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I, WALTER C. McCALL, of the Municipality of Simcoe, in the County of Norfolk, do hereby certify that Part I of the foregoing List constitutes a correct list for the year 1910 of all persons appearing on the last revised Assessment Roll of the said Municipality to be entitled to vote at Elections for Members of the Legislative Assembly, and that Parts I and II constitute a correct list for the said year of all persons appearing by said Roll to be entitled to vote at Municipal Elections in the said Municipality. Part III to be entitled to vote at Legislative Assembly only. And I hereby call upon all Electors to examine the said List, and if any omission or other errors are perceived therein, to take immediate proceedings to have said errors corrected accoring to the law.

Dated at Simcoe this 1st day of September, 1910

Clerk of Simcoe

Aggregate number of persons upon the foregoing List, qualified to serve as Jurors, 550.

Walter C. McCall. Click photo to see his profile
Walter C. McCall

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