1912 Norfolk County Council
Norfolk County Council for 1912
Last updated: 06 Feb 2009
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Back Row: N. Palmerton, S. Squire, A. Aiken, J. Barron, E. Tisdale, Dr. Meek, J. Macklem 
Middle Row: A. McKnight, G. Smith, R. Crysler, H. Wallace, E. Boughner, F. Vyse
Front Row: F. Jones, O. Haviland, J. Goble, A. Winter, E. Woodward, C. Misner

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Norfolk County Council was re-elected each year and consisted of the County Clerk, the County Treasurer, elected Reeves from each township and incorporated community and Deputy Reeves from Charlotteville, Townsend, Windham and Simcoe.

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