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Established in 1997, Norfolk Genealogy is the hobby web site of amateur genealogist and webmaster John Cardiff. He's the fellow who, for better or worse, over the past dozen years has done most of the doing behind the thousands of web pages available here.

This site provides genealogy resources and historical perspective for Norfolk County. It makes no attempt to cover the rest of Ontario or Canada. 

Content contributed by others is clearly attributed to them on the appropriate web pages.

There is no charge for the content of this labor of love. On the other hand, we love feedback. Let us know what you found most interesting or what you found lacking. Better yet, contribute, help us grow this online resource.

Those who would like to says thanks in a more tangible way are encouraged to support the Norfolk Historical Society and/or OGS/Norfolk, volunteer groups working to preserve Norfolk's past for future generations.

What little John has learned (beyond his own ancestors) is all online here and freely available to all. John does not do research for hire. Growing this web site takes all the free time he has for genealogy.

To report a typo, broken link, etc., or post a Query, email John.

(For beginners: John's email address is:  jcardiff@nornet.on.ca)

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