Simcoe's North School, 1949-50
Last updated: 03 Apr 2017
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The following alphabetical list of students and staff is based on the memory of student Ron Abbey, supplemented with names found in the Simcoe Reformer and contributions from site visitors. Identifications and spelling should not be assumed accurate until confirmed by multiple sources.

Ronald Abbey.
Shirley Andrews.
Ruth Ball.
Ronald Bezz0.
Mary Beres.
Marilyn Bornholdt.
Michael Crabb.
Betty Durham.
L. C. Fairbairn, teacher
George Feere.
William Fournier.
John Hall.
Ruth Hall.

Bonita Harris.
Hadley Jackson.
Eric Jensen
Glen Kett.
Bob Livingstone.
Adele Lowry.
Eileen Mayo.
Rose Marie Milligan.
Louise Misner.
Norm Mitson.
Robert Moffat.
Ronald Moxon.

Michael (Buddy) Peer.
Carol Pettigrew.
Robert Rogers.
William Rogers.
Eric Russell.
Bonnie Schuyler.
Reginald Slade.
Donald Smith..
Henry Smith.
Patricia Taylor.
Murray Turvey.
Donna Wheaten.

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