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Online Preface 
by John Cardiff

Welcome to our incomplete but still growing transcription of the Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County of 1877, the first over-sized coffee table book about Norfolk.

Originally published by H. R. Page & Co. of Toronto over 125 years ago, the now out-of-print Atlas was one of the earliest published works about Norfolk and its residents.

Along with maps of the county, townships and towns so detailed they show precise land ownership locations, the Atlas included portraits and biographical sketches of many prominent citizens, business directories, essays including historical descriptions of towns and villages, and other content of interest to historical and genealogical researchers.

This online transcription organizes Atlas content much differently than the paper version and includes links to material not included in the Atlas. But the content itself is a verbatim (warts and all) transcription.

The original is long out of print, but the Atlas has been reprinted as half of Illustrated Atlas of Haldimand and Norfolk Counties of 1877, several times, most notably by Mika Publishing.  A copy of the original is available for inspection at the Norfolk Historical Society Archives at the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe. Used copies are occasionally found for sale at Norfolklore Genealogy Fair and on eBay.

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