Etc. -- Johnson desertion charge
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A transcription of a page 1 article in 1 Dec 1898 Waterford Star newspaper.
[Paragraph breaks inserted by the transcriber]

A Deserted Wife

Hannah Griffin Johnson of Simcoe, Ont. has filed a bill in the Wayne circuit court, Detroit, against David H. Johnson, her husband, for a separate maintenance.

She says that he deserted her more than 43 years ago, and went to Detroit, and as a wagon maker acquired a fortune of $25,000 or upwards.

She says they left Windham, Ont., Oct. 1854, and lived together in Simcoe until the following June, when he left her; that soon afterwards a child was born to her, that for years she was obliged to work at any old kind of drudgery to support herself and child, that in September last she learned that the bridegroom of 44 years ago was in Detroit, that she went there and found him, and that he refused to have anything to do with her.

She asks the court to decree that he shall pay all the costs of her suit and give her a sum quarterly sufficient for maintenance.

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