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St. Mary's Church 

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St. Mary's Church. Large image, please wait...
"St. Mary's R.C. Church. The present Catholic Church in Simcoe was erected in 1886. On Christmas of that year Rev. H. G. Traher took charge of the newly-formed parish. Previous to that time the Catholics of this district had been looked after by the priests of LaSalette. Father Traher being called away in 1892, Rev. B. Boubat succeeded him for a year. Rev. D. P. McMenamin followed Father Boubat in 1893, and remained until 1897, when Rev. D. Forster, took charge of the parish. After about four years Rev. P. L'Heureux succeeded Father Forster and remained in charge until 1904, when Rev. J. Martin was appointed pastor. Father Martin remained in charge of the parish until 1910. In September, 1910, he left, and was succeeded by Rev. C. F. Nagle, who since that time has been pastor of the Catholic Church of Simcoe."

Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
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