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Oppenheimer -- Mrs. S. B. Oppenheimer of Chicago was a daughter of Henry McKnight of Teeterville -- see Henry's anniversary

Orchard -- Edith Adelaide Lester, wife of Richard Orchard Jr., died 16 Apr 1915 in Toronto
-- see her obituary

Orchard -- H. and C. Orchard's son Robert John, 1937 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Orchard -- Nina Carpenter, only daughter of Mrs. R. M. Orchard and granddaughter of John B. Carpenter, married Charles Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Towler, 7 Mar 1907 in Toronto [SR19070315]

Orchard -- Richard C. Orchard, son of the late R. M. Orchard of Brantford and grandson of late J. B. Carpenter of Townsend, married Edith Adelaide, [second] daughter of M. T. Lester of Brantford, 27 Oct 1909 [SR19091104p12]

Orchard -- Brantford merchant Richard M. Orchard married Miss Bessie, daughter of John B. Carpenter, 2 Nov 1880 in Townsend [BC18801117p3] --merchant Richard M. Orchard of Brantford married Bessie, fourth daughter of John B. Carpenter, 2 Nov 1880 at the home of her father, the Model Farm in Townsend [NR18801105p2] -- Richard M. Orchard, 30, merchant, born in Hamilton, resident of Brantford, son of John and Lucinda, married Bessie Carpenter, 22, born in Townsend, resident of Townsend, daughter of John B. and Rachel [Ontario Vital Stats 007248]
Orchard -- to wife of R. M. Orchard a daughter 25 Oct 1881 in Brantford [NR18811103p3]

Orchard -- Richard M. Orchard , 40, son-in-law of late J. B. Carpenter of Model Farm, Townsend, died 1 Nov 1890 at Brantford [BC18901105]

Orchard -- Mrs. R. M. Orchard of Toronto was daughter of Mrs. J. B. Carpenter

Orchard -- William F. Orchard's wife, Pearl L. Chappel, 1899-1959
[Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Orenbough -- O. Orenbough of Port Rowan, carpenter -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [PDF]

Orley -- John Orley, farmer, Delhi 
Maggie Orley, Lot 13, Concession 10, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Ormandy -- Edith, 31, wife of Geo. Ormandy and second daughter of Mahlon M. Kitchen of Waterford, died 17 Jul [sic] 1893 in Burford [NR18930302
[Compiler's Comment: This issue was printed before the date attributed to her death]

Ormandy -- George C. Ormandy wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882]

Ormandy -- Geo. E. Ormandy of Mount Pleasant married Miss Edith, youngest daughter of Mahon Kitchen of Waterford, 8 Mar 1882 at her father's home [BC18820315]

Ormiston -- Mark K. Ormiston of Columbia, Ontario County married Miss Sarah C. Brown, eldest daughter of Deacon Willard Brown of Walsingham, 19 Mar 1884 at her father's home [BC18840402]

Ormrod -- Eva Elizabeth Ormrod,  daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Ormrod of Carleton Place and Perth, Ontario, will marry Walter James Prier, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Prier of Waterford, on 16 Oct 1920 in Toronto [SR19201014p12]

Ormsbee -- C. H. Ormsbee -- see 1925 Townsend Officers

Ormsbee -- Charlie Ormsbee -- see 1910 Wilsonville students

Ormsbee -- Charles Ormsbee -- see 1918 North Norfolk Elementary Grads

Ormsbee -- Chaster [sic] Ormsby [sic], farmer, Wilsonville 
Louise Ormsby, Lot 5 Concession 3, Townsend (poll 1) [1919 Voters List]

Ormsbee -- Chester 1873-1963 | Louisa 1881-1951 [Wilsonville Cemetery stone]

Ormsbee -- Norman Ormsbee -- see 1910 Wilsonville students

Ormsby -- J. Ormsby, general agent for counties of Oxford, Norfolk and Elgin, of the Ontario Mutual Life Assance Company [WS18980407p3]

Orn -- Cornelius Orn:
-- Lot 31, Concession 2s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]
-- and Y. Ombrust and Wm. Emmons, Lot 35, Concession 2s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Arn, Cornelius]

Orne -- Minnie Dominion Orne born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Orr -- Mrs. E. Orr of Barclay, Ontario was a daughter of James Doan -- see his obituary

Orr -- Richard Graham Orr wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878] -- Richard G. Orr of Port Dover married Mrs. Esther A. Cullermore of Port Dover, 9 Apr 1878 [BC18780417p3]

Orth -- [Compiler's Comment: We have found no Orth stones in Norfolk County cemeteries]

Orth -- Private Orth of Simcoe and Private Ebert of Delhi returned home last week on the Baltic [SR19190213p7] [Compiler's Comment: In 2016 we found six Attestation Papers for surname Orth, but not with an obvious connection to Norfolk County]

Orth -- John C. Orth of Lincoln County married Miss Minnie Yeomans [sic] of Townsend, 16 Oct 1901 at home of her father, James Yeomans [sic] [WS19011024p1] [SR19011031] -- Mrs. J. C. Orth of Beamsville was sister of Miss Alice Youmans [sic] [Tyrrell SR19170315p2]

Orth -- Sol Orth of Hamilton visited Mr. and Mrs. H. Mather, West St., Simcoe [SR19170118p7]

Orth -- former H. S. Falls Co. employee Solomon Orth's wife had her baby in the car when she narrowly missed the river by striking a cement wall, on 25 Jun 1920 [SR19200708p7]

Orth -- Dr. W. H. Orth of Tilbury Centre married Miss Minnie Gilbert of Simcoe, 8 Mar 1896 at Simcoe [SR18960326]

Orton -- Anna M. Orton 1851-1945 | her husband Edmund G. Ford 1853-1931
Harvey J. N. Culver 1875-1952 | his wife Hope Ford 1879-1941 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Orton -- to wife of J. W. Orton a son 28 Aug 1884 in Simcoe [BC18840903] -- to wife of Simcoe blacksmith James W. Orton, nee Mary E. Hopkins, a son: William Norton Orton, 28 Aug 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022169]

Orton -- to wife of Wm. N. Orton a daughter 17 Nov 1906 in Renton 
[SR19061123] [BC19061121]

Ortt -- Mrs. David Ortt died [BC19061128]

Osborn -- also see Osborne, Ozborne

Osborn -- Arthur Osborn married Mary Evah, daughter of Jeremiah Johnson and Sophrona Griffen, 27 Mar 1892 in Forestville [SR19740205p7]

Osborn -- Arthur F. Osborn, 31, born 10 Jun 1869 in Ontario, farm laborer
his wife Mary E., 27, born 5 Feb 1874 in Ontario
his single daughter Della E., 7, born 27 Oct 1893 in Ontario
his single son Jesse F., 5, born 22 Apr 1895 in Ontario
his single son Thomas A., 3, born 19 Mar 1898 in Ontario [1901 Census of Woodhouse:2]

Osborn -- to wife of Arthur Osborne a daughter 17 Jul 1904 in Simcoe [SR19040722]

Osborn -- to wife of Arthur Osborne a daughter Sunday [81] May 1908 in Simcoe [SR19081118]

Osborn -- to wife of Arthur F. Osborne a son 10 Aug 1910 in Simcoe [BC19100817]

Osborn -- to wife of Arthur F. Osborn, a son, 16 Apr 1913 in Simcoe [SR19130424p7]

Osborn -- Arthur Osborne, who lives in the North Ward and works in the Can Plant was seriously injured 30 Aug 1916 when his arm was caught in a machine. Drs. Bowlby and Richardson hope to preserve the full use of his arm  [SR19160831p1]

Osborn -- Arthur F. Osborne [sic], farmer, RR3 Waterford 
Mary E. Osborne, Lot 17, Concession 11, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Osborn -- Mrs. Arthur F. Osborn was daughter of Jeremiah Z. Johnson and Sarah Sophrona Griffin -- see her mother's obituary

Osborn -- Arthur Osborn's widow, Mary Evah Johnson, turns 100 today in Port Dover. She has a brother, Walter Johnson in Simcoe, 3 daughters, 3 sons, 27 grandchildren, 91 great-grandchildren and 21 great-great-grandchildren [SR19740205p7]

Osborn -- Arthur F. Osborn 1869-1947 | his wife Mary Evah Johnson 1874-1974 
their son Lynn R. [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Osborn -- Arthur G. [O]sborn, 74, born 20 Mar 1827 in England, farmer
his wife Mary[y], 65, born 13 Nov 1835 in Ontario
his adopted [child] Rose K., 19, born 4 Sep 1881 in Ontario
his married son Arthur D., 31, born 27 Jun 1869 in Ontario
his daughter-in-law Birtie E., 29, born 29 Nov 1871 in Ontario
his single daughter [sic] [Al]ice M., 4, born 16 Jun 1896 in Ontario
his single daughter [sic] Gadys [sic] I., 1, born 12 May 1899 in Ontario 
[1901 Census of Houghton:3.12]

Osborn -- Charles Osborne [sic] of Nixon married Miss Catherine Becket_ [sic] of Windham, 19 ult. at her father's home [BC18901203]

Osborn -- to wife of Charles M. Osborne [sic], a son, 14 May 1900 in Nixon [SR19000607]

Osborn -- to wife of Chas. Osborn, a son, 25 Jul 1901 in Nixon [SR19010801]

Osborn -- to wife of Chas. M. Osborne [sic], a daughter, 21 Sep 1902 in Charlotteville [SR19020925]

Osborn -- Chas. Osborne [sic] was a 1918 Windham Officer

Osborn -- Charles Osborn, farmer, Nixon 
Catherine Osborn, Lot 16, Concession 12, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Osborn --  Charles M. Osborn 1865-1939
his wife Catherine Beckett 1869-1949 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Osborn -- Miss Clara Evah Osborn of Simcoe married Wilfred Wallace Powell of Hamilton, 10 Sep 1913 in Simcoe [SR19130918p12] 

Osborn -- Miss Cynthia E., daughter of Dr. Osborn of Bealton, married Perris Flanders of Boston 11 Mar 1888 [BC18880321]

Osborn -- Daniel Osborn, 55, of Windham, son of David Osborne and Margaret Willis, died 30 Mar 1915 in Simcoe -- see his death registration

Osborn -- David Osborn, 78, died 19 Feb 1878 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

Osborn -- David Osborne of Charlotteville married Miss Ettie Doherty of Simcoe, 14 Oct 1891 in Simcoe [BC18911028] [NR18911029] -- David Osborne of Charlotteville married Miss Effie Doherty of Simcoe, 14 Oct 1891 in Simcoe [NR18911022

Osborn -- to wife of David Osborne (nee Louise Esther Doherty) a daughter 12 Mar 1899 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Osborn -- David Osborn, 42, born 14 Jul 1858 in Ontario
his wife Louisa E., 32, born 11 Jun 1868 in England
his single daughter Emma M., 5, born 28 Apr 1895 in Ontario
his single daughter Trearie A. [sic], 3, born 21 Jun 1897 in Ontario
his single daughter Georgeina E., 2, born 24 Feb 1899 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:2]

Osborn -- David Gilbert Osborn 1858-1932 | his wife Louisa Doherty 1867-1950
their daughter Treagia 1897-1971 [Port Dover Cemetery stones]

Osborn -- Ethel F. Osborn 1914-1988 | her husband Samuel R. Colwell 1910-1984 
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Osborn -- Everett L. Osborn of Townsend married Miss Erie Bauslaugh of Townsend 27 Dec 1899 in Simcoe [SR19000104] -- Everett L. Osborne of Townsend married Miss Erie Bauslaugh of Townsend, 27 Dec 1899 in Simcoe [WS19000104p5]

Osborn -- Henry Osborne [sic], 49, born 27 Nov 1851 in Ontario, b. smith
his wife Almira, 53, born 1 Aug 1847 in Ontario
his single son Arttey, 24, born 21 Sep 1876 in Ontario, cheese mak
his single son Angus, 17, born 9 Jan 1884 in Ontario, [............]
his single daughter Oliva, 13, born 10 Jul 1887 in Ontario [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:2]

Osborn -- Henry Willis Osborn 1852-1937 | his wife Almira H. 1847-1922
[Port Royal Cemetery stone]

Osborn -- Mrs. Herbert Osborn of Medina, N.Y. was daughter of Jeremiah Z. Johnson and Sarah Sophrona Griffin -- see her mother's obituary

Osborn -- Loretta M. Osborn 1875-1957 | her husband Charles Edward Kitchen 1875-1943 
[Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Osborn -- Luther C. Osborn, 33, born 20 May 1867 in Ontario, farm laborer
his wife Mary E., 37, born 13 Aug 1863 in England, immigrated 1886
his single daughter Clare E., 9, born 3 Jan 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Pearl E., 7, born 15 Sep 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Osborn -- Maggie Osborn of Charlotteville married Frank Mudge of Windham, 22 inst. in Simcoe [NR18930223]

Osborn -- Roy Osborn was promoted from grade 3 to grade 4 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Osborn -- to the wife of Roy R. Osborn, a daughter: Rosa Kathleen, Tue 4 May 1915 at Blayney [SR19150513p7]

Osborn -- Miss Sarah E. Osborn of Simcoe married Wm. Robert H. Massecar of Simcoe, 5 Sep 1911 in Townsend [SR19110907p7]

Osborn -- Wilfred Osborn -- see 1919 S.S.7 Windham 

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