Etc. -- 1917 Elementary Agricultural Credit
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The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an list of 1917 elementary school students promoted into high school with agricultural credit. The source article for this list appeared on page 11 of the 13 Sep 1917 issue of the Simcoe Reformer. 

Successful Candidates
For Admission to High School

Following is a list of pupils of Norfolk schools who are receiving this week Junior High School entrance certificates after complying with the regulations of Circular 27 relating to farm work.

School Teacher Students
Vittoria T. Sinclair Fred Thompson
Charlotteville No. 8 Clarence Gilles Rebecca Neal
Roy Wilcox
Charlotteville No. 12 Bertha F. Olds Gladys Taylor
Harry Tisdale
Courtland Eliott Fairbairn Lyle Ryan
Middleton No. 7 Dana L. Wilson Fairman McQueen
Bloomsburg F. Gertrude Crysler Eugene Culver
Cecil E. Skirrow
Glen Meyer Olive M. Abel Harper Hawley
Windham No. 8 (Gothic) Lena M. McKnight Amy Beck
LaSalette (R.C) Mrs. A. Kelly-Tyrrell Jacob Beal
Kathleen McElhone
Port Ryerse A. Bertha Clark James Dwyer
Sam Robinson
Vivian Smale

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