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History: Stories & Profiles (90)
   Marburg Mastodon
   A Norfolk Timeline
   The Witch Doctor
   1804 Census
   Settlement's First Teacher
   Carillon Tower's WWI Plaque
   John Kitchen's biography
   John Carrow's remembrances
   A 1844 newspaper
   Mr. Innes' Splendid Gift
   Frederick Philip Grove
   Hockey Legend Red Kelly
   Rock 'n Roller Rick Danko
   Norfolk's NHL Hockey Club
   ... many more

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Videos (36)
    of various Norfolk sites --
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Transcriptions: the Historical Record
   Tasker's Long Point Settlement
   Amelia's Story 1801
   1793-1906 History of St. Paul's
   1852 Norfolk County Census Index
   1877 Norfolk Atlas
   1907 Voters List
   1910 Voters List
   Photos & Bios: 1924 and before
   1929 Simcoe High Monocle yearbook
   1941 Norfolk phone and address Directory

Group Photos (Contributed)
   1896 Normandale Photo
   1896 Port Ryerse Photo
   1903 S.S. No. 9, Houghton Photo
   1904 Teeterville Photo
   1912 Norfolk County Council Photo
   1913 S.S. No. 9, Middleton Photo
   1914 Round Plains School
   1914 Simcoe High, Form IV
   1919 Terrace Hill School, Waterford
   1927 LaSalette Photo
   1927-1952 Simcoe Kinsmen
   1929 Port Dover High School
   1931 Simcoe High Photo
   1931 Waterford High Photo
   1933 American Can staff photo
   1939 Doan's Hollow School Photo
   1943 Simcoe High Photo
   1945 South School, Simcoe Photo
   1945 Port Dover High School  Photo
   1945 Jarvis Continuation School Photo
   1946 Doan's Hollow School Photo
   1946 Simcoe High Photo
   1948 Simcoe High Photo
   1950 North School Photo
   1951 Doan's Hollow School
   1957 North School Photo
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