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 of  1924 Old Boys Reunion Sovenir Book Norfolk County & Simcoe
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Transcriber's Preface 
by webmaster John Cardiff 

Simcoe hosted a "Town of Simcoe and Norfolk County Old Boys Reunion
2-7 Aug 1924.

Reunion memorabilia included a 100-page, soft-cover souvenir book called Simcoe and Norfolk County (printed at Simcoe, Ontario, by the Pearce Publishing Co., 1924). These Photos & Bios web pages are based on that now out-of-print book, reproduced here with the kind permission of the Pearce family.

Intended as a keepsake for those attending the Reunion, Simcoe and Norfolk County resembles a high school year book in many respects. It includes a few essays, three dozen group photos, two dozen local scene photos, and over 230 head and shoulder portraits of individuals. Most photos are captioned. Most individual photos accompanied a mini-bio of the person.

Citizens of the era were presumably photographed especially for this book. Other photos and commentary, particularly that pertaining to citizens of earlier generations, appear to have been culled from the archives of The Simcoe Reformer newspaper, which was the principal product of the Pearce Publishing Company. Additional photos were presumably contributed by family members.

Photo quality varies throughout the book. The consistency of the information provided in each individual's mini-biography suggests book compilers may have asked photographed people (or in some cases their descendants) to complete a questionnaire. 

Much of the content of Simcoe and Norfolk County first appeared as newspaper articles in the Simcoe Reformer in the spring and summer of 1924. For more on the history of this souvenir book, see Articles: Reformer will publish a souvenir book.

If you've ever wondered "Where did my Norfolk ancestor go" be sure to check out the Article "1924's Where are they now?" which lists current addresses for many of the Old Boys and Girls invited home for the Reunion. 

We have taken liberties in reproducing this resource online. We re-organized it. Individuals are listed alphabetically. Group photos and scenes have been organized chronologically. We also added hyperlinks between many biographies in the book -- and in some cases with other web pages on this site about the same family.

This online transcription is a work in progress. We are still adding and updating links. Once the photos and captions are all online, we will augment them with articles from the same book, summaries of Reformer articles about the Reunion, and connecting data from other sources. (The articles in the Reformer are particularly interesting because they include letters to the editor from many unable to attend -- some with return addresses which may be a boon for family researchers.)

Old Boys Reunions were quite popular in the first quarter of the1900s. The neighboring village of Teeterville held its Old Boys Reunion three years earlier. Simcoe's was also referred to variously as "Old Home Week" and at least once as "Old Boys and Girls Reunion," but was most commonly called "Old Boys Reunion."

No (before you ask) we cannot explain why some deceased individuals who appear in the source book are headlined "Circa 1924 Citizen of Simcoe" when they died up to half a century earlier. Nor can we explain the inclusion of some individuals and the omission of others. 

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