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(also known as Middleton Centre) is situated on the Talbot Street, 7 miles west of Fredericksburg. It received its name about 25 years ago. Lot Tisdale settled here in 1823 with Margaret Schumacker his wife. He lives here, aged 77, and in good health. He is a son of old Ephraim Tisdale (who was one of the early settlers in Charlotteville, and built the seventh house in the county.) Mrs. Tisdale died four years ago. The building of the Air Line Railway has added much to the prosperity of this village, the business of a large part of Houghton and Walsingham been drawn here. Thomas Connor, who came to the village about 16 years ago, has erected lately one of the finest hotels in the county. It is built of brick, with French roof, and cost about $10,000.

Courtland now contains 3 hotels, 5 stores, 1 wagon shop, 3 blacksmith shops, 3 shoe shops, 1 harness shop, 1 sash and door factory, 1 saw mill, 1 doctor, 1 butcher, 1 Methodist church, 1 Baptist church, 1 school house now being erected, to cost about $3,000, 1 Orange hall, 1 Township hall, with the Agricultural Society's buildings.

About a mile south of Courtland is Ronson, a small village with 1 store, post office, &c.

Two miles east of Courtland is the village of Graydonville, a small village, deriving its name from Thomas Graydon, who has a saw mill here, which was originally built by Munary Johnson. Jas. Hillis kept hotel here for 30 years. It has one store.

Croton (Gravellotte P. O.) is a small village, 3 miles south Delhi. Robert Quance has grist and saw mills here. At one time there was a carding mill.

From pages 58 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
Copyright 1997-2012 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society

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