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The Canadian Bank of Commerce

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Simcoe's Bank of Commerce
"Bank of Commerce. Opened in May, 1869, with Henry Groff as manager, and Duncan Campbell, accountant. The Simcoe branch assumed control of the business formerly conducted by the old Gore Block. Succeeding Mr. Groff were F. W. Holmstead, E. Cowdry, who remained manager for 26 years, W. C. J. King, who directed the Bank's destinies from 1905 to 1920, R. H. Stinson from 1920 to 1923, and C. C. Parsons, the present manager. In the late seventies the bank was located on the site of Anderson's Hardware, being removed later to the Landon building at Peel and Norfolk Streets, and finally in 1923 to its present handsome new home at the corner of Robinson and Norfolk Streets."
[Transcriber's Comment: This building was subsequently the home of Guaranty Trust in the 1960s, then the Toronto-Dominion Bank, and currently [circa 2001] the TD Canada Trust.]

Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
Copyright 1997-2013 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society