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Ellison -- Mr. Ellison played baseball for Walsingham in 1884

Ellison -- C. B. Ellison read at last Wednesday night's Tea-meeting at Bethel [NR18920218]

Ellison -- to wife of C. B. Ellison a son 10 Nov 1895 in Langton [SR18951114]

Ellison -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ellison of Langton's eldest son, Howard Joseph Ellison, 11, died 2 weeks ago last Monday, after a brief illiness [obituary SR18980526p1] [obit has more.]

Ellison -- Charles B. Ellison, 42, born 30 Mar 1854 in Ontario, [.....] clerk. p. master
his wife Mary A., 36, born 22 Sep 1864 in Ontario
his single son Stanley S., 12, born 1 Apr 1888 in Ontario
his single daughter Adie F., 9, born 24 May 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Mary A., 7, born 20 Sep 1898 in Ontario
his single son James B., 2, born 26 Sep 1898 in Ontario
his single daughter Marjorie, born 26 Nov 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:3]

Ellison -- Mrs. C. [B]. Ellison was granddaughter of Mrs. John Spencer 
[Compiler's Comment: In a 30 Nov 2003 email Norfolk researcher Robert Mutrie said "This was Mary Spencer, wife of Charles B. Ellison]

Ellison -- Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Ellison's eldest daughter, Ada Victoria, married Leroy Merritt of Vinemount, 1 Nov 1919 at her parents' home, 19 Lorne Ave., Hamilton [SR19191106p12] 

Ellison -- Charles Ellison of Hamilton's funeral was held here Thursday [Wyecombe SR19240717p13]

Ellison -- Charles B. Ellison 1859-1924 | his wife Mary Ann Spencer 1864-1928 
[Wyecombe Cemetery stone]

Ellison -- Cicely Ellison, born 1835, died 1904 | her husband Robert Leitch, 74, 
a native of Forfarshire Scotland, died 9 Jul 1895 at Port Dover
their daughter Susan L., 8 years 5 months 12 days, died 1 Jun 1884
Lillian Leitch, born 18 Nov 1864, died 6 Oct 1944 [Port Dover Cemetery stones]

Ellison -- Mrs. Emily Jane Ellison of Preston, daughter of late John E. Martin of Simcoe, married Wm. Thompson of Preston 30 Apr 1884 at Preston, Wisconsin [WS18840619]

Ellison -- Henry Ellison wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Ellison -- to wife of Henry Ellison, a daughter, 3 Sep 1879 at Colborne [NR18790918p3]

Ellison -- Henry Ellison, 51, son-in-law of John E. Martin of Colborne, died 10 Mar 1881 in Blair, Wis. [NR18810318p3]

Ellison -- Joseph B. Ellison, 81, died 7 Apr 1899 in Langton [SR18990420] -- Joseph B. Ellison, 81, died 7 Apr 1899 | his wife Mary, 80, died 9 Feb 1899 [Wyecombe Cemetery stone]

Ellison -- Mary Ellison married [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Ellison -- Mary Amelia (Amy) Ellison, wife of John McKay, born 20 Sep 1893, 
died 30 Jan 1991 [Wyecombe Cemetery stone]

Ellison -- to Mar[y] Elizabeth Ellison, wife of Walsingham farmer Joseph Alexander Booth, a daughter: Clara Vitoria, 24 May 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022373] 

Ellison -- the will of Mary Ellison of North Walsingham was probated in 1899 [Norfolk Wills]

Ellison -- Peter Ellison of Simcoe married Miss Ina Brandow of Vittoria, [30] Oct 1920 in Woodhouse [SR19201123p8]

Ellison -- Stanley S. Ellison of Hamilton married Miss [Jessie] M., daughter of C. Swain of Langton, 25 Oct 1911 at her parents' home [SR19111102p6] -- Mrs. S. Ellison of Hamilton was daughter of Henry Swain [Langton  SR19161012p8]

Ellison -- Stanley Ellison's wife Jessie May Swain 1887-1970 [Langton Baptist Cemetery stone]

Ellsworth -- Elizabeth Ellsworth, wife of N. Purdy, was mother of Benjamin Purdy

Ellwood -- also see Elwood (below)

Ellwood -- Mrs. Ellwood of Langton had her son, Private Chas. Tutty, who enlisted in Manitoba after farming for several years in the west, and who is now stationed at St. John, Quebec, for a visit [SR19180103p6]

Ellwood -- Alfred Ellwood was promoted from grade 3 to grade 4 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Ellwood -- Amy Ellwood -- see 1910 S.S. 18 Walsingham pupils

Ellwood -- Amy Ellwood of North Walsingham married Ralph Rockyfellow of Port Rowan, Sunday [26] Oct 1919 at Walsingham [SR19191030p7]

Ellwood -- Frances Ellwood of Simcoe -- see Phoeba Teal

Ellwood -- Frank Ellwood was promoted from grade 2 to grade 3 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Ellwood -- Gladis Ilene, [2] days, daughter of William and Maggie Ellwood, died 30 Aug 1900 in Simcoe [SR19000906]

Ellwood -- J. W. Ellwood -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Ellwood -- Mrs. Lewis Ellwood has passed away in Tillsonburg hospital. Word was received by her daughter, Mrs. T. Fenton of Langton on Tuesday [SR19380314p5]

Ellwood -- Lillian Ellwood -- see 1910 S.S. 18 Walsingham pupils

Ellwood -- Llewellyn Ellwood, born 16 Jun 1876, died 10 Nov 1951
Ruamy, born 28 Aug 1866, died 8 Mar 1938 [Jericho Cemetery stone]

Ellwood -- William A. Ellwood has returned home after a month's visit with his uncles, Ralph and George Kniffen of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan [SR19200205p7]

Ellwood -- Joseph Clarence Ellwood died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Ellwood -- Llewellyn Ellwood, 30, born 16 Jun 1870 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Ruamy, 35, born 28 Aug 1865 in Ontario
his single son Omer, 12, born 2 Jul 1888 in Ontario
his single son Charles, 10, born 6 Aug 1890 in Ontario
his single daughter Alzina, 8, born 11 Aug 1892 in Ontario
his single son John, 6, born 26 Jul 1894 in Ontario
his single daughter Pearl, 4, born 29 Feb 1897 in Ontario
his single daughter Lillian, 0, born 29 May 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:2]

Ellwood -- Lewis Ellwood, farmer, Silver Hill 
Rnarny [sic] Ellwood, Silver Hill [1919 Voters List]

Ellwood -- Llewellyn Ellwood, born 16 Jun 1876, died 10 Nov 1951
Ruamy [sic], born 28 Aug 1866, died 8 Mar 1938 [Jericho Cemetery stone]

Ellwood -- Nancy A. Ellwood, 52, widow, born 12 Dec 1848 in Ontario, lodged in the household of Charles T. Willard [1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Ellwood -- William Ellwood Sr., 58, died 29 Jan 1903 in Simcoe [SR19030205]

Ellwood -- to wife of Wm. Ellwood Jr. a daughter 28 Aug 1900 in Simcoe [SR19000830]

Ellwood -- to wife of William Ellwood:
-- a son 28 Jan 1904 in Simcoe [SR19040212]
-- a daughter 17 Feb 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070222]

Ellwood -- Will Ellwood was promoted from grade 1 to grade 2 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Ellwood -- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ellwood have Mrs. Sheler, a pioneer of Norfolk County, visiting at their home. Although only about three years from the century mark, Mr. Sheler is quite smart, and made a moonlight trip on her return to her home on the Radical Road, near Port Dover [SR19191113p12]

Elmer -- to Grace Elmer, wife of J. W. Albertson, a daughter, 18 Jul 1898 in Buffalo [WS18980915p1]

Elmer -- Miss Grace Emma Elmer, daughter of James Elmer formerly of Waterford, married Joseph W. Albertson, 20 Oct 1897 at her parents home in Buffalo 
[WS18971028p1] [WS18971028p5]

Elmer -- Miss Olive, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Elmer, married Mr. George [Maier] of Buffalo, 20 Jun 1900 at her parents' home in Buffalo, N.Y. Bride's sister, Miss Lottie E. Elmer, was bridesmaid [WS19000719p1]

Elmer -- to wife of Wm. J. Elmer a son 1 Swp 1898 in Buffalo [WS18980915p1]

Elmore -- Miss Freda B. Elmore of Walpole Township married Victor W. McKenzie of Walpole Township, 7 Oct 1915 in Waterford [WS19151021p1]

Elmore -- to the wife of Haines Elmore, a son, [15] Jul 1920 in Springvale [SR19200805p7]

Elmore -- to wife of John Elmore a son 16 Sep 1907 in Jarvis [SR19070927]

Elmore -- Miss Luella A., daughter of R. E. Elmore, Esq. of Springvale, married Wm. E. Morrow, son of T. E. Morrow of Jarvis, Wed  5 Jul 1899 at her father's home [WS18990720p5] [SR18990727]

Elmore -- Roxy A. Elmore, 23, single, born 24 May 1877 in Ontario, resided in the household of her grandfather Simon Smith Senior [1901 Census of Windham:1]

Elms -- Miss Annie E., eldest daughter of late Fred Elms, married Geo. Hodges 3 Dec 1902 at her mother's home in Port Rowan [SR19021211]

Elms -- C. Elms has purchased the butcher business of W. A. Countryman who is moving to Brantford [Port Rowan SR19170510p2]

Elms -- Charles Elms was called to Toronto due to the illness of his mother,  who was in the city visiting her daughter, Mrs. H. Attwood [SR19171227p5]

Elms -- Charles Elms, butcher, Wolven Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Elms -- Elizabeth Elms,51, widow, born 2 Mar 1850 in England, immigrated 1872
her single son Thomas F., 24, born 10 Apr 1877 in Ontario, laborer sawmill
her single daughter Annie, 21, born 9 Oct 1879 in Ontario
her single daughter Lilly, 18, born 20 Apr 1882 in Ontario
her single son Charles, 11, born 1 Mar 1890 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Elms -- to wife of F. Elms a daughter 21 Feb 1909 in Port Rowan [SR19090304]

Elms -- Frederick Elms wed Elizabeth Skuse [sic] [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Elms -- Fred Elms, 48, died 26 Jun 1900 at his home in Port Rowan [SR19000705]

Elms -- Frederick Elms, 47 years 10 months 5 days, died 24 Jun 1900
his wife Elizabeth Skuce, 68, died 14 Jan 1918
Ruth Strange born 1890, died 1 Sep 1893
Children of Frederick and Elizabeth: 
Henry W. 12 years 4 months 9 days, died 16 Jun 1888
Nellie, 22 days, died 1 Jan 1894 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Elms -- Mrs. E. Elms' [daughter], Mrs. Harry Atwood [sic] of Toronto is visiting [SR19170726p5]

Elms -- J. Charles Elms of Port Rowan married Miss Ethel Cope of Port Rowan, 22 Dec 1909 in Simcoe [SR19091230p10]

Elms -- John Elms 1878-1961 [Knowles Cemetery stone]

Elms -- John Edward George Elms, 797165, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- John Edward George Elms, 32, of Port Rowan, farmer, born 28 Dec 188[.] in Wiltshire England, son of John Elms of Chippenham Wilts England
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Elms -- John Elms, Life Saving Station, Wolven Street, Port Rowan 
Ethel Elms, Wolven Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Elms -- Lillian, daughter of Mrs. Fred Elms of Port Rowan, married Henry J. Attwood [sic] of Galt married 27 Sep 1905 at home of bride's mother [SR19051006]

Elms -- his single domestic Lottie Elms, 17, single, born 5 Dec 1883 in Ontario, domestic, resided in the household of Samuel Smith [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Elms -- Mrs. Mary Elms of Port Rowan married Harry Crockett of Port Rowan, Wed 1 Sep 1915 at her mother, Mrs. George Graves' home in Toronto [SR19150923p5]

Elms -- Tim Elms discovered a fire in Green Block of Port Rowan late Tuesday evening and rang the alarm [Fire at Port Rowan, WS18990302p1]

Elms -- Thomas F. Elms of Port Rowan married Miss Mary Gamble of Simcoe 14 Dec 1904 at her mother, Mrs. E. Clouse's home in Simcoe [SR19041216]

Elms -- Thomas F. Elms, 48, died in Port Rowan -- see his 1915 obituary

Elsbuary -- James Elsbuary wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Else -- Miss Lillian M. Else married John S. Martin of Port Dover, 18 Sep 1909 in Arlington, Mass. [SR19090923]

Elseffer --George Elseffer wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Elseffer -- Mrs. Geo. Elseffer of Waterford was aunt of Mrs. Henry Crabb -- see Sovereign-Crabb wedding

Elseffer -- Mary Elseffer, 52, born 16 Oct 1848 in Ontario, factory inspector
her single niece Edith Soverign, 19, born 10 May 1881 in Ontario, dress maker
[1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Elseffer -- Mary Elseffer, widow, 62 Head Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Elseffer -- Mary Catherine Pegg, 71, relict of George Elseffer, died suddenly 5 Feb 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200205p7] -- Mary Catherine Elseffer, born 1848 in Woodhouse, daughter of Philip Pegg, died 5 Feb 1920 at the home of Henry R. Crabb, 62 Head Street, where she had made her home since coming to Simcoe [SR19200210p1] 

Elseffer -- Aunt May Elseffer 1848-1920 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Elsie -- James L. Elsie, merchant, Simcoe 
Elizabeth Elsie, Lot 22, Concession 14, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Elson -- Rev. A. J. Elson of Guelph, eldest son of Peter Elson, M.P. for Middlesex County, married Miss A. Evelyn Hockey, eldest daughter of Rev. and Mrs. E. J. Hockey, 6 Aug 1908 at Silver Brook, Eden. Bride's parents married same place and time 24 years ago. Bride's sister, Miss Muriel Hockey attended ["Wedding Bells" BC190808]

Elston -- Richard S. Elston of Flint married Emily M. Spain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Spain of Port Dover, 8 Aug 1910 in Port Dover -- see wedding review

Elsworth -- Anna Elizabeth Elsworth born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Elvidge -- With profound sorrow we heard of the death of Mrs. Redfern of Buffalo, better known about Cultus as Almira Latham. Mr. and Mrs. Elvidge and Mrs. Jas. Darley attended the funeral held from her home last Thursday [Cultus SR19201007p11]

Elvidge -- George Elvidge of North Walsingham married Miss Lizzie McGregor of North Walsingham, 24th ult., in Tillsonburg [BC18911202]

Elvidge -- George Elvidge:
-- was an officer of 1913 Houghton Township 
-- was an officer of 1916 Houghton Township [SR19160330p5]

Elvidge -- Henry Elvidge, 79, died 31 Mar 1901; his wife Sarah Ann, 54 years 3 months 15 days, died 15 Sep 1882 [Cultus Cemetery stones]

Elvidge -- Henry Elvidge, farmer, RR1 Walsingham 
Mrs. Sarah Elvidge, RR1 Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Elvidge -- Henry Elvidge 1859-1928 | his wife Sarah 1860-1927
Walter Eugene Elvidge, 23 years 6 months 6 days, died 22 Nov 1913 
Violet L. Elvidge Darley 1887-1956 [Cultus Cemetery stones]

Elvidge -- Joseph Elridge [sic], 33, born 10 Jan 186[8] in Ontario, farmer
his wife Lettie, 23, born 12 Mar 1878 in Ontario
his single sister-in-law Mary Rean, 24, born 21 Aug 1876 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:3

Elvidge -- Joseph Elvidge, farmer, RR2 Courtland 
Letta Elvidge, RR2 Courtland [1919 Voters List]

Elvidge -- Joseph Elvidge, 78, formerly of Delhi, died in Hamilton, 7 Apr 1946 -- see his obituary

Elvidge -- Joseph Elvidge 1868-1946
his wife Arletta 1878-1938 [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Elvidge -- Miss Violet Elvidge of Walsingham married Jas. Darley of Walsingham 12 Oct 1904 at Tillsonburg [SR19041021]

Elwood -- also see Ellwood (above)

Elwood -- Austin & Elwood, furniture & undertaking, 44 Norfolk Street South (opposite Norfolk House), Simcoe [ad SR19140723p11] -- also see 1915 Simcoe Merchants

Elwood -- Elwood Bros., Wm. Elwood, undertaker, 30 Peel Street, Simcoe. Night calls: 4[6] Norfolk Street [ad SR19160210p2] -- Wm. Elwood, licensed undertaker and embalmer, 30 Peel Street, Simcoe. Night calls: 119 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe [ad, SR19160803p8] -- Elwood Bros. Undertaking Parlors, furniture at reasonable prices, 30 Peel Street, Simcoe [ad, SR19161123p4]

Elwood -- Elwood Bros. donated to Ag. Society in 1916.

Elwood -- Evelyn Elwood was a 1920 Simcoe Junior Second Book student [SR19200708p3]

Elwood -- Wm. Ellwood's [sic] brother, Edward Ellwood [sic] of Detroit, is visiting [SR19181128p12]

Elwood -- Nancy Elwood, widow, housekeeper, Glen Meyer 

Elwood -- William Elwood, undertaker, 119 Norfolk St. S., Simcoe 
Margaret Elwood, 119 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe [1919 Voters List

Elwood -- William Elwood 1844-1933 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

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