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The late Mr. George Walker was the first Township Clerk. He held office from the organization of the township until his death in 1869. Mr. William Freeland succeeded Mr. Walker, and still continues to fill the office. He is also Treasurer of the Township.

Mr. Moses W. White settled in Houghton about 1848. He was the first Magistrate of the Township, having received his commission in 1849. He was also the first Town Reeve elected at the introduction of the present municipal system. He served in that capacity until the year 1868. Mr. White is still an active Magistrate. He is a native of Canada.

Mr. Thomas Chamberlain, a native of England, settled in Houghton in 1850, and was appointed Clerk of the Seventh Division Court by the late Judge Salmon, which office he still holds. He was elected to the Municipal Council in 1854, and has served the township without intermission since that time. For ten years past Mr. Chamberlain has been Reeve of the Township. His residence is at Jacksonburg.

Mr. D. C. Brady, a native of Canada, resides at Houghton Centre. For twelve years (1859-1871) he held the office of School Superintendent of Common Schools. He was at one time a teacher, but afterwards followed business pursuits with success.

The Township Council for 1877 consists of Thos. Chamberlain, Reeve; Councillors: S. K. Garhham, Thos. Dickinson, Benjamin Birdsall and Wm. W. Williams. Township Clerk and Treasurer, Wm. Freeland, Houghton P. O.


is a village of about 60 inhabitants. In former years a great deal of timber of various kinds were shipped here. The pier is now destroyed, and business is dull. The Council meets here, and Division Court is held here.


is an old village, deriving its name from the stream at the mouth of which it stands. It has one grist mill, one store, two blacksmith's shops, and a large variety of bolts -- ash, bass and elm, &c. -- has been shipped here. The dock here also is destroyed. Pop. 40.

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Birdsall, Benjamin
Brady, D. C.
Chamberlain, Thomas
Dickinson, Thos.
Freeland, William
Garnham, S. K.
Salmon, Judge
Walker, George
White, Moses W.
Williams, Wm. W.

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