Etc. -- Doan's Hollow Cemetery, Woodhouse Township
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Doan's Hollow Cemetery [GPS:48.258/15.205] 3 km east of St. John's Woodhouse Anglican Church, on Regional Road 3 at 407 St. John's Road East, in Woodhouse Township.
[Transcriber's Comment: Cemetery no longer in use. Stones have been gathered together to facilitate grounds keeping. Approximately a dozen lay in cement; approximately 115 stand in two rows of cement. -- also see our online video of Doan's Hollow Cemetery
-- also see Doan's Cemetery Monument

Doan's Hollow Cemetery features the only surviving original "Witches Gate" (above) in Norfolk County. Photographed 27 Mar 2003 by John Cardiff. 
--also see our online video of Doan's Hollow Cemetery
Partial index to names on stones photographed in this cemetery:

Deborah wife of John Law.
John Law.
Andrew Park
Joseph Car . Park  
Data, wife of George Passmore
William Smith
David Weatherly

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