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Osterhout -- Archie Osterhout of South Walsingham -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Osterhout -- Archie Osterhout, farmer, RR3 Port Rowan 
Sarah Osterhout, widow, Lot 2 Concession B, South Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Osterhout -- Ira Osterhout, 33, single, born 18 Apr 1867 in Ontario, thresher
his married mother Leah, 69, born 23 Nov 1831 in Ontario
his single sister Leah, 27, born 2 Aug 1873 in Ontario [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:2]

Osterhout -- Ira D. Osterhout 1866-1938 | his wife Katharine L. Past 1876-1926
Leah Osterhout 1878-1955 | her husband John E. Evans 1877-1958 
[Mount Pleasant Cemetery stones]

Osterhout -- Charles Osterhout wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878] -- Charles Ostrout [sic] of Walsingham married Miss Elizabeth Ferris of Walsingham, 19 Jan 1878 at Port Rowan [BC18780130p3] [Compiler's Comment: In a 13 Nov 2003 email Robert Mutrie reported his surname was Osterhout, which is the spelling found in Ontario Vital Stats]

Osterhout -- Mr. and Mrs. N. Osterhout's only daughter, Miss Hazel Leota Osterhout of Port Rowan, married Robert Boyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. Boyd of Langton, 24 May 1919 
-- see wedding review

Osterhout -- Rachel Osterhout, 68, single, born 26 Jun 1832 in Ontario, domestic, resided in the household of Sam Pitman [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:1]

Osterhout -- Miss Rachel Osterhout died at the home of Henry Pitman where she has lived for a number of years. Funeral 11 Apr 1915. Interred Port Royal cemetery [Clear Creek SR19150422p4] -- Rachel Osterhout's funeral was from H. Pitman's home Saturday last [Erie View SR19150415p2] -- Rachel Osterhout 1834-1915 [Port Royal Cemetery stone] 
[Compiler's Comment: next stone reads "Henry Pitman 1845-1919"]

Osterhout -- Thomas Osterhout, 37, born 28 Nov 1863 in Ontario, farmer thrasher
his wife Sarah, 31, born 4 Feb 1870 in Ontario
his single son Chancy, 14, born 4 Jul 1886 in Ontario
his single son Bruce, 11, born 6 May 1889 in Ontario
his single son Archie, 9, born 19 Sep 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Hazel, 7, born 10 Sep 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:2]

Osterhout -- Thomas Osterhout's second son Bruce, 12, died 4 Mar 1902 in South Walsingham [SR19020313]

Osterhout -- Thomas Osterhout 1864-1919 | his wife Sarah Carl 1869-1948
their son Bruce, 12, died 3 Mar 1902 [Franklin Cemetery stone] 

Ostrander -- Mrs. Ostrander of Niagara Falls was daughter of Isaiah Foster of Simcoe

Ostrander -- Mrs. Ostrander of Middleton was daughter of Joseph Graydon 
-- see Joseph's obituary

Ostrander -- to wife of A. F. Ostrander, a daughter, 18 May 1900 in Waterford [SR19000531]

Ostrander -- Waterford has a new photographer, Mr. A. F. Ostrander, from Picton [WS18991109p1]

Ostrander -- A. F. Ostrander, the Waterford Photographer, leaves Waterford in a few weeks and will give you some bargains in Photos before he leaves [WS19010131p8]

Ostrander -- Alfred F. Ostronder [sic], 23, born 20 Dec 1877 in Ontario, photographer
his wife Alice, 23, born 19 Dec 1877 in Ontario
his single daughter [....a], under 1, born 18 Jun 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Ostrander -- Andrew Ostrander, 72, born 14 Feb 1829 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Martha, 62, born 31 Oct 1838 in Ontario
his single servant Agnes Birden, 16, born 16 Oct 1884 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:3.6]

Ostrander -- Andrew Ostrander married Mrs. Jessie (McLean) Nelson -- see A Love Story

Ostrander -- Andrew Ostrander of Guysboro was brother of John Ostrander 
-- see John's obituary

Ostrander -- Mrs. And. Ostrander:
-- donated to Belgium Relief [SR19141126p1]
-- 133 Maple Street, Simcoe [Billet Hosts SR19160601p4]

Ostrander -- Andrew Ostrander, 86, died 21 Feb 1917 in Simcoe [SR19170222p7] -- Executors: Asa Ostrander of Otterville and Marsena Ostrander of RR4 Tillsonburg [SR19170426p9]
-- see his obituary

Ostrander -- Asa Ostrander, 32, born 22 May 1868 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Elizabeth, 31, born 21 May 1869 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:2]

Ostrander -- Asa Ostrander of Hawtrey was a son of Andrew Ostrander
-- see Andrew's obituary

Ostrander -- Mrs. C. A. Ostrander of Tillsonburg was daughter of John Ronson and sister of Mrs. Chas. Bentley [SR19150617p4]

Ostrander -- C. A. Ostrander married Bessie Foster, daughter of I. Foster, 63 Head street, Simcoe, recently. When she visited from Welland last week her friends threw her a surprise shower [SR19150923p1] -- Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Foster of Simcoe visited their daughter, Mrs. C. A. Ostrander at Welland [SR19180103p10]

Ostrander -- Charles Otis Ostrander of Simcoe, 18, single, Methodist, lumber, 
box pressman, born 9 Jun 1897 in Guysboro Houghton, son of Elmer Ostrander 
of Courtland, brother of Sanford Ostrander of Walsingham Centre
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 3.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 4.

Ostrander -- D. M. Ostrander's wife, Catharine, 48 years 23 days, died 6 Sep 1892
-- see photo of her cemetery stone

Ostrander -- D. M. Ostrander, 70, died recently in Tillsonburg -- see his obituary

Ostrander -- Darwin Ostrander born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Ostrander -- Elizabeth M. Ostrander, 27 years 2 months, died 27 Jul 1890 in Walsingham [BC18900806]

Ostrander -- to wife of Elmer Ostrander a son 9 Jun 1899 in Guysboro [SR18990622]

Ostrander -- Elmer Ostrander, 31, born 30 Sep 1869 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Anna, 28, born 1 Sep 1872 in Ontario
his single son Harey [sic], 8, born 30 Aug 1892 in Ontario
his single son Sanferd [sic], 6, born 7 Aug 1894 in Ontario
his single son Morley, 4, born 9 Nov 1896 in Ontario
his single son Otis, 1, born 9 Jun 1899 in Ontario 
his single servant Maud Williams, 20. born 19 Jan 1881 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:3.6]

Ostrander -- Elmer Ostrander was a son of Andrew Ostrander -- see Andrew's obituary

Ostrander -- Elmer Ostrander and family have moved from Courtland to Tillsonburg [SR19170329p3]

Ostrander -- Elmer Ostrander's only daughter, Myrtle May, 26, of Courtland, died 23 Jun 1917 at the home of her parents in Tillsonburg and was buried 25 Jun 1917 at Guysboro. Surviving brothers: Harry of Simcoe, Sandford of Chippewa, Private Morley in France, Pte. Otis, seriously ill in hospital in England [SR19170628p7] -- she had suffered for nearly a year from a complication of diseases and death was not unwelcome [SR19170628p2]

Ostrander -- Miss Emeline Ostrander of Houghton married John A. Bruin of Houghton, 14 Jan 1884 at home of her father [BC18840123]

Ostrander -- Emma Elizabeth Ostrander born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Ostrander -- Geo. Ostrander -- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Ostrander -- Geo. Ostrander, farmer, RR2 Courtland 
Emmeline Ostrander, RR2 Courtland [1919 Voters List]

Ostrander -- "It makes a great difference which undertaker you call into your home -- the careless and haphazard or the capable and proficient... E. F. Best, Embalmer and Funeral Director, H. Ostrander, Assistant." [SR19161019p6]

Ostrander -- to wife of H. A. Ostrander, a daughter, Fri 3 Nov 1916 [SR19161109p7]

Ostrander -- Harry Ostrander -- see St. James' Men.

Ostrander -- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ostrander and daughter Helen visited Tillsonburg where his sister Myrtle is very ill [SR19170419p9] -- Mrs. Harry Ostrander and daughter Helen are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson in Tillsonburg [SR19171206p12]

Ostrander -- "H. A. Ostrander, licensed undertaker and embalmer, has returned to Simcoe, and has full charge of undertaking at the old Hoffmann Store, Simcoe. Moderate prices; efficient service." [SR19180411p7]

Ostrander -- H. A. Ostrander now has full charge of undertaking and embalming at the old Hoffmann Furniture Store. Day Phone, No. 75. Night Phone, No. 265. Residence: 90 Kent Street, Simcoe. R. W. Wallace and W. W. Walsh, proprietors [SR19180418p10]

Ostrander -- Harry Ostrander's father, Elmer Ostrander of Middleton, visited. Mr. Sarsena Ostrander and daughter Maida of Goshen visited recently [SR19190213p5]

Ostrander -- Mrs. Harry Ostrander had her father, G. B. Wilson of Tillsonburg, visit last week [SR19190213p7]

Ostrander -- to the wife of Harry Ostrander, a son, 12 Apr 1919 in Simcoe [SR19190424p9]

Ostrander -- Harry Ostrander, undertaker, 32 Talbot St. N., Simcoe 
Hetta Ostrander, 32 Talbot Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Ostrander -- Isaac Ostrander, Lot 2, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Ostrander -- J. and J. Ostrander, Lot 1, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Ostrander -- J. A. Ostrander -- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Ostrander -- "Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. J. Ostrander on the advent of their little son [Erie View SR19101103p12]

Ostrander -- Rev. J. T. C. Ostrander of Walsh married Miss Ada Beatrix Kerr, daughter of R. J. Kerr, married 8 Oct 1913 at her parents home [SR19131026p5]

Ostrander -- to wife of Rev. J. Ostrander a daughter 24 Oct 1914 at Walsh [SR19141105p4]

Ostrander -- Jacob Ostrander -- see 1882 Middleton Officers

Ostrander -- Jacob Ostrander, 53, died 18 Jan 1894 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

Ostrander -- Jacob Ostrander, 43, born 9 Jul 1847 in Ontario, farmer
his widowed mother Marilla, 73, born 12 May 1827 in Ontario
his single sister Susan L., 26, born 13 Nov 1874 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:1]

Ostrander -- Jacob Ostrander of Middleton married Miss O. Graydon of Middleton, 13 Apr 1904 in Courtland. "They will reside on their farm near Guysboro" [SR19040422]

Ostrander -- Mrs. Jacob Ostrander and son Sanford visited her mother, Mrs. James Graydon on Sunday [Mabee SR19150318p2]

Ostrander -- Jacob Ostrander, farmer, Glen Meyer 
Orpha Ostrander, Glen Meyer [1919 Voters List]

Ostrander -- James Ostrander and David Simmons, Lot 8, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Ostrander -- James Ostrander was a 1889 Middleton pathmaster [BC18890227]

Ostrander -- John Ostrander, Jacob Clarke and John Weston, Lot 3, Concession 1n, Middleton 
[1857 Sketch]

Ostrander -- John Ostrander was Reeve of Middleton -- see 1877 County Council

Ostrander -- John Ostrander of Courtland wrote a letter to the editor of British Canadian newspaper dated 23 Apr 1888 [BC18880502]

Ostrander -- John Ostrander, 79, born 22 Dec 1821 in Ontario, gentleman
his wife Emmeline [sic], 73, born 1 Nov 1827 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:3]

Ostrander -- John Ostrander, 82, ex-Warden of Norfolk, died 1 Sep 1903 in Courtland. Funeral this afternoon [SR19030904] -- see his obituary

Ostrander -- Mrs. John Ostrander was sister of James Ronson

Ostrander -- Mrs. John Ostrander died [BC19060919 death notice, obituary]

Ostrander -- John Ostrander 1821-1903 | Emaline Ostrander 1828-1906
John A. Ostrander 1862-1937 | his wife Celila Ronson 1863-1938
Courtland Baptist Cemetery stone]

Ostrander -- John Ostrander of Mineral Point, Wis. was son of D. M. Ostrander 
-- see D. M.'s obituary

Ostrander -- John Ostrander -- see 1937 Deaths

Ostrander -- John A. Ostrander was a 1889 Middleton pathmaster [BC18890227]

Ostrander -- John A. Ostrander, 39, born 31 Mar 1862 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Cecilia, 38, born 17 Jul 1862 in Ontario
his single son Lyle A., 13, born 14 Aug 1887 in Ontario
his single daughter Lena M., 9, born 6 Jul 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Laura E., 6, born 2 Oct 1896 in Ontario
his single daughter Minnie, 4, born 6 Feb 1897 in Ontario
his single daughter Lula M., 5 months, born 4 Oct 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:2]

Ostrander -- John A. Ostrander of Courtland was the son of John Ostrander and Emeline Sovereen -- see his father's obituary

Ostrander -- Mrs. John Ostrander and daughter Lulu are visiting her daughters, Mrs. E. Fairbairn and Mrs. E. B. Herron [Courtland SR19190828p2]

Ostrander -- Joseph T. C. Ostrander, probationer of the Methodist Church at Walsh about five years ago, has died of influenza. After leaving the Walsh circuit, he bought a farm near Eramosa, where  he lived at the time of his death. Survived by a widow and one daughter, Helen [SR19200304p7] 

Ostrander -- Miss Laura Ostrander donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141126p1]

Ostrander -- Miss Laura Emmeline Ostrander, daughter of John A. Ostrander, will marry Bandsman Ernest Burt Peters, 133rd Battalion, Simcoe, son of A. D. Peters, Claremont, Ont., next month [SR19160518p12] -- Miss Laura Emmeline, daughter of J. A. Ostrander, married Bandsman Ernest Burt Peters of the 133rd Battalion, son of A. D. Peters of Claremont, Ontario, 1 Jun 1916 in Tillsonburg. Bride's sister, Miss Lulu Ostrander, played [SR19160608p6] [SR19160608p7]

Ostrander -- to Laura Ostrander, the wife of E. Bart Peters of 1165 King Street East, Hamilton, a daughter, 30 Sep 1920 in Hamilton [SR19201007p7]

Ostrander -- Miss Lena Ostrander, daughter of John Ostrander of Courtland, married Bruce Herron of Courtland, 31 Mar 1915 at Courtland. Couple will visit Bruce's sister, Mrs. Steel, in Buffalo [SR19150408p6] 

Ostrander -- Lewis Ostrander was a 1889 Middleton poundkeeper [BC18890227]

Ostrander -- Lewis Ostrander, 73, born 11 Feb 1828 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Mary A., 68, born 25 Aug 18[3]2 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:2]

Ostrander -- Lewis Ostrander born 11 Feb 1828, died 17 Jan 1912
his wife Mary Ann, born 11 Aug 1832, died 8 Apr 1930
____, 3 years 1 month 8 days, died 20 Nov 1876 [Acacia Cemetery stones]

Ostrander -- Louis [sic] Ostrander -- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Ostrander -- Louise Ostrander, 63, widow, born 15 Jul 1837 in U.S., resided in the household of her stepson David Haney [1901 Census of Middleton:1]

Ostrander -- Lulu Ostrander: 
-- see 1914 Elementary School Grads
-- see 1919 Normal School Results

Ostrander -- Lyle Ostrander, miller, Courtland [1919 Voters List

Ostrander -- Lyle A. Ostrander of Courtland, miller -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Ostrander -- Lyle Archie Ostrander of Courtland married Lela Doy Muir of London, 30 Jun 1920 in London 
-- see wedding review

Ostrander -- Maida I. Ostrander was a 1918 Normal School grad

Ostrander -- Marilla A. Ostrander, 73 years 9 months 16 days, died 23 Feb 1902
[Bethel Episcopal Cemetery stone] [Compiler's Comment: stone next to Jacob Ostrander]

Ostrander -- Mary E. Ostrander of Middleton married Geo. E. French of Bayham 4 Nov 1891 in Tilsonburg [BC18911111]

Ostrander -- [Marcena] Ostrander, 35, born 4 Mar 1866 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Annie A., 24, born 19 Mar 1877 in Ontario
his single daughter Maida I., 3, born 17 Dec 1897 in Ontario
his widowed mother Mary, 68, born 27 Jul 1832 in Ontario
his single sister Emma E., 30, born 19 Dec 1870 in Ontario
his single servant Clarence J. Hutchison, 17, born 3 Nov 1883 in Ontario, farm laborer
[1901 Census of Middleton:2]

Ostrander -- Marsena Ostrander of Middleton:
-- was a pallbearer at William Sandham's funeral -- see obituary
-- see 1915 elections
-- see Wedding Bells

Ostramder -- Morley Ostrander, 19, single Baptist or Congregationalist plumber, born 
9 Nov 1897 in Tillsonburg, son of Annie Ostrander of Tillsonburg. Enlisted: 2 Feb 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Ostrander -- Private Morley Ostrander of the 168th Battalion, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ostrander of Tillsonburg, was wounded 6 Nov 1917. His is a brother of Harry Ostrander [SR19171129p8] 

Ostrander -- Private Otis Ostrander of Simcoe was son of Elmer Ostrander of Courtland [SR19170125p8] [Compiler's Comment: see Charles Otis Ostrander]

Ostrander -- Peter Ostrander, 84, father of Tillsonburg merchant H. P. Ostrander, died 26 Nov 1905 at his home in Hagersville. Survivors include son William of Simcoe and wife, nee Miss Millicent Hollbrook [obituary SR19051208p12] [Compiler's Comment: obituary includes more genealogy]

Ostrander -- Rachel Ostrander died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Ostrander -- Miss Sarah M., daughter of John Ostrander, reeve of Middleton, married Oswald E. Twiss 25 Dec 1884 at her father's home at Courtland [BC18841231] [NR18850101p2]

Ostrander -- Thomas Ostrander -- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Ostrander -- W. A. Ostrander, 133 Maple street, Simcoe, entertained his brothers, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ostrander of Tillsonburg and Mr. and Mrs. [I]. S. Ostrander of St. Thomas, Sunday [SR19150909p10]

Ostrander -- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ostrander of Maple Street, Simcoe, accompanied his mother, Mrs. Ostrander, to St. Thomas on Saturday to celebrate his mother's 80th birthday at the h0me of J. S. Ostrander, 72 Kane Street. Mrs. Ostrander is hale and hearty, and has knit 30 pairs of sox for the boys at the front in four months [SR19180815p8]

Ostrander -- W. A. Ostrander, carpenter, 133 Maple St., Simcoe
Martha Ostrander, 133 Maple Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Ostrander -- Will Ostrander has sold his blacksmith business to James Anderson of North Walsingham [Mabee SR19151209p9 and SR19151230p6] -- Will Ostrander attended his sister's funeral in Detroit [Mabee SR19151230p6]

Ostrander -- Wm. Ostrander, 20, farmer, born in Bayham, resident of Middleton, son of Lewis and Mary Ann, married Martha Ronson, 24, born in Middleton, resident of Middleton, daughter of John and Sarah, 15 Feb 1882 in Middleton [Ontario Vital Stats 007732]

Ostrander -- William Ostrander, 38, born 17 Apr 1862 in Ontario, cheese maker
his wife Martha, 41, born 12 Jul 1859 in Ontario
his single son John W., 16, born 12 Oct 1884 in Ontario
his single son Charles A., 7, 10 Oct 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:1]

Ostrander -- to wife of Wm. Ostrander:
-- a daughter 28 Jul 1903 at Ostrander [SR19030807]
-- a daughter 1 May 1907 at Ostrander [SR19070510]

Ostrosser -- to wife of Darwin Ostrosser a daughter 6 Mar 1905 in Tillsonburg [SR19050324]

Ostrosser -- Edwin Ostrossu [sic], farmer, Clear Creek 
Harry Ostrossu [sic], farmer, Clear Creek 
Annie Ostrossu [sic], farmer's wife, Clear Creek [1919 Voters List]

Ostrosser -- to wife of E. Ostrosser a son 24 Apr 1907 at Cultus [SR19070510]

Ostrosser -- E. Ostrosser was pall-bearer of Fred Mitchell -- see Mitchell's obituary

Ostrosser -- Mrs. E. Ostrosser has her mother, Mrs. Harriett Corner, visiting [Cultus SR19191023p4]

Ostrosser -- Edwin Ostrosser:
-- was an officer of 1913 Houghton Township
-- was an officer of 1916 Houghton Township [SR19160330p5]
-- [E.] see 1920 Houghton Officers

Ostrosser -- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ostrosser of Cultus had Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Miller of Grimsby visiting [SR19170201p2]

Ostrosser -- Mrs. Edwin Ostrosser of Cultus has her sister, Mrs. Calvin Burger, staying with her. Mr. Burger has gone south for his health [SR19171018p10]

Ostrosser -- Edwin Ostrosser of Cultus has his brother, H. P. Ostrosser of Schumaker, visiting [SR19190703p9]

Ostrosser -- H. P. Ostrosser was director 1892 Port Rowan Mechanics Institute

Ostrosser -- Hannah Ostrosser 1866-1932 
her husband George Lafayette Finch 1856-1920 [Cultus Cemetery stone]

Ostrosser -- Harold Ostrosser -- see 1914 Elementary School Grads

Ostrosser -- Henry E. Ostrosser of Houghton -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Ostrosser -- to wife of Houghton township merchant Henry P. Ostrosser, nee Minnie Maud Tansley, a son: [..]gton, [7] Dec 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022461]

Ostrosser -- Miss Hannah Ostrosser of Houghton married G. L. Finch of Houghton, Wednesday at Walsingham Centre [SR18961210]

Ostrosser -- Miss Martha Ostrosser of Houghton married Geo. E. Miller 1 Jun 1892 at Cultus [NR18920616]

Ostrosser -- Mrs. Mary Ostrosser of Cultus was a daughter of Louis and Susan Secord of Cultus

Ostrosser -- Nelson Ostrosser -- see 1920 Cultus Junior High results

Ostrosser -- Peter Ostrosser, Lot 6, Concession 5, Houghton, at Laycock's Settlement, has a one year old stray steer that wandered on to his property. Owner may claim via Cultus post office [NR18810107p2]

Ostrosser -- Peter Ostrosser 1822-1906 | his wife Melicent Holbrook 1829-1910
-- see photo of their cemetery stone

Ostrosser -- W. Ostrosser sang -- see 1915 Sons of England Concert

Ostrosser -- Mrs. W. Ostrosser sang -- see 1915 Sons of England Concert

Ostrander -- Mrs. W. A. Ostrander of Simcoe was daughter of John Ronson and sister of Mrs. Chas. Bentley [SR19150617p4]

Ostrosser -- Wm. Ostrosser of Houghton married Miss Emma Brownlee of Port Ryerse, 27 Jun 1895 in Port Dover [NR18950704]

Ostrosser -- William Ostrosser, 38, born 3 Apr 1862 in Ontario, farm laborer
his wife Emma E., 25, born 16 Aug 1875 in Ontario
his single son George W. E., 3, born 9 Feb 1898 in Ontario
his single son James H., 1, born 13 Mar 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Ostrosser -- Wm. Ostrosser -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Ostrosser -- William Edward Ostrosser of Dundas (784386), 18, single Methodist laborer, born 9 Feb 1898 in Port Ryerse, son of William Ostrosser of Simcoe. Enlisted: 11 Mar 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Ostrosser -- Private W. E. Ostrosser (photo), son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ostrosser of Karr Street in Simcoe, enlisted with the 129th Wentworth Battalion in Feb 1916, went overseas in Aug 1916, was transferred to the 123rd Royal Grenadiers and went to France in Mar 1917 [SR19170524p3]

Other -- A. N. Other -- see 1920 Donly Handicap Competition 

Otter -- Miss Velina Otter of Brantford married Simon Cusick of Waterford, 20 Sep 1919 in Brantford. They will live in Brantford [SR19191002p3]

Otterson -- Alice Maud Otterson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870
[Compiler's Comment: also see Maud Otterson]

Otterson -- Electra M. Otterson, wife of A. J. Trembley, born 18 Jul 1865, died 31 Dec 1917 
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Otterson -- Miss Emma Otterson, 24, born 7 Mar 1877 in Ontario, domestic, residing in the household of Byron W. Power [1901 Census of Delhi]

Otterson -- James Edward Otterson, 41, bachelor Walsingham farmer born in Charlotteville, son of William Otterson and Mary Matthews, married Martha Jannette Cowan, 55, Middleton spinster born in Middleton, daughter of James Cowan and Janette Ronson, 19 Feb 1903 in Courtland [Ontario Vital Stats 013559]

Otterson -- Miss Lilia[s] Eliza Otterson of Middleton married George Ellis of Dereham, 25 Nov 1896 in Tilsonburg [SR18961203]

Otterson -- Miss Maud Otterson, 30, born 29 Aug 1870 in Ontario, domestic, residing in the household of Byron W. Power [19o1 Census of Delhi]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Alice Maud Otterson]

Otterson -- Maud Otterson 1869-1932 [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Otterson -- Mary, 62, wife of William Otterson, died 16 Mar 1904 [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Otterson -- William Otterson, 70, married, born 7 May 1831 in Ontario, f[arm] laborer, resided in the household of his widowed sister Mary J. Gordon [1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Ottis -- James Ottis of South Norwich married Miss Eva Pettinger this week [SR19070308]

Ottley -- Edith Irene, 2 months 5 days, daughter of Frank Ottley, died 15 Oct 1910 in Simcoe [BC19101019p4] [SR19101020p12]
-- Ethel May, infant daughter of Frank Ottley, died 21 Oct 1910 in Simcoe [SR19101027p7]

Ottley -- Mr. [Frank] Ottley of [Woodhouse] married Miss Eva Dixon of [Woodhouse], Wed [26] Sep 1900 in Port Dover [SR19001004]

Ottley -- to wife of Frank Ottley a son 31 May 1908 in Simcoe [SR19080604]

Ottley -- Frank Ottley, agent for Natures Health Restorer Tablets, has removed his residence from the Shoddy Mill to Chapel street, west of B. M. E. Church [BC19100622]

Ottley -- to wife of Frank Ottley twin daughters 10 Aug 1910 in Simcoe [BC19100817p4]

Ottley -- to wife of Frank Ottley:
-- a daughter 31 Aug 1911 in Simcoe [SR19110907p7]
-- a daughter 3 Jul 1914 in Simcoe [SR19140709p7]

Ottley -- Frank Ottley -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Ottley -- Ida Galbraith, 25, formerly of Vittoria, wife of Robt. Ottley, died 27 Sep 1890 at their home in Au Sable, Michigan. Leaves son, 6, daughter, 3, and mother who was with her at the end 
[obituary BC18901015p1]

Ottley -- Lavina Ottley born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Ottley -- Miss Lottie Ottley married Andrew Stewart 26 Sep 1906 in Simcoe
[SR19061005] [BC19061003]

Ottley -- Sarah Ottley born [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Ottley -- Sarah Ottley married Judson Ryerse 15 Oct 1889 at Port Dover [BC18891023]

Ottley -- Willie Ottley -- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions

Outwater -- Rosanna Outwater wed Maxime Senecal [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

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