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Middleton lies to the north of Walsingham and Charlotteville, having Houghton and Bayham on the west, Dereham and Norwich on the north, and Windham on the east. The Little Otter runs through the western part, Big Creek through the eastern part, and the Venison Creek takes its rise in the south. It is therefore well watered, and abounds in excellent mill privileges. Its main artery of travel has been for more than half a century the famous Talbot Street, which was planned by Col. Talbot in 1806, and was opened by local effort in 1824. It runs from Fredericksburg at the east end of the Township to Courtland (Middlesex Centre), then deviates to the southwest, and crossing the apex of Houghton enters the County of Elgin. Col. Thomas Talbot was born in the ancient Baronial Castle of Malahide, in the County of Dublin, Ireland, in the year 1771. He entered the army, was at Quebec in 1790, and in 1791 became attached to the staff of General John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieut.-Governor of Upper Canada. While in this position Col. Talbot conceived the plan of founding an extensive settlement in the western wilds, and asked the aid of Governor Simcoe. Through his recommendation large grants of land were made for Talbot.

Col. Talbot lived for many years after this in the neighboring county of Elgin, and endeared himself to a very large number of the settlers whom he had been the means of directing to comfortable homes.

At Middleton Centre a road runs west to the fertile region known at Upper and Lower Goshen. The land in this part of the township is mostly a clay loam. In other parts the soil is a sandy loam, and is admirably adapted for all kinds of crops, both root and cereals. In illustration of this it may be mentioned that the Township Shows of Middleton are of a very superior character, and cannot be excelled in the County. A great deal of pine timber has been removed from Middleton, and even yet the lumberman is actively employed in some parts of it. Bog iron ore has been found in large quantities.

The principal villages are Fredericksburg and Middleton Centre. The former is also called Delhi and the latter Courtland.

From pages 57-58 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
Copyright 1997-2012 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society

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