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Transcriber's Preface
 by John Cardiff

This list of 1907 Town of Simcoe voters (property owners only) was transcribed from an article found on page 11 of the 22 Feb 1907 issue of Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

Page 11 itself was torn and smudged, so some entries were unreadable.

After a few introductory paragraphs about how this list was compiled, the original article lists voters by town ward. This transcription includes that introduction, but ignores individual wards, merging all entries into a single, town-wide alphabetical list.

[Square brackets] surround text that was difficult to transcribe, and indicate the transcriber's best guess at text.  That guess may be inaccurate.

Copies of back issues of the Simcoe Reformer on microfilm are available for inspection in the Norfolk Historical Society Archives at the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe.

Copyright 1999-2015 John Cardiff