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Many site visitors consider Transcriptions the heart of this web site, their reason to return again and again. This is where we provide online transcriptions of the historical record that allows you to research Norfolk from home.
Tasker's Long Point Settlement
A turn of the century account of Norfolk's first settlers
Amelia's Story
One pioneer's story in her own words, covering 1794-1814
1852 Census 
Full head of household and strays index, plus...
1877 Atlas of Norfolk County
Includes century old essays, bios, pictures of Norfolk
St. Paul's History
From 1800-1900 -- the history of one local church
1907 Voters List
Alphabetic Index of Simcoe's registered 1907 voters
1910 Voters List
Alphabetic Index of Simcoe's registered 1910 voters
Photos & Bios
Hundreds of late 1800 and early 1900 photos, biographies, etc.
1929 Monocle
The first Simcoe High School Yearbook
1941 Directory
If they had a phone in 1941 Norfolk, they are indexed here
B-M-D Etc.
Births Marriages Deaths Etc. -- 1870 to 1918 -- and beyond
A collection of short articles of interest

Some transcriptions are of single records, such as a newspaper article or an individual's biography. Others are records of a single type,  such as an out-of-print book or a census transcription. Still others, such as our Births Marriages Deaths Etc. (B-M-D Etc.) are collections of records from various sources, pulled together here for your convenience

Some transcriptions are verbatim, warts and all. Others were edited by the transcriber. Each transcription's preface spells out which is which. Prefaces also frequently provide additional information, such as how to follow up.

Some transcriptions are done, closed, finished, kaput. Others are still works in progress. Each preface spells out that transcription's status.

Although we strive to produce accurate transcriptions, errors may have crept in. Moreover, there is always a chance the source records themselves included errors. Therefore we recommend using these transcriptions only as a guide, always comparing them to original historical records yourself. 

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