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Jellicoe -- Thomas Jellico, machinist, 72 King Street, Simcoe 
Rhoda Jellicoe, 72 King Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List

Jellicoe -- Thomas Jellico has purchased a 10-acre property and residence at Normandale [SR19200527p1]

Jemmett -- F. G. Jemmett donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]

Jemmett -- Mrs. F. G. Jemmett and son, Pte. Geo. Jemmett of Toronto, visited Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall in Vittoria [SR19170517p2]

Jemmett -- Geo. Jemmett donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]

Jemmett -- George Coutts Jemmett of Vittoria, 23, single Church of England farmer, 
born 20 Nov 1892 in Park Hill Ontario, son of Helen Jemmett of Vittoria (490879)
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Jenereaux -- also see Jenero, Jennero

Jenereaux -- Ellis [Lenreux], 68, single male laborer, born 12 Oct 1831 in Ontario 
resided in the household of Eugene Carson [1901 Census of Houghton:3.11]

Jenereaux -- Frank Jenreaux [sic], 40, born 2 Dec 1860 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Oliva [sic], 38, born 21 Oct 1862 in Ontario
his single son Basil, 13, born 5 Jul 1887 in Ontario
his single daughter L. Ivy, 8, born 15 Sep 1892 in Ontario
his single daughter Margarret [sic], 6, born 13 Dec 1894 in Ontario
his single son Frank, 4, born 17 Aug 1896 in Ontario
his single son [Psurton], 3, born 7 Mar 1898 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:3.8]

Jenereaux -- Ida Jenereaux of Glenmeyer in Houghton Township  married Eugene Carson of Glenmeyer 22 Mar 1887 at Glenmeyer [BC18870406]

Jenereaux -- Miss Lottie Jenereaux had Geo. Leask visiting Sunday evening 

Jenereaux -- Lottie M. Jenereaux, 1875-1937 | wife of Horace Kellam [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Jenereaux -- W. Jenereaux's son Orlo Willie, 18 months, died 19 Jun 1917 in Port Rowan [SR19170628p7]

Jenereaux -- W. H. Jenereaux, plumbing, heating, wiring, 274 Robinson Street, Simcoe [SR19440720p3]

Jenereaux -- W. H. (Harry) Jenereaux, born 20 Oct 1910, died 5 Aug 1974 [Bayview Cemetery stone] 

Jenereaux -- W. W. Jenereaux' 18-month old baby was very sick but is now on the mend 
[Port Rowan

Jenereaux -- W. W. Jenereuux has bought out O. R. Rockefeller's grocery and butcher business. Mr. Jenereaux has also contracted to look after the rural telephone lines and operate the switch. Mr. Rockefeller will move to his farm in South Walsingham [Port Rowan SR19170301p3] 

Jenereaux -- W. W. Jennereau [sic] of Port Rowan has sold his confectionery business to Chas. Ashford of South Walsingham [SR19171206p2]

Jenereaux -- to wife of W. W. Jenereaux, a son, Sun 21 Apr 1918 in Port Rowan [SR19180425p7]

Jenereaux -- W. W. Jenereaux  -- see 1920 Port Rowan Items

Jenereaux -- Walter [sic] Jenereaux, machine agent, Ellis St., Port Rowan  
Beatrice Jenereaux, Ellis Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List

Jenereaux -- William Wallace Jenereaux, 84, died 18 Feb 1966 in Waterford -- see his obituary

Jenereaux -- William Wallace Jenereaux, born 7 Feb 1882, died 18 Feb 1966
Beatrice Roselle Jenereaux, born 9 Apr 1899, died 23 Nov 1945
[Bayview Cemetery stone] 

Jenero -- Margaret, 5 months, daughter of Jo & Mema Jenero, died 11 Jan 1862 
Salem Cemetery stone]

Jeneral -- Miss Jennie Jeneral of Teeterville married Wm. Robinson of Teeterville, 4 Jan 1881 at home of her father in Teeterville [BC18810119p3] -- Jennie General, daughter of Lewis Jeneral of Teeterville, married Wm. Robinson of Teeterville 4 Jan 1881 at her father's home [NR18810114p3]

Jeneroux -- Rhoda A. Jeneroux wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Jenkins -- Mrs. Jenkins of Port Dover -- see 1841 Licenses

Jenkins -- Mrs. Jenkins of Port Rowan married Joseph McCall of St. Williams, 28 Dec 1883 in Port Rowan [BC18840109] [NR18840103p3]

Jenkins -- Alexander Jenkins Sr. died 5 Apr 1840 
Rachel Sinden, 85, wife of Alex Jenkins, died 29 Oct 1884
[St. John's Cemetery stones] [Compiler's Comment: next stone: William Jenkins]

Jenkins -- Miss Caroline Jenkins of Simcoe married Herbert Stanley Lee of Simcoe, 18 Dec 1920 in Simcoe [SR19201223p7]

Jenkins -- Charles Jenkins of Buffalo, an old Port Rowan boy, is visiting his uncle, John Clemens [Port Rowan SR19100811p3]

Jenkins -- Gabriel Jenkins of Port Rowan wrote letters to the editor of the Norfolk Reformer in 1869 [NR18690722p3] 

Jenkins -- George Jenkins, 23, (300070) married Church of England clerk, born 6 Jan 1892 in Liverpool England, husband of Leola Jenkins of Delhi. Attested 7 Sep 1915 at Toronto
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper, side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper, side 2.

Jenkins -- Pte. George Jenkins was given a hearty welcome home on his return to Delhi from active service last week [SR19190213p7]

Jenkins -- George Jenkins, glove cutter, Williams street, Delhi 
Leola Jenkins, housewife, Williams street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Jenkins -- to the wife of George Jenkins, a son, 26 Jan 1920 in Delhi [SR19200205p7]

Jenkins -- Miss Gertrude Emile, third daughter of late John Jenkins, married Court C. Fairchild, P.L.S., of Simcoe, formerly of Brantford, married 29 Jun [1897] [in Brantford]. Bride's sister, Miss Pauline Jenkins was bridesmaid. Bride's brother, J. Vernon Jenkins of Chicago. Groom's brother, H. W. Fairchild. Cheques from English relations [SR18970708p1]

Jenkins -- to wife of James Jenkins a daughter 1[6] Oct 1879 in Simcoe [NR18791030p3]

Jenkins -- M. V. Jenkins was 1920 St. Williams Junior Division teacher 
-- see 1920 St. Williams promotions

Jenkins -- Robert J. Jenkins will marry Mary J., the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram VanEvery of Lynnville, 4 Aug 1920 in Lynnville Baptist Church [SR19200715p12]

Jenkins -- Thomas Jenkins Sr. was appointed court clerk 1 Dec 1841 [NO18420101p3]

Jenkins -- Thomas Jenkins, farmer, RR1 Scotland 
Annie Jenkins, housewife, Lot 15 Concession 1, Townsend [1919 Voters List

Jenkins -- W. Jenkins, wife and family of Buffalo, spent the weekend with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Clemens, and other relatives. As a lad he used to clerk in the store of the late Malcolm McKenzie. He left here 18 years ago [Port Rowan SR19160907p5]

Jenkins -- Wm. Jenkins, 60, an old and respected resident, died 26 Aug 1878 in Port Dover [BC18780904p3] 

Jenkins -- William Jenkins, 62 years 6 months, died 28 Jun 1878 | Wm. Jenkins Jr., 11 years 1 month, died 2 May 1846 [St. John's Woodhouse Cemetery stones]
[Compiler's Comment: next stone: Alexander Jenkins]

Jenkinson -- Edgar Jenkinson:  
-- see
Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1917 Simcoe High Honor students

Jenkinson -- Moses Jeninson -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Jenkinson -- Moses Jenkinson, tinsmith, Simcoe
Ada C. Jenkinson, Lot 15, Gore of Woodhouse
Irene W. Jenkinson, single, factory emp., Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Jenne -- Col. John F. Jenne, 37, United States Consul for district of Port Rowan, died 23 Apr 1883 in Simcoe [NR18830426]

Jennero -- J. Jennero, Peter Cline and J. Carrow, Lot 24, Concession 14, Windham 
[1857 Sketch] [Compiler's Comment: 1857 Sketch lists Jennerow; 1856 Map lists Jennero.]

Jenny -- Miss Nellie Jennie [sic] of South Walsingham married Geo. Staley of Tillsonburg, 14 Oct 1918 at Walsingham [SR19181107p9]

Jenney -- William Jenney, 70, born 1 Sep 1830 in England, immigrated 1853, farm labourer
his wife Mary, 49, born 14 May 1851 in Ontario
his single son William, 13, born 17 Jul 1887 in Ontario
his single daughter Emily, 10, born 17 Jan 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Nellie, 7, born 14 Dec 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:1]

Jenney -- William Jenney 1829-1914 | his wife Mary Hart 1849-1929 [Cultus Cemetery stone]

Jenney -- Wm. Jenney of North Walsingham married Miss E[....] Schram of North Walsingham, 25 Dec 1913 at Walsingham Centre [SR19140108p7]

Jenney -- William Jenney, 797086, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own] -- William Jenney, of Walsingham, 28, Methodist, farmer, born 17 Jul 1888 in Houghton Township, wife: Mrs. William of Walsingham
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Jenney -- William Jenny [sic], soldier, Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Jenney -- Zellah M. Jenney 1883-1964 | her husband Cyrus Ketchabaw 1880-1961
[Franklin Cemetery stone]

Jennings -- Miss Jennings, J. C. Hall, J. Tuttle and J. Butler, Lot 4, Concession 5, Charlotteville 
[1857 Sketch] [Compiler's Comment: 1857 Sketch lists Jenning_.]

Jennings -- Albert Jennings, 56 [sic], born 29 Dec 1864 [sic] in Ontario,single, bartender, resided in the hotel of Emerson Ramey [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Jennings -- to Ann Jennings, wife of Carholme laborer George Bye, a son: Edward Waymen, 27 Aug 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022392]

Jennings -- to wife of Arthur C. Jennings, a daughter, 21 Jun 1909 in Simcoe [SR19090624]

Jennings -- at the home of her brother-in-law, Arthur C. Jennings of St. Thomas: Miss Alma, daughter of George Wilson of Simcoe, married Melvin Wheeler of St. Thomas, 25 Sep 1912 [SR19121003p12]

Jennings -- Cinderella Jennings wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Jennings -- Mrs. Edwin Jennings died 3 Dec 1878 at Iowa, U.S. Mr. Edwin Jennings is a brother of James Jennings and nephew of Geo. [Hustead] of Port Dover [BC18781225p3]

Jennings -- Elizabeth, 83, wife of William Jennings, died 22 Feb 1905 in Jarvis [SR19050303]

Jennings -- Elizabeth Jennings 1860-1933 | her son Melvin Hollister 1896-1962
[Courtland United Cemetery stone]

Jennings -- J. Jennings, Thomas Finch, and J. Schroom, Lot 9, Concession 1, Charlotteville 
[1857 Sketch]

Jennings -- J. Jennings, laborer, Courtland [1919 Voters List

Jennings -- Jessie Jennings -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Jennings -- to wife of John Jennings, a son, Wed. [..] Jan 1918 in Simcoe [SR19180124p5]

Jennings -- John Jennings, laborer, 213 Agricultural Street, Simcoe
Lillie Jennings, 213 Agricultural Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Jennings -- Miss Lizzie Jennings, 45, of Jarvis, died 22 Nov 1894 in Aylmer [NR18941206]

Jennings -- Mary Ann Jennings wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Jennings -- Mary E. Jennings wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Jennings -- May Jennings: 
-- was a 1920 Simcoe Primary student [SR19200708p3]
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Jennings -- Stanley 1886-1974 | Olga May 1896-1962
[Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Jennings -- Thomas Jennings, born 3 Jan 1798, died 18 Oct 1869 
-- see photos of his cemetery stone

Jennings -- to wife of W. J. Jennings, a son, 27 Aug 1893 in Simcoe [NR18930831p3]

Jennings -- Simcoe merchant W. W. Jennings married Miss Odessa Jones of Walpole, 19 Aug 1890 at the home of William Ward, Stage Road, Walpole [BC18900827] [NR18900821p3]

Jennings -- to wife of W. W. Jennings a son 1 Apr 1892 in Simcoe [NR18920407]

Jennings -- W. W. Jennings, 72, died 3 Sep 1934 at his home in Hagersville -- see his obituary

Jennings -- Wm. Jennings, 89, died 9 Feb 1906 in Walpole [SR19060223p10] [BC19060221]

Jenny -- also see Jenne, Jenney

Jenny -- Jane Jenny died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Jenny -- Sarah E. Jenny wed Warren Mansfield [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Jenny -- Stanley Jenny, farmer, RR2 Langton 
Mrs. Clara Jenny, RR2 Langton 
Mary Jenny, RR2 Langton [1919 Voters List]

Jenny -- Warren Frank Jenny  -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Jenreau -- also see Janero

Jenreaux -- Francis Jenreaux, 71 years 9 months 18 days, died 25 Sep 1858
 -- see our online video of Vanessa Cemetery

Jenro -- Bina Jenro wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882]

Jenroe -- Celestia Jenroe wed Richard Longstreet [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Jenrow -- Amanda M., 49, wife of L. N. Jenrow, died 18 Feb 1874 
-- see photo of her cemetery stone

Jenrow -- Emma Ursula Jenrow born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Jenrow -- Russell Jenrow, 21 years 6 days, died 17 Dec 1878 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

Jenson -- Amanda Jenson died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Jepson -- George Jepson died [BC19060314]

Jepson -- Thomas Jepson 1873-1962 | his wife Willmena Matthews 1873-1956 
[Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Jerome -- Mrs. Jerome of Chicago was a daughter of Jane Taylor and Charles W. Gee
-- see Mrs. Gee's obituary

Jeru -- Edward Jeru wed Mary Broadley [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Jeru -- Miss Nina Isabelle Jeru of Windham married Elmer Graves, son of late Hiram Graves of Teeterville, 14 Dec 1910 in Waterford [BC19101228p6]

Jessop -- to wife of Grant Jessop a son 12 Mar 1901 in Ladysmith, B.C. [SR19010328]

Jessop -- Pte. Thomas Jessop has returned to Tyrrell from overseas [SR19190417p8] [Compiler's Comment: we found no corresponding Attachment Paper in the C.E.F. database]

Jessop -- W. G. Jessop, teacher at school in Boston: 
-- see Pioneer Schools and Teachers
-- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Jessop -- Walter Ernest Jessop born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Jessopp -- Lillian Maud, daughter of late Rev. H. B. Jessopp, married Robert Keval Wells of the Federal Bank, Montreal, late of Simcoe, in Capleton [NR18831220] -- Lillian Maud, daughter of the ... Rev H. B. Jessopp, married Robert Keyal Wells of the Federal Bank, Montreal, late of Simcoe, at Carleton [BC18831226] [Compiler's Comment: newspaper page torn]

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