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A transcription of an article that appeared in the 22 May 1924 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper. [Paragraph breaks added by the transcriber]

Battersby House Sold

Simcoe, May 19.--Fred Lockhart has purchased the Battersby House, Robinson street, from Leonard Brady and will take charge presently.

Mr. Brady went into the Battersby House about 18 years ago. He had previously been in the business here in other houses for over 20 years. 

He retires to live in Simcoe and with a public record in his business which has always merited commendations.

The Battersby House is linked up closely with Simcoe's history. It was a splendid big brick hostelry of three storeys away back in 1875.

A transcription of a page 1 article in the 2 Jun 1938 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 
[Some paragraph breaks added by the transcriber]

Ownership of Local Hotel

Ownership of the Battersby Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Simcoe, changed hands on Monday, the new proprietor being H. E. Peer, of Toronto.

The hotel was built approximately 60 years ago by George Battersby, who formerly was proprietor of the Norfolk Hotel.

After operating it for a number of years he sold out to his brother-in-law, John Dickson.

For a number of years a livery stable was operated in connection with the hotel but in 1889 the stable burned. When re-built the entire building was used for hotel purposes.

In 1881 William Battersby, son of George Battersby, took over the business and in 1906 he sold out to Len Brady who ran it for 18 years.

In 1924 Fed Lockard bought it and had he kept possession of for three more days he would have completed 14 years ownership.

The new proprietor, Mr. Peer, was for 18 years connected with the Good Year Tire and Rubber Company. He managed both the Toronto and Winnipeg branches and for 10 years was in charge of all branches in Canada.

He is secretary-treasurer of Canada Foundings and Forgings and also interested in other companies.

He served two years in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War and in 1918 was seriously wounded when his plane was shut down.

It is expected that Mrs. Peer and their two sons, Peter and Michael, will take up residence in Simcoe next month.