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... the school [photos] idea is the best idea I've seen on any site. Keep up the good work.
-- Barbara Graham -- Feb. 2007

I read with interest your extract of the article A Deserted Wife. The child was Henry Smith Johnson (1855-1946), the editor of the Simcoe Reformer and noted Norfolk County historian. Henry was the grandfather of my late uncle D. Gerald Johnson (husband of Verla Mutrie). I always wondered what became of the husband David Smith Johnson. His wife Hannah was in the 1881 and 1901 Censuses of Simcoe. Thanks for a great find.
-- R. Robert Mutrie of Welland, Ontario -- Jan 2007

Thank you for this excellent site. I was thrilled when I viewed the Round Plains Cemetery [video] and my great-grandparents stone (Joseph & Isabella Stuart) was the first shot.
-- Louise Kormos, Brantford, Ontario -- Jan 2007

Can't thank you enough for what you have posted over the years to your site. It's really brought a lot of my ancestors to life for me. 
I stopped in your area last May and spent a few days traveling around the countryside and visiting places that I had only read about. It was a moving experience. I especially enjoyed seeing the cemetery in Lynedoch where so many of my family rests. Enjoyed your video of the cemetery, made me feel like I was almost there again.
-- Tom Fulton, Boise, Idaho -- Nov 2006

... really love your site, especially the videos
-- Mary Heldt -- Nov 2006

Just discovered your wonderful Norfolk Genealogy site while surfing on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Have found several ancestors' names so will be coming back. Thanks for making so much information available in one form or another and especially taking the time to gather that information.
-- Lynn Lewis -- Oct 2006

I just have to tell you how incredibly helpful your website is. The detail is absolutely amazing and the information it contains is filling in so many gaps in my family’s information! Thank you so much!
-- Julia (Hooff) Gill -- Oct 2006

Have used the Norfolk Genealogy site and R. Robert Mutrie's family genealogies a lot. Love your site. Your new videos of the cemeteries are just great. Thank you for all your work.
-- Lauraine Syrnick of MacGregor, Manitoba -- Oct 2006

I can't begin to tell you how incredibly helpful your site has been in
tracing my Norfolk ancestors.  Thank you!!!
-- Sherri Pettit, Geneofun.on.ca web site -- Sep 2006

I'm very impressed with the amount of information on your website. Having recently completed Canadian Lands Records, I have been looking into settlements which brought me to your Long Point Settlement page. From there, I was just amazed as I went from one page to another. Just watching the video NHS Overview, is inspiring. Other genealogical groups should take their cue from Norfolk to stir interest in the history and genealogy in their communities. 
-- Linda J. Hauley, Newmarket, Ontario -- Sep 2006

you have a great site! Fast, factual, well organized and to the point. 
-- John D. Leith, Newton, Mass. -- Jul 2006

This is an absolutely wonderful site. It's easy to use and provides important BMDs, maps, and ancestral links. I love it! Thank you.
-- Bonnie Dagen in Iowa -- May 2006

... thank you very much for your help. Isn't the web amazing? The ability to gather information at the touch of a button while sitting in your own home, anytime of day or night, still dazzles me.
-- Janna Brown, Oregon -- Apr 2006

Thank you for creating this web site, and for all the research that went into compiling the documents and preparing them for the web. Through your site I found the Hewitt Mystery pages. I have contacted Karen Hewitt. Her documents expanded my search for the William Hewitt line. I am descended from his son Joseph Richardson Hewitt. I will be back to read other parts of the site.
-- Barbara Brown Oliver, Washington, DC -- Mar 2006

You are ... to be congratulated on an excellent website, ... I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.
-- Tim McGinnis, Kincardine, Ontario -- Feb 2006

Love your site -- a fabulous source of information.
-- Deb (Reichert) Wetlaufer -- Sep 2005

I really enjoyed the video on Simcoe. Great job! I'm glad you showed the carillon near the beginning. That has always been for me one of the greatest attractions of the town and the setting around it...
-- Raymond Canon -- Aug 2005
Thank you for you assistance and also for your site.  It is a very informative site, I have been able to glean considerable info from it and I appreciate your time and effort very much.
-- Ellen Bauer, Tillsonburg, Ontario -- Jun 2005

Thanks for all the help your excellent web site provides.
-- Joyce Bell, Mount Hope, Ontario -- Jun 2005

...your website is great. It's certainly one of the best private genealogical sites I've [visited].
-- Alene Adamo -- Oct 2004

I have had the pleasure of using your site quite a few times.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and amazing organization. It really is a very professional and helpful site.  A delight to explore and easy to use!! ...Keep up the fantastic work.
-- Bonnie Hoyer -- Sep 2004

Thank you for the effort you have put into the Norfolk County Web site. I have been doing some research on my family and have not had much luck finding information until I recently found your website.     I  have not had many opportunities to travel to the area, so the information you have posted has helped me tremendously.
-- Leona Trill -- Ann Arbor, Michigan -- Sep 2004

I just took a quick look at your site. It's quite impressive
-- Patricia Rodgers, Alden, New York -- Apr 2004

Congratulations with the internet site. How interesting, how complete!
-- Mia Brouckaert, Bruges, Belgium -- Apr 2004

I just came upon your excellent site.
-- Roy Adams, Hamilton, Ontario -- Apr 2004

Thanks ... for all of your great work on the Norfolk geneology web site. It's a tremendous resource and I've spent many hours surfing!
--Tom Nunn, Kitchener-Waterloo -- Apr 2004

Thank you for all of the work that's been done on your web site... whew, what a job! My grandfather would refuse to answer questions about his father so I knew very little... Through your site I have been able to travel many years into the past, and I thank you for that.
-- Jay Brandow -- Bay City, Michigan -- Jun 2003.

I just found your website today and wanted to congratulate you on your endeavour. Wow....what an incredible effort. ... After a brief perusal of your site I have noticed a number of little gems of data that I was not aware of. ... I'll be back to visit often. Many thanks
-- John Beatty, Vancouver, British Columbia -- May 2003

Thank You for the wonderful job you do. I was able to finally find some family from Canada. Thank You for your hard work.
-- Pamela Stuper -- Apr 2003

I am positively amazed at the quantity, variety and depth of the information I have found on your site while researching my family.
Thank you so much.
-- Mary Burrows, St. Louis, MO -- Mar 2003

Thank you so much for the work you have done on your web site.
-- Barbara Bentham, Victoria, British Columbia -- Mar 2003

Your Norfolk site is a great site. It the only place's I've been able to find the McNeaney's. It is an uncommon name and I've found nothing on the LDS site. I spent summers at the farm in Charlotteville, near Turkey Point, and think the whole area is under-rated. It seems that a lot of people can trace there families back to Norfolk, so your site is invaluable. Thanks...
-- Patrick Sondola, Los Angeles, California -- Mar 2003

What a great job on your site...
-- Barbara Mabee -- Feb 2003

Many thanks for your continuing great site! It bears saying twice...
-- Gord Hines, Regina, Saskatchewan -- Feb 2003
Thank you for this exceptional site... I am dancing across the room having found answers to so  many questions re the pictures in our album... Thanks bunches and bunches...
-- Diane Ireland , Ashboro, North Carolina -- Feb 2003

I love your website! ... Thanks for a great web site! I check it quite often for updates and find it extremely informative...
-- D. Smith -- Feb 2003
I just spent the last hour researching your site. As past president of Thompson-Okanagan Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, I applaud your excellent website.
I have contacted Robert Mutrie on several occassions... His resource materials and publications are a genealogist's dream come true.
Great site... keep up the good work!
-- Pat Kelderman UE -- Jan 2003
I have just browsed through almost every page on your site. I found it to be the most organized, useful and richly detailed of any I have ever browsed through. ... Great Job!
-- John Gaylord Fish, Richardson, Texas -- Dec 2002

Thanks for a lovely site...
-- Sandy Glover, Algonac, Michigan -- Dec 2002
... what a great site ... keep up the good work, it is appreciated."
-- J. Cornelissen, Springfield, Ontario -- Nov 2002
Just came across your web site for Port Dover... am sending my appreciation! Thank you for all your work -- I will pass your URL along to other South Ronaldsay, Orkney, researchers.
-- L. Conrad -- Oct 2002

Some of your latest work is a big help. I am picking up birth records for some of the female descendants which I did not otherwise have. I visit your site daily and enjoy the material you have been presenting. -- Dave Edwards, Ottawa, Ontario -- Sep 2oo2

Your Norfolk County page has contributed to my family research and I want to thank you.
-- Nick Mihael, Chicago, IL -- Sep 2002
... thank you for the marvelous work you do on this site. I am a Steinhoff descendant and have found many newspaper items that have helped me very much.
-- M. Hutton, Comox, British Columbia -- Aug 2002

Many thanks for creating this fabulous site...
-- G. Stennett, London, Ontario -- Aug 2002

Thanks for your fantastic website...  What a lot of work you and Robert have put into it. I found out about it in the latest issue of The Long Point Genealogist which arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I'll be back regularly to see what's new.
-- M. M. Sharon, 100 Mile House, British Columbia -- Jul 2002

What a wonderful site. I didn't realize it was available until I received
the latest issue of The Long Point Genealogist.  Of particular interest is the 1941 phone directory. It helped me remember who was or wasn't living in our neighbourhood at the time. Thanks for the site. It brings back a lot of good memories.
-- John Brunt, London, Ontario -- Jul 2002

... Very informative web site! Thank you.
-- N. Kelly -- Jul 2002

... I really appreciate your help.
-- M. Haun, St. Louis, MO  -- Jul 2002

... Thank you for your hard work on the transcription site, it has helped tremendously.
-- D. Cummings --  Jun 2002

... Thank you for the photos of the gravestones of the the two Underhills that you have taken. Much appreciated.
-- Wayne Dailey, Brockville, Ontario -- Jun 2002

... Within the B-M-D site I discovered the names of John and William Garner... brothers of my great grandfather Charles F.  I also discovered my grandmother had at least two sisters Etta Garner and Mrs. W. F. Steinhoff.  Thank you.
-- D. Wills, East Brunswick, New Jersey -- Jun 2002

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