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Molsons Bank, Simcoe, Ontario

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"Molsons Bank.  Since the day in May, 1898, when its doors first opened to the public, Simcoe's branch of the Molsons Bank has enjoyed a rather meteoric career. For a period of 21 years the affairs of the bank were under the management of H. H. Groff, whose able guidance was in large part responsible for its rapid growth. In 1919 Mr. Groff retired from active participation in the banking business, and was succeeded by the present manager, M. M. Smith, who is maintaining for the institution the reputation it has won as the largest and most flourishing country branch bank in Canada. It is just twelve years since the capacity of the bank was doubled by means of alterations and improvements about the building. The staff has been increased from three to in number in 1898 to eighteen at the present time."

Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
Copyright 1997-2013 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society