Simcoe's North School, 1949-50
Last updated: 03 Apr 2017 
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Tell us more about a student
John Cardiff

We hope to eventually be able to answer the question "Whatever became of...?" for most of those in this North School photo. In a nutshell we seek the sort of information each student might have shared at a class reunion, and a bit of genealogy.

Submitting information is easy. Just email it to us. Here are a few tips on what to write...

1. Identify the student by photo number and name, so we know which one you are talking about.

2. If the student is living, be sure to get his or her okay on what you write. We don't want to embarrass anyone. If deceased, provide info from an obituary, if available.

3. There is no need to be "complete." Complete is not the name of this exercise. Submit as much or a little as you like or know.  (You can always revise it later by emailing us an update, if you wish.)

4. The easiest way to see what sort of information we seek, read a few of the existing biographical notes.

Specifics (not all will apply):

1. Parents' names? 
2. Siblings' names?
3. When and where was this student born?
4. Where does/did this student live?
5. When and where did he/she die?
6. Did he/she marry? If so, to whom, when? 
7. Did he/she have kids? Grandkids? (No names please, just a count.)
8. Enjoyments: occupations, hobbies, memberships, activities of particular interest, favorite games, teams?


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