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Lochard -- Emerson Lochard wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Lock -- Irene Charlotte, daughter of Ernest A. Lock of Toronto, married C. M. (Jack) Browne of Toronto, lieutenant, 133rd overseas battalion, son of W. R. Brown of Toronto, 31 Mar 1916 in Toronto [SR19160406p5]

Lock -- Thomas E. Lock, 36, single, born 20 Aug 1864 in England, farm laborer, resided in the household of Richard Spencer [1901 Census of Woodhouse:2]

Lock -- William Lock died 13 Mar 1856 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

Lockard -- Albert Lock[ar]d wed Alfretta Rodwell [Ontario Vital Stats 1879
-- also see her mother's obituary

Lockard -- David Lockard wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Lockard -- Dorothy Lockard -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Lockard -- Emerson Lockard of Waterford married Miss Phoebe J. Green of Waterford, 23 [May] 1878 at home of W. O. R. Shrigley [Items from 1878 WS19090422p5] 
-- Emerson Lochard [sic] wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Lockard -- Emerson Lockard 1854-1915 | his wife Phoebe Green 1854-1922
[Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Lockard -- Fred Lockard, farmer, RR4 Waterford; Lot 19, Concession 7, Townsend
[1919 Voters List]

Lockard -- Mrs. Fred Lockard was presented with a parting gift of cut glass by Trinity Church choir, upon her removal to Sarnia [SR19200401p1]

Lockard -- Phoebe Lockard, Wellington, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Lockhart -- Arthur Lockhart was buried 1 Jan 1932. His wife and sic small children have gone to live with her parents in Cobalt [WS19320107p1] -- Pte. A. Lockhart, 37th Bn C.E.F., 1896-1931 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Lockhart -- Fred A. Lockhart 1855-1934 | his wife Emma J. 1868-1956
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Lockard -- Madeline Lockard -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Lockhart -- Mrs. W. Lockhart of Forestville's father, Mr. Ingram, has died. Mr. Lockhart has gone to attend the funeral [SR19170607p5]

Locke -- Mrs. Locke, formerly of Brantford, married Enoch Roberts of Port Dover, 6 Nov 1900. They will reside near Port Dover where he has lived all his life [SR19001108]

Locke -- Miss Alice Locke of Port Ryerse married M[alation] Davis of Port Ryerse 11 Nov 1885 in Simcoe [NR18851119]

Locke -- Elizabeth, 41, wife of William Locke, died 2 Apr 1864 -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Locke -- Emma Locke:
-- wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]  
-- wed Edgar Vanloon [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Locke -- Fanny I. Locke wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Locke -- Henry Locke, farmer, Norwich 4 
Edith Locke, Lot 21, Concession 1, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Locke -- John Locke wed Mary A. Davis [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Locke -- Josiah Locke Jr. married Isabella Smith, 15 Apr 1881 at home of her brother, Wm. A. Smith [NR18810422p3]

Locke -- Miss Lorena I. Locke, 6, born 7 Sep 1894 in Ontario; residing in the household of her step-father Enoch Roberts [1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Locke -- Miss Lorene Locke, daughter of Enoch Locke of Woodhouse, married Fred Misner of Renton, 12 Feb 1913 at her parents' home [SR19130220p7]

Locke -- Miss Mabel M. Locke of Port Ryerse, married Albert J. Evendon of Toronto, 17 Oct 1900 in Toronto. Attendants from Brantford [B-M-D SR19001101] [SR19001025p1]

Locke -- Mary Locke wed Joseph W. Townsend [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Locke -- Mary Ann Lock[.], married woman of Port Ryerse, died 14 May 1891. Letters probate granted to Geo. J. Ryerse of Port Ryerse [NR18920331
-- Mary Ann Locke, 66, died 14 May 1891 [Old Woodhouse Methodist Cemetery stone]
-- the will of Mary Ann Locke of Port Ryerse was probated in 1892 [Norfolk Wills]

Locke -- Wm. Henry Locke wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Locke -- to wife of Wm. L. Locke a daughter 20 Apr 1879 in Port Ryerse [BC18790430p3]

Locker -- Elizabeth Locker 1846-1933
her husband Michael Wolfe 1841-1924 [King Lake Cemetery stone]

Locker -- John Locker was an officer of 1916 Houghton [SR19160330p5]

Locker -- John Locker, farmer, RR6 Tillsonburg [1919 Voters List]

Lockhard -- to wife of Fred. Lockhard a daughter 1 Jul 1910 in Simcoe [BC19100713p4]

Lockhard -- Mr. Winfred Lockhard of Simcoe married Miss Ida Maude, daughter of Andrew Thompson of Simcoe, 25 Apr 1906 in Simcoe [SR19060504]

Lockhart -- Miss Alice Lockhart was elected an officer of the 1918 Forestville WI

Lockhart -- Arthur Lockhart, 18, single Church of England, machinist, born 4 Sep 1896 in St. Catherines, brother of Carry Lockhart of Detroit (408064)
-- see scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Lockhart -- Arthur Lockhart's funeral last Friday, under the auspices of the Waterford Branch of the Canadian Legion, was largely attended. Mrs. Lockhart and her six small children have gone to live with her parents in Cobalt [WS19320107p1]

Lockhart -- Pte. A. Lockhart, 37th Bn C.E.F. 1886-1931 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Lockhart -- Ellen Lockhart wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Lockhart -- Emma Lockhart, RR4 Waterford; Lot 10, Concession 7, Townsend 
[1919 Voters' List]

Lockhart -- Miss Frances Lockhart of Charlotteville married John Peddle of Charlotteville 6 Sep 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070913]

Lockhart -- to wife of Frederick Lockhart, nee Emma Cram, a daughter 23 May 1900 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Lockhart -- to wife of Fred. Lockhart a daughter 3 Aug 1908 in Simcoe [BC19080805]

Lockhart -- Fred Lockhart, driver D. wagon, 112 Brock St., Simcoe 
Maude Lockhart, 112 Brock Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Lockhart -- Fred Lockhart has purchased the Battersby House -- see Battersby House Sold

Lockhart -- Mary McShane Lockhart of Hamilton married George Stephen Collens of Townsend, Mon 15 May 1916 in Simcoe [SR19160518p7]

Lockhart -- P. Lockhart and P. Cline, Lot 9, Concession 5, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Lockhart -- P. Lockhart, Chesnut Street, Port Rowan 
Annie Lockhart, Chestnut Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List

Lockhart -- Robert Lockhart, laborer, 304 Queen St. N., Simcoe 
Abbie Lockhart, 204 Queen Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Lockhart -- Thomas Lockhart, 46, born 18 Feb 1855 in Ireland, immigrated 1858, section man; his wife Annie, 39, born 6 Nov 1861 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Lockhart -- Mr. and Mrs. T. Lockhart of Port Rowan have their neice, Miss Vera Lockhart of Palmerton, visiting [SR19190821p2]

Lockhart -- to wife of Wm. J. Lockhart, nee Alice Ingerman, a daughter 12 Jul 1899 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Lockhart -- William Lockhart, 32, born 19 Oct 1868 in Ontario, R.R. foreman
his wife Alice, 30, born 15 Dec 1870 in Ontario
his single daughter Nancy, 1, born 12 Jul 1899 in Ontario
his widowed brother James, 48, born 20 Feb 1853 in Ireland, immigrated 1859, engineer
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:3]

Lockhart -- to wife of William Lockhart, nee Alice Ingerman, a daughter 18 Jun 1901 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Lockhart -- William Lockhart, sectionman, RR1 St. Williams 
Mrs. William Lockhart, Lot 6, Concession 1, Charlotteville 
James Lockhart, gentleman, RR1 St. Williams [1919 Voters List]

Lockley -- William Lockley of Simcoe, late of England, married Miss Nancy Taylor of Simcoe, late of England, 3 Sep 1885 in Simcoe [NR18850910]

Lockman -- Mrs. A. H. Lockman of Villa Nova married Samuel Pearson of Brant County 5 Dec 1894 in Villa Nova [NR18941220]

Lockman -- Clara E. Lockman 1875-1939 | her husband William M. Townsend 1870-1937
[Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery stone]

Lockman -- George and Jemima Lockwood's daughters: 
Phoebe Ann, 12 years 2 months 17 days, died 19 May 1876 
Ida Jane, 9 years 8 months, died 15 Jun 1876 [Hemlock Cemetery stones]

Lockman -- George Lockman was an officer of 1887 Houghton Township 

Lockman -- George K. Lockman, 65, born 16 Oct 1835 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Jemima, 59, born 3 Feb 1842 in Ontario
his single daughter Clara E., 25, born 24 Oct 1875 in Ontario
his single son Lewis A., 17, born 25 Jul 1883 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Lockman -- Corp. Lewis A. Lockman, brother of Mrs. E. I. Bartlett of Courtland and Mrs. William Townsend of Hemlock, was killed in action 24 May 1915 in France [SR19150701p1]
-- see Houghton War Memorial

Lockman -- Margaret S. Lockman wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Locks -- Miss Maggie Locks of Port Ryerse married Joel Davis of Fingal, 19 Nov 1881 at Vittoria [BC18811214]

Lockwood -- Rebecca Ann Lockwood, 35, wife of Jacob Potts, Esq., daughter of Joseph and Mary Lockwood, died 5 Jun 1827 -- see Woodhouse Methodist Cemetery video

Lockwood -- Robert Lockwood, laborer, Vittoria 
Fannie Lockwood, Lot 22 Concession 2, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Lockyear -- Mrs. Harry Lockyear of Kelvin was daughter of Mrs. C. Day [Bookton SR19170118p11]

Lockyear -- Mae Lockyear married Charles Lee a short time ago. Their variety shower was Friday at the home of James Lee of Bookton [SR19190828p8] 

Loder -- Job Loder -- Early Waterford [pdf]

Lodlow -- T. Lodlow, gardener, Scotland; Lot 3 Concession 1, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Loewenstein -- Christopher Loewenstein, 87 years 4 months 2 days, died 26 Oct 1909 in Middleton [SR19091111p7]

Lofthouse -- Ann Lofthouse wed Archibald Hemstreet [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]
-- Ann, daughter of Wm. Lofthouse of Woodhouse, married Arch. Hemstreet of North Norwich, at Port Dover [NR18790605

Lofthouse -- Christopher Lofthouse wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872 ]

Lofthouse -- Mary Lofthouse, 54,single, companion, born 11 Sep 1846 in England, immigrated 1856, resided in the household of Hannah J. Horning [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Lofthouse -- the will of William Lofthouse of Woodhouse was probated in 1884 [Norfolk Wills]

Loftus -- Catharine Loftus, 75, wife of Daniel McCarty, died 7 Dec 1899
LaSalette Cemetery stone]

Loftus -- Daniel E. Loftus, 44, born 10 May 1856 in Ontario, farmer
his wife  Emma J., 43, born 15 Feb 1858 in Ontario
his single daughter Lotta M., 16, born 6 Jan 1885 in U.S., immigrated 1898
his single son Frank E., 14, born 7 Oct 1876 in U.S., immigrated 1898
his single son Howard A., 12, born 29 Jul 1888 in U.S., immigrated 1898
his single son Roy D., 11, born 12 Jan 1890 in U.S., immigrated 1898
his single boarder Arthur H. Whiting, 24, born 16 Jun 1876 in Ontario, teacher
1901 Census of Charlotteville:3]

Loftus -- Dan E. Loftus, farmer, RR1 St. Williams 
Mrs. D. Loftus, Lot 6, Concession 1, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Loftus -- Mrs. D. E. Loftus is visiting her son, Mr. Howard Loftus, at Burford 
[St. Williams SR19340809p16]
-- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Loftus and family of Burford visited Tuesday [Forestville SR19340823p6]

Loftus -- Daniel E. Loftus of St. Williams died a year ago this week [SR19350530p11]

Loftus -- Dan Loftus 1850-1934
his wife Emma Jane Gunsolus 1856-1942 [Newkirk Cemetery stone]
Loftus -- Hugh F. Loftus wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Loftus -- John Loftus was an officer of 1887 Windham Council 

Loftus -- John Loftus, 70, died 29 Jul 1912 in Windham. Interred at LaSalette [SR19120808p6]

Loftus -- Mrs. John Loftus, 78, died Fri 12 May 1916 in Windham [SR19160518p9]
-- also see her obituary

Loftus -- to wife of M. Loftus a daughter 8 Jan 1915 in Windham [SR19150121p5]

Loftus -- Mary Loftus wed William L. Brown [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Loftus -- to wife of Michael Loftus a son 27 Mar 1913 at Ellaton [SR19130417p7]

Loftus -- Michael Loftus, farmer, Ellaton 
James Loftus, farmer, Lot 17, Concession 10, Windham 
Mary Loftus, Ellaton [1919 Voters List

Loftus -- William Liffus and others, Lot 7, Concession 1, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

Loftus -- Wm. Loftus was a 1909 Windham Officer [WS19090401p6]

Logan -- Mrs. Logan, 81, of Port Rowan, died 1 Mar 1898 at home of her brother E. Dewitt of Port Royal [SR18980317]

Logan -- Mrs. Logan of Hamilton was sister of Mrs. James Perry-- see her obituary

Logan -- Chester Logan was a 1919 Junior High Candidate

Logan -- Christie Logan, farmer, Scotland 
William Logan, farmer, Lot 4 Concession 1, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Logan -- David Logan -- see Doan's Cemetery Monument

Logan -- David Logan:
-- see 1913 Townsend Officers 
-- see 1925 Townsend Officers

Logan -- to wife of David Logan:
-- a son, 2 Sep 1915 in Townsend [WS19150916p1] 
-- a daughter, 2 Sep 1916 in Townsend [SR19150923p5]

Logan -- David Logan, farmer, Scotland 
Vera Logan, Lot 3 Concession 1, Townsend 
Sarah Logan, widow, Scotland [1919 Voters List]

Logan -- the will of James Dewitt Logan of Port Rowan was probated in 1872 [Norfolk Wills]

Logan -- to wife of J. [H]. Logan a daughter 22 Nov 1905 in Port Dover [SR19051222]

Logan -- J[essie] R., daughter of John Logan of Hamilton, formerly of Simcoe, married Rev. Daniel McKay of Fort Covernton, N.Y., 1 Jan 1885 in Hamilton [NR18850115p3]

Logan -- to wife of John Logan, a son, 24 Apr 1869 in Hamilton [NR18690429p3]

Logan -- John A. Logan -- see Doan's Cemetery Monument

Logan -- Miss M. Logan -- donated to Belgium Relief at Courtland [SR19150211p5]

Logan -- Margaret Logan wed Nelson Borland [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Logan -- Mrs. Margaret Logan, [4]9, sister of John Williamson of Simcoe, died 1 Mar 1881 in Buffalo, N.Y. [NR18810305p3]

Logan-- Margaret J. Logan 1919-1932 | Gordon B. McKim 1900-1926 
Benjamin McKim 1874-1908 | his wife Annetta Tisdale 1875-1949 
[Courtland United Cemetery stone]

Logan -- Miss Marie Logan -- see 1916 Middleton Farewell

Logan -- Mary, eldest daughter of John Logan formerly of Simcoe, died 10 Apr 1896 in Hamilton [SR18960416]

Logan -- to wife of R. Logan a daughter 5 Nov 1901 in Courtland [SR19011114]

Logan -- to wife of Robert Logan a daughter May 1897 in Courtland [TO]

Logan -- Robert Logan, 25, born 13 May 1874 in Ontario, mill foreman
his wife Alma J., 20, born 30 Oct 1880 in Ontario
his single son James R., 3, born 19 Apr 1897 in Ontario
his single son Thomas E., 1, born 14 Jun 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:3]

Logan -- to wife of Robert Logan a daughter 24 Jan 1915 in Courtland [SR19150128p7]

Logan -- to wife of Robert Logan, a son, 31 Dec 1915 in Courtland [SR19160113p7]

Logan -- to wife of Robert Logan [Sr.], a son, 1 Jan 1916 in Courtland [SR19160106p10]

Logan -- to wife of Robert Logan Sr., a son, 31 Dec 1916 in Courtland [SR19170104p7]

Logan -- Robert Logan Jr. married Miss Alice Fenwick of Straffordville, 2 Jun 1914 at home of Frank Dyer in Courtland [SR19140611p9]

Logan -- to wife of Robert Logan Jr., a son, 13 May 1915 in Courtland [SR19150520p7]

Logan -- Robert James Logan of Courtland (797030), 18, married Methodist machinist, born 
19 Apr 1897 in Norfolk County, son of Robert Logan of Courtland. Enlisted: 14 Dec 1915
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Logan -- Private Robert Logan of the 215th Battalion visited with his parents [Courtland SR19170315p8]

Logan -- Robert Logan Sr.'s son Harley Francis, 4 months, died 20 Apr 1917 in Courtland. Funeral Sunday to Methodist Cemetery [SR19170426p9] [Compiler's Comment: we found no surviving readable corresponding stone in Courtland Methodist Cemetery

Logan -- Robert Logan, fireman, Courtland 
Jane Logan, housewife, Courtland [1919 Voters List

Logan -- Miss Ruby Logan married Cameron Stanley Peach, 11 Feb 1918 in Simcoe ]SR19180214p6]

Logan -- Miss Sadie Logan -- see 1916 Middleton Farewell

Logan -- Sadie Legan [sic] and her husband Stanley McQueen, were showered at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John McQueen, Courtland [SR19200108p5]

Logan -- single servant Samuel Logan, 22, born 22 Oct 1878 in Ontario, f[arm] lab[orer], resided in the household of Joseph H. Taylor [1901 Census of Windham:1]

Logan -- Samuel Logan, farmer, LaSalette 
Ella Logan, housewife, Lot 18, Concession 6, Windham [1919 Voters' List]

Logan -- Thomas Logan was a 1899 Townsend pathmaster [WS18990216p5] 

Logan -- Thomas Logan, 55, born 17 Mar 1846 in Ireland, immigrated 1870, farmer
his wife Sarah, 61, born 20 Mar 1840 in Ireland, immigrated 1872
his single son David, 17, born 17 Aug 1883 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:1]

Logan -- Thomas Logan, farmer, Courtland 
Sadie Logan, clerk, Courtland 
Anetta Logan, housewife, Courtland [1919 Voters List

Logan -- Thomas Logan Sr. of Courtland broke his arm while cranking his car last week [SR19201028p15]

Logan -- Thomas Logan has his daughter, Mrs. Stanley McQueen spending the Christmas holidays with him [Courtland SR19201230p11]

Logan -- Thomas Edward Logan of Courtland (797134), 18, single Methodist farmer, born 14 Jun 1898 in Middleton Township, son of Robert Logan of Courtland. Attested: 28 Feb 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper, side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper, side 2.

Logan -- soldier Thomas Logan has returned from overseas -- see 8 more return

Logan -- to the wife of Thomas Logan, a daughter: Margaret, 16 Oct 1919 in Courtland [SR19191030p7]

Logan -- Thomas E. Logan, laborer, Courtland [1919 Voters List

Logan -- "Miss Violet Logan of Courtland has been visiting her sister, Miss Cameron Peach." [SR19200408p1] [Compiler's Comment: Violet's sister Ruby married Cameron Peach of Simcoe]

Logan -- William Logan, 23, born 27 Aug 1877 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Ida B., 18, born 20 Sep 1882 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:1]

Logan -- Private Wm. Logan of Middleton is reported wounded [SR19170524p1]

Logan -- Wm. Logan -- see 1925 Townsend Officers

Loma -- Connie Loma, 49, a ninth generation descendant of Port Dover pioneer settler Alexander McQueen, was killed when struck by a pickup truck 9 May 2006 on the lift bridge in Port Dover. Survived by husband, son, daughter, extended family [SR20060510p1]

Lomavas -- [Loda] [Lomavas], 39, born 24 Aug 1861 in U.S., immigrated 1885, farmer
his wife Tressa, 36, born 7 Jul 1864 in Ontario
his single son Edon W., 13, born 27 Jul 1887 in Ontario
his single son Walter, 11, born 18 Jun 1889 in Ontario
his single son Fremont, 10, born 26 Mar 1891 in Ontario
his single [twin] son Clarance [sic], 8, born 25 Feb 1894 in Ontario
his single [twin] daughter Clarah [sic], 8, born 25 Feb 1894 in Ontario
his single son Charles, 6 months, born 4 Sep 1900 in Ontario
[1901 Census of N. Walsingham:2] [Compiler's Comment: there is no letter in this surname that we are confident we have transcribed correctly. We have found no other historical reference to this surname in Norfolk. The census lists the father's origin as French.]

Loncke -- Alfons C. Loncke 1885-1974 | his wife Marie L. Vuylsteke 1886-1960
 [Sacred Heart Cemetery stone]

Loncke -- Charles Achiel Loncke, born 7 Mar 1912, died 23 Sep 1948, son of Alphonse and Marie, husband of Simone Vanhoed [Sacred Heart Cemetery stone]

Loncke -- Cyriel A. Loncke 1880-1959 | his wife Celina Mary Vuylsteke 1883-1959
[LaSalette Cemetery stone]

Londen -- to wife of farmer Hiram Lo[n]d[e]n, nee Noami Bush, a son: Jacob Earland, 16 Jan 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022200] [Compiler's Comment: Hiram's surname difficult to read; may be Louden or London or Londen]

Londen -- Hiram Lo[n][den -- see Charlotteville Officers, 1908

Londen -- J. A. Lo[n]d[e]n subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Londen -- Miss Lizzie Isabella, daughter of Hiram Lowden of Charlotteville, married Frederick W. Galpin of Dereham Township 6 May 1903 at her father's home [SR19030515]  
-- Lizzie Isabella Londen, 29, spinster of Charlotteville, born in Gl[a]nford, daughter of Hiram and Marion Londen, married Frederick William Galpin, 41, widower farmer of Charlotteville, born in England, son of James C. and Jane Galpin, 7 May 1903 in Charlotteville 
[Ontario Vital Stats 013515]

Londers -- Miss Janet Kathleen Londers married Fred Winter, 1 May 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200506p7]

Londesbury -- Miss Hattie Londesbury of Waterford married John Miller of Tilsonburg, 23 Oct 1877 at home of E. Grace of Waterford [BC18771114p3] 
-- Hattie Londesbury wed John Miller [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Lone -- Frances S., 38 years 9 months, daughter of David H. and Jane Lone, died 19 Nov 1897 
-- see photo of her cemetery stone

Lone -- Jane, 60 years 3 months 24 days, wife of David H. Lone, died 3 Aug 1882 
David H. Lone, 64, died 11 Jan 1882 | Thos. J. Lone, born 11 Dec 1864, died 11 Apr 1896
Wm. H. Lone, born 7 Nov 1852, died 4 Sep 1855 -- see photo of cemetery stone

Loney -- to wife of Rev. P. H. Loney, a son: Melville [Perevival], 29 Sep 1913 in Boston 
[SR19131030p7] [WS19131023p1] 
-- Melville Percival, 2, son of Rev. Loney, died Fri 12 Nov 1915 in Boston [SR19151125p9]

Loney -- Percival H. Loney, son of James E. Loney of Toronto married Miss Arleen Marie Rolph, daughter of Rev. Raymond C. Rolph, 30 Nov 1912 in Port Rowan. Bride's father and groom's brother, Rev. Clifford J. Loney of Brantford, officiated [SR19121205p8]

Loney -- Robert George Loney of Simcoe, bank clerk -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf

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