar 1844 in Ontario, farmer
his single daughter Mary E., 31, born 13 Jun 1869 in Ontario
his single daughter Catherine T., 30, born 25 Sep 1870 in Ontario
his single daughter Sarah A., 29, born 11 Aug 1871 in Ontario
his married son John T., 27, born 25 Sep 1873 in Ontario
his single daughter Alice A., 17, born 31 Jan 1884 in Ontario
his single daughter Clara L., 15, born 2 Mar 1886 in Ontario
his single daughter Irene I., 13, born 8 May 1887 in Ontario
his daughter-in-law Alice M., 24, born 15 Jan 1877 in Ontario
his single granddaughter Lucillia M., 5 months, born 7 Nov 1900 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Windham:3] [Compiler's Comment: living next to Bridget McElhone]

McElhone -- Charles McElhone's daughter Clara married Raymond Rosehart, 27 Sep 1910 
in LaSalette -- see wedding review

McElhone -- Charles McElhone, 78, died 2 Apr 1914 in LaSalette [SR19140408p5]

McElhone -- Charles McElhone 1842-1914 | his wife Catherine 1849-1890 | their children: 
Mary 1868-1906 | Frank 1876-1887 | Maggie 1878-1888 | Josie 1890-1890
John Thomas McElhone 1873-1936 | his wife Alice Maude O'Connor 1877-1934 
[LaSalette Cemetery stone]

McElhone -- Clara McElhone married Raymond Rosehart, 27 Sep 1910 in LaSalette 
-- see wedding review

McElhone -- Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Burke visited their aunt, Mrs. E. McElhone 
[Brandy Creek SR19170222p8]

McElhone -- Mrs. Ed. McElhone died Sunday [3 Oct 1920]. Interment was Tuesday [5 Oct 1920] in the Roman Catholic Cemetery [LaSalette SR19201007p11]

McElhone -- the will of Edward McElhone of Windham was probated in 1891 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Edward McElhone 1841-1891 |  his wife Bridget 1843-1920
daughter Mary Ann 1880-1881 | son Joseph 1881 [LaSalette Cemetery stone]

McElhone -- Eliza McElhone, 25, single, born 3 Aug 1875 in Ontario, resided in the household of her uncle John Gibbons [1901 Census of Windham:3]

McElhone -- Henry McElhone, 52, born 13 Apr 1848 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Mary, 49, born 25 Jan 1852 in Ontario [1901 Census of Windham:3]

McElhone -- H. McElhone:
-- was a 1909 Windham Officer [WS19090401p6]
-- was a 1910 Windham Officer [WS19100331p4]

McElhone -- at the home of Mrs. Henry McElhone, her sister: Miss Maggie McNally of Port Dover, who taught school there for a number of years, is very ill. No hope is entertained for her recovery [Bookton SR19161207p2]

McElhone -- Henry McElhone, farmer, LaSalette 
Mary J. McElhone, housewife, Lot 20, Concession 5, Windham [1919 Voters List]

McElhone -- Henry McElhone 1848-1931 | his wife [Mary] Jane McNally 1852-1933
[LaSalette Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: same stone as Arthur McElhone]

McElhone -- Miss Irene McElhone, a former resident of LaSalette, married Mr. J. M. Black of Woodstock, Monday last [SR19180502p2]

McElhone -- Mrs. J. McElhone of La Salette married Adam Matheson, proprietor of Matheson House in Tilsonburg, 14 Feb 1888 in LaSalette [BC18880222]

McElhone -- John McElhone 1852-1882 -- see St. Anthony's Monument

McElhone -- Mrs. John Gibbons (nee McElhone), 68, died 7 Jan 1912 in LaSalette [SR19120118p12] -- see her obituary

McElhone -- John McElhone, 13, died 21 Aug 1914 in Dereham. Funeral Monday at LaSalette [SR19140827p10]

McElhone -- John McElhone's sister, Mrs. Eliza Rosehart, married A. J. O'Connor, Wednesday at LaSalette. Little Mary and Coretta Rosehart were flower girls [SR19150828p7]

McElhone -- John McElhone -- see 1919 Township Fair Officers

McElhone -- John McElhone, farmer, LaSalette 
Alice Maud McElhone, housewife, Lot 20, Concession 5, Windham [1919 Voters List]

McElhone -- Joseph McElhone -- see 1883 Tavern and Shop Licenses

McElhone -- Joseph McElhone, proprietor of the La Salette House, died 14 Jun 1886 at LaSalette [NR18860617] -- the will of Joseph McElhone of Windham was probated in 1887 [Norfolk Wills]

McElhone -- Joseph F. McElhone 1851-1924 | his wife Catherine 1857-1931
M. James killed in action 3 May 1917 
W. Raymond 1885-1928 [LaSalette Cemetery stone]

McElhone -- elementary student Kathleen McElhone -- see 1917 Agricultural Credit

McElhone -- Miss Mary McElhone, 35, died 29 Dec 1906 in Windham 
[SR19060105] [BC19060110]

McElhone -- Mary Theresa McElhone 1882-1882 -- see St. Anthony's Monument

McElhone -- Nellie McElhone, teacher, S.S. 8, Middleton -- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19150107p1] -- Miss Nellie McElhone spent the weekend in Port Dover, the guest of her sister, Mrs. Cunningham [LaSalette SR19151202p2]

McElhone -- Rosa McElhone, 59, single, born 29 Sep 1841 in Ontario, living in the household of her brother-in-law Frank Casey [1901 Census of Windham:3
[Compiler's Comment: living next to Henry McElhone]

McElhone -- Miss Rosa McElhone, 60, died 7 Apr 1903 in LaSalette [SR19030416]

McElhone -- Thomas McElhone, farmer, LaSalette 
Kate McElhone, housewife, Lot 21, Concession 6, Windham 
Bridget McElhone, widow, LaSalette [1919 Voters List]

McElhone -- Thomas J. McElhone 1875-1952 | his wife Mary Catherine 1880-1922 
[LaSalette Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: same stone as Edward McElhone]

McEnhill -- Miss May V. McEnhill married Thomas Conlon formerly of Waterford, Mon 6 Sep 1915 in Detroit [SR19150930p7]

McEowen -- also see McEwon, McEown

McEowen -- Alexander McEowen died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

McEowen -- to wife of Arthur McEowen, nee Jessie Mary Bleumenstein, a son 30 Jun 1898 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

McEowen -- Emma, daughter of John P. McEowen of Charlotteville, married Joseph Charlton of Middleton 5 Nov 1883 in Simcoe [BC18831107] [NR18831108]

McEowen -- Walter McEowen -- see 1910 Election results

McEowen -- Wm. McEowen was an officer of 1887 Charlotteville Council 

McEowen -- Wm. Wheeler and J. P. McEowen were paid $28 for work and materials on Big Creek bridge on concession 11 by Charlotteville Council [BC18911125p1]

McEown -- A. E. McEown, gentleman, St. James, Waterford 
Ladina McEown, St. James, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

McEown -- Miss Ada E., daughter of J. P. McEown of Charlotteville, married E. Tisdale, 21 Mar 1883 at her father's home [NR18830329] -- also see Ephraim's obituary

McEown -- to wife of Arthur McEowen [sic], nee Jessie Mary [sic] Bleumenstein, a son 30 Jun 1898 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

McEown -- Arthur McEown
-- see 1908 Charlotteville Officers
-- see 1909 Charlotteville Officers
-- see 1913 Charlotteville officers
-- of Lynedoch area donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141203p4]
-- see 1919 Township Fair Officers

McEown -- Arthur McEown, farmer, Lynedoch 
Jessie McEown, Lot 1, Concession 10, Charlotteville 
Clifford E. McEown, farmer, Lynedoch [1919 Voters List]
[Compiler's Comment: this is George Arthur MeEown, son of John P. McEown, and family]

McEown -- Edmund McEown, 53, died 12 Jan 1920 at his home in Waterford
-- see his obituary

McEown -- to wife of Eugene McEown a daughter 22 Aug 1907 in Tillsonburg [SR19070913]

McEown -- G. Arthur McEown of Lynedoch:
-- see Norfolk's 1917 Victory Loan Committee.
-- see Norfolk's 1918 Victory Loan Committee.
-- see 1918 Norfolk County Council
-- see 1919 Charlotteville Officials

McEown -- George R. McEown of Townsend, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

McEown -- Huldah McEown wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

McEown -- Huldah Anne McEown wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

McEown -- J. P. McEowan [sic], 78, born 11 Jun 1822 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Phebe [sic], 71, born 28 Mar 1829 in Ontario
his married son Arthur C. [sic], 25, born 21 May 1875 in Ontario, farmer's son
his daughter-in-law Jessy May, 24, born 23 Jul 1875 in Ontario
his single son [sic] Earl Clifford, 2, born 30 Jun 1898 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:5] [Compiler's Comment: Earl was John's grandson, Arthur's son]

McEown -- Mr. J. P. McEown, [84], died 27 Feb 1904 in Lynedoch [SR19040304
-- John P. McEown died of old age in Charlotteville. Bural permit issued 28 Feb 1904 [LCL]

McEown -- J. P. McKown's relict Phoebe, 82 years 2 months 16 days, died 14 Jul 1912 at home of her daughter, Mrs. Jos. Charlton, in Middleton [SR19120725p7]

McEown -- John P. McKowan 1822-1904 | Phoebe McEown 1830-1912
[Evergreen Cemetery stone]

McEown -- Mrs. W. McEown had her sister, Mrs. L. Bilger of Delhi, visiting [SR19180919p2]

McEown -- Walter D. McEown of Townsend, farmer  -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

McEown -- Walter McEown of Tyrrell attended Edmund McEown's funeral
-- see Edmund's obituary

McErwen --James McErwen was 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

McEwan -- Alma McEwan, married woman, Scotland; Lot 6 Concession 2, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

McEwan -- Belinda McEwan, married woman, Scotland 
Eccleria McEwan, married woman, Lot 6 Concession 1, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

McEwan -- Mrs. D. McEwan died 10 Oct 1913 in South Middleton [SR19131016p7]

McEwan -- Fred McEwan, farmer, Scotland 
Herman McEwan, farmer, Lot 6 Concession 1, Townsend [1919 Voters' List]

McEwan -- Herman McEwan: 
-- see
1913 Townsend Officers 
-- see 1925 Townsend Officers

McEwan -- Miss Maggie McEwan of Oakland married Joseph James Walters of Mt. Pleasant, 1[9] Sep 1895 in Waterford [SR18950926]

McEwan -- Miss Margaret McEwan of Harriston married Thomas Hunter of Virginia, 7 Sep 1880 at home of James Goldie at Guelph [BC18800915p3]

McEwan -- Roy McEwan, farmer, Scotland; Lot 6 Concession 2, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

McEwan -- Susan McEwan 1859-1950; her husband Leamon Lutes 1858-1934 
[Wilsonville Cemetery stone]

McEwan -- Thomas A. Mcewan, 37, born 12 Aug 1863 in Ontario, farmer
his wfe Julia C., 37, born 15 Dec 1863 in Ontario
his single son Charles R., 11, born 9 Jan 1889 in Ontario
his single son Frederick S., 9, born 25 Aug 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Florance M. V., 1, born 21 Sep 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:1]

McEwan -- to wife of Walter McEwan a son 29 Dec 1888 in Walsingham [BC18890116]

McEwen -- [Compiler's Comment: we found no cemetery stones for McEwen in Norfolk County in 2013. We did find stones for McEwan, McEown and McEwon]

McEwen -- to Ada McEwan, wife of Walsingham farmer Ephraim Tisdale, a daughter: May, 21 Apr 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022372]

McEwen -- Alphens McEwen wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

McEwen -- Frank S. McEwen of Dereham married Miss Mary Kinline, 26 Mar 1902 at home of her parents at Langton [SR19020410]

McEwen -- J. McEwen and A. Fleming, Lot 1, Concession 10, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

McEwen -- John McEwen of Toronto spent the weekend with his brother, E. E. McEwen. The former is on his way to the Pacific Coast [SR19170329p11]

McEwen -- Margaret McEwen now Mrs. Chas. VanLoon, held her first post marriage reception at her home in Boston [SR19131106p11]

McEwen -- Sarah McEwen died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

McEwen -- to wife of Walsingham farmer Walter McEwen, nee Mary Ellen Charlton, a son: Peter Roy, 8 Feb 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022320]

McEwon -- Ralph M. McEwon, farmer, RR5 Simcoe; Lot 17, Concession 13, Townsend 
[1919 Voters List]

McEwon -- Walter McEwon, farmer, RR5 Simcoe 
Amanda McEwon, Lot 17, Concession 12, Townsend 
Phoebe M. McEwon, RR5 Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

McEwon -- Walter D. McEwon, farmer- RR5 Simcoe; Lot 17, Concession 12, Townsend 
[1919 Voters List]

McFadden -- Catharine Jane McFadden wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

McFadden -- Wm. McFadden, laborer, Waterford  
Dora McFadden, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

McFadden -- to the wife of William James McFadden, a daughter, 2 Jan 1919 in Simcoe [SR19190109p5]

McFahe -- Mary McFahe of Malahide married William Knole, 29 Nov 1848. 
Witnesses: Wm. Teeple; John Smith [GJR-SR19010314]

McFarlane -- also see MacFarlane

McFarland -- Miss Adelaide McFarlane of Jarvis married David, son of Charles McGilvery of Port Dover, 2[7] Oct 1879 at Port Dover [NR18791106p3] 
-- Adelaide McFarland wed David McGilvery [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

McFarlane -- to wife of Alex. McFarlane a daughter 24 Jul 1888 in Otterville 
[BC18880801] [NR18880802]

McFarlane -- Addie McFarlane, wife of David McGilvery and sister-in-law of Charles McGilvery, died 4 Aug 1914 at Little Current, Manitoulin Island. This former Norfolk lady leaves her husband and seven children [Former Norfolk Lady Dead SR19140813p1]

McFarlane -- Alexander McFarlane of Otterville married Ella, eldest daughter of I. J. Darling of Otterville, 2 Sep 1885 at her father's home [NR18850924]

McFarlane -- Cecil McFarlane -- see 1910 Waterford pupils

McFarlane -- H. McFarlane of Tilsonburg married Miss Nettie Hilliker of Delhi, 29 Mar 1897 in Teeterville [WS18970408p5] -- H. McFarlane of Tilsonburg married Miss Nettie Hilliker of Delhi, 20 Mar 1896 [sic] in Teeterville [SR18970408]

McFarlane -- to wife of H. McFarlane of Tilsongburg a daughter 13 Sep 1901 in Delhi [SR19010926]

McFarlane -- Mrs. Hannah McFarlane -- see 1937 Deaths

McFarlane -- Miss Maggie McFarland of Woodhouse married Wm. D. Burch of Woodhouse 10 Apr 1889 in Jarvis [BC18890424]

McFarlane -- Miss Margaret McFarlane of Otterville married William Marshall of Vittoria 2 Nov 1904 at her sister's home in Woodstock [BC19041109] [SR19041111]

McFarlane -- W. J. McFarlane of St. Louis married Miss Mary E. Goddard, daughter of Frederick Goddard of Simcoe, 18 Mar 1897 in St. Louis [SR18970325]

McFarlane -- Wm. McFarlane, 76, widower, born 14 Jan 1825 in Scotland, immigrated 1825, resided with his son [sic] Elias P. Snider [1901 Census of Port Dover:1]

McFell -- Francis Egerton McFell of Woodhouse married Hannah Viola, second daughter of late Edwin D. Price of Woodhouse, 12 Dec 1881 at her mother's home [BC18811221]

McFell -- Helen, daughter of Capt. McFell, married John Watts of Woodhouse 21 Dec 1899 at groom's home [SR19000104]

McFell -- Jos. McFell married Cynthia Olds of Woodhouse, 1 Jan 1841.
Witnesses: Cortlandt Olds; George Olds [GJR-SR19010307]

McFell -- Captain Joseph McFell, 61 years 1 month 17 days, died 19 Feb 1913 in Woodhouse. Funeral from home of John Watts, Woodhouse to Port Dover Methodist Church, thence to Woodhouse cemetery [SR19130227]

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