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Union/Central School, Simcoe

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Union/Central School, Simcoe. Large image, please wait...
"The contract for the building known as the Central School, was let to Messrs. J. & G. Jackson, in 1858, and completed in 1859. The architects were Messrs. Messer & Jones of Toronto. The cost of the school was $10,687.34. The school was formally opened on August 31st, 1859, as a Union School for both the Grammar and Common Schools. Considerable preparations were made for a public opening, as will be seen from the fact that the Chief Superintendent of Education, Dr. Egerton Ryerson, and two of the local judges were specially invited to attend.

"The amalgamation of the Common Schools with the Grammar School had been discussed for some time before the report of the County Superintendent.  
On January 19, 1853, Mr. George Bell, County Superintendent of Schools, made a report to the trustees of the Simcoe Common Schools of a visit just made. In this report, he referred to the fact that he hoped that the subject of amalgamation with the County Grammar School would not be lost sight of, and that they would use their best endeavours to have such a Seminary founded as would afford a free Common School education to all children of the town, and at the same time furnish a free education in the higher branches to all the youth, both male and female, of the county, who chose to avail themselves of it.

"In 1885, two rooms were added to the building under the supervision of Mr. George Jackson. In 1894, the new High School was completed and the Union School was left entirely to the Public School. The attendance at the Public School continued to increase until the Board of Education decided to build the South School, a four-roomed building. This building was completed by Mr. Robert Gunton in 1917.

"The following is a list of the names of the Principals of the Union School-Common (now Public) and the Grammar (now High): Mr. J. G. Mulholland till 1868; 
Dr. J. J. Wadsworth, M.A., from Jan. 1869 to July 1871; Mr. Donald C. Sullivan from July 1871 to August 1874; Mr. George Grant, B.A., from Aug. 1874 till Dec. 1884; 
Mr. W. D. Patterson, B.A., from Jan 1885 till Dec. 1888; Mr. J. D. Christie, B.A., from Jan. 1889 till June 1889, when the High School part of the Union School removed to the present High School building. Principals of Public School only: -- I. S. Rowat, from September 1889 till 1908, and H. S. Macpherson from 1908."

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Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
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