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Middleton was settled about the time of the war of 1812. As will be gathered from the sketch already given, the earliest settlers were Frederick Sovereen, Henry Sovereen, Joseph Lawson and the Browns. Lot Tisdale settled at the Centre in 1823. Gradually settlers began to take up the lots on the Talbot Street, which was opened for traffic in 1824. Old settlers give an account of the destruction of a great beaver dam which was near what is now called Guysboro' on the Talbot Street. The country back from the Street was not settled for many years aft the "Street" has been opened up. The fertile district known as Upper and Lower Goshen was settled about 1835 by John McDonnell, Burgess Smith, the Cowans, Stillwells, Mabees and Sandhams. At the Centre Lot Tisdale was followed by the Perleys, Wm. Reagh, the Nunns, Herrons, Buchners, Samuel Gillott, James Ronson, Robt. Standen, the Coultmans and the Cohoes. Other settlers followed in large numbers. The south part of the township was not settled until still later. Southwest of Delhi is a German settlement, including about 80 families. The first of these came in 1847. They are mostly from Wuttemberg in South Germany, and are Protestants. They have a Lutheran church and a Methodist church, and two schools. The early settlers were Geo. Beck and his father, Leonard Demuth, John and Leonard Veit, Leonard Hansellman, John Gehring, Henry Ryder, Michel Cole and others.


Since 1841 the Reeves have been Roger Crysler, Jacob Sovereen and John Ostrander.
Township Clerks -- E. T. Perley, Daniel Swayze, Wm. Mackay, J. C. H. Herron.
Township Treasurers -- Edward Buckner, Perry Dean, James Whitesides (acting treasurer).
The present Council, 1877, consists of Reeve John Ostrander; Deputy Reeve James Cowan; Councillors Wm. McKim, Thos. Yous, Albert Crysler.

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Beck, Geo.
Brown family
Buchner family
Buckner, Edward
Cohoe family
Cole, Michel
Coultman family
Cowan family
Cowan, James
Crysler, Albert
Crysler, Roger
Dean, Perry
Demuth, Leonard
Gehring, John
Gillott, Samuel
Hansellman, Leonard
Herron family
Herron, J. C. H.
Lawson, Joseph
Mabee family
Mackay, Wm.
McDonnell, John
McKim, Wm.
Nunn family
Ostrander, John
Perley family
Perley, E. T.
Reagh, Wm.
Ronson, James
Ryder, Henry
Sandham family
Swayze, Daniel
Smith, Burgess
Sovereen, Frederick
Sovereen, Henry
Sovereen, Jacob
Standen, Robt.
Stillwell family
Tisdale, Lot
Veit, John
Veit, Leonard
Whitesides, Jas.
Yous, Thos.

From pages 58 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
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