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The County Council
Since 1846 the people have enjoyed the inestimable privilege of managing local matters through a Council wholly appointed by themselves. The Warden, Treasurer and Clerk of the District Councils, which existed from 1841 till 1846, were appointed by the Governor.
The following Reeves and Deputy Reeves compose the County Council of this year (1877 :)
Name of Members Office Clerks
Charlotteville E. M. Crysler Reeve John Machon
  William Dawson Deputy Reeve  
Houghton Thomas Chamberlain Reeve William Freeland
Middleton John Ostrander Reeve John C. H. Herron
  James Cowan Deputy Reeve  
Simcoe (Town of) Dr. John Wilson Reeve W. W. Livingstone
William Wilson Deputy Reeve
Townsend Henry J. Barber Reeve Lyman N. Collver
  Levi Lewis Deputy Reeve  
  Isaac J. Wyckoff Deputy Reeve  
Windham Charles Robertson Reeve Robert Green
Robt. M. Wilson Deputy Reeve
John Jull Deputy Reeve
Woodhouse Thos. J. Gilles Reeve Thos. M. England
  James Cutting Deputy Reeve  
Walsingham Wm. Morgan Reeve John Phelan
Geo. W. Newman Deputy Reeve
James R. Reid Deputy Reeve

From page 55 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
Copyright 1997-2012 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society

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