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Canadian Canners Limited, 1924

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Canadian Canners' Simcoe plant. Large image, please wait...
"Plant of the Canadian Canners Limited, Simcoe, 1924.  The Simcoe Canning Co. was established in the year 1881, by a partnership consisting of William P. Innes, Joseph Jackson, R. T. Livingstone (later Judge), and Dr. James Hayes.  Wm. P. Innes and Joseph Jackson bought out the other two partners, and later the business was purchased by Wm. P. Innes, who became sole proprietor, and under his management the business prospered and grew steadily until it is now one of the largest, if not the very largest, plants of its kind in the country. In the early days, the cans were made by hand, and three or four hundred cans was considered a good day's work for a can-maker. In the year 1906, automatic can-making machinery was installed, and now the output is counted in millions. In the year 1920, the Simcoe Machine Shop was established, and many of the special machines used in the canning business, and which formerly were purchased in foreign countries, are now made in Simcoe.  During the 43 years of continous operations, great quatities [sic, presumably quantities] of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the vicinity have been utilitized and millions of dollars have been paid to the growers and farmers for the same.  Also like large amounts of money have been distributed to the employees and experts engaged in this business.  The inset was taken of the old Canadain Canners Limited building about 25 years ago."
[Compiler's Comment: Note the vacant lot in the foreground, west of the plant and box cars, where the American Can opened in 1932.]

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Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
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