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St. James Methodist Church and Manse

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St. James Manse

"St. James Methodist Church and Parsonage, Simcoe. This church was built in 1920, the Rev. D. A. Moir, B.D., being the pastor. The first Methodist Church in Simcoe was a frame structure built on the spot where the present chuch stands, in 1840, with Rev. Robert Corson, pastor. The church came to be called the 'Old Frame Church.'  A new brick edifice was erected to take its place in 1860, the Rev. James Preston being the pastor at that time. This church was burned and a new one erected in its palace with a large schoolroom attached at the rear, in 1897, the Rev. W. E. Prescott, B.A., being the pastor at that time. Misfortunate again overtook the congregation and the church part of the building was destroyed by fire. The present church, of which Rev. Thomas Green, M.A., B.D., is pastor, is a very substantial structure, tastily finished inside and very comfortably furnished. It has installed within, a new first-class three manual Cassavant organ, for which the specifications were entirely made by the present organist, Mr. P. Geo. Marshall, L.A.B. The organ contains 43 speaking stops with electric action throughout, and is equipped with a splendid set of Deagan chimes. It is said to be the finest organ within a radius of fifty miles of Simcoe, Hamilton excepted. Connected with the church at the rear, is a very commodious Sunday School room, well arranged and thoroughly equipped, Mr. H. S. Macpherson being the Superintendent."

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1946 organist: Lance MacDowell

Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
Copyright 1997-2013 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society