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The following is transcription of an article published in the 13 Feb 1908 Simcoe Reformer  

Norfolk Historical Society

The annual meeting was held in the county council chamber, Friday evening, Jan. 31st.

The financial report showed a balance on the right side, and the annual report said that during 1907 three meetings were held. 

Five very interesting and valuable contributions were added to the society's records and papers:
A History of the Simcoe Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. J. Dey
Some Old Documents, W. I. Finlay, Toronto
Records of Long Point Cut, Hon. Col. D. Tisdale
Wrecks Near Long Point Cut, E. Pugsley, Esq, B.A., Port Rowan
A Letter From Walker Tisdale of New Brunswick, to Joseph Tisdale, Vittoria, Miss Palmer, Vittoria.

Two members have been removed by death: H. N. Courtlandt, Esq., and J. W. Tripp, M.D. One new member was added, making the total membership 54.

The directors for 1907 were re-elected for 1908, vis:
President -- Frank Reid
Sec.-Tres. -- H. Frank Cook
Curator -- Henry Johnson
Councillors -- Judge Robb and Elias Boughner
Auditors -- W. C. McCall and J. D. Christie

At the next meeting, Friday evening, Feb. 18th, three papers will be read, contributed by Dr. McInnes, Vittoria; E. A. Owen, Delhi; and Delbert T. McCall, Simcoe.

Contributions from other members of the society or any person who may be interested will be gladly accepted by any of the members.

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