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Windham has several villages on its borders, in which it has, so to speak, on a half interest. There are Kelvin, Delhi, Wellington, Colborne and Round Plains. It has others wholly within the township, viz: Windham Centre, Teeterville, Bookton and Nixon.

Windham Centre is the municipal centre of the township. The Township Hall is located here. It was laid out in 1846 upon the land owned by Chas. Robertson, John Green, John  Grover and Ira Desbrow (or, as some contend, Wm. Silverthorn). Geo. F. Martin built the first saw mill here. It is now owned by Wm. Millard, who for many years kept an hotel here. The village now has 3 stores, 2 hotels, 2 blacksmith shops, 1 wagon and implement shop, 1 shoe shop, 1 Township hall (with a substantial iron fence with stone pillars, recently built), 1 church (Methodist), 1 saw mill and shingle mill, 1 school house.

Windham Centre is a station on the Canadian Southern Railway, and much business is done here in lumber, piles, ties, &c.

Teeterville is situated on Big Creek, on lots 13 and 14, in the 5th concession. It is 13 miles from Simcoe, and 7 from Scotland, and 8 miles from Delhi. The village was laid out by George Teeter in 1859, and has made astonishing progress.

Teeterville has a population numbering 362. It has 1 hotel, 2 general stores, 1 drug store, 1 confectionary store, 2 millinery shops, 2 shoe shops, 1 ten and stove store, 2 harness shops, 3 carriage shops, 3 blacksmith shops, 1 butcher, 1 doctor, 1 Methodist church, 1 Baptist church, 1 town hall, 1 flour mill, 1 saw mill, 1 planing mill, 1 shingle mill, 1 sash and door factory, and 1 school house.

The mills and establishment of William and Henry Teeter give steady employment to about 25 men.

South of Teeterville about half a mile is the old hotel of Joseph Cox. In former days this was the place at which the parliamentary nominations for the North Riding were held. Since the introduction of railways Mr. Cox has devoted himself mainly to farming, but his giant form and hearty welcome will long be remembered by all who used to travel on the Scotland Road.

Bookton is a small village west of Teeterville. It derives its name from Mr. C. Book, an early settler here. It lies on lot 22 of the 3rd concession. The early settlers were Conrad Book, the Cranes, Wm. Moore and Chas. Malcolm, J. Nun, S. Kelly, M. Reavely, C. Brown, J. Baker, P. & A. Reynolds, A. McElhone, and ___ Johnson.

Lake Hunger. Although not a village this locality is well known throughout the county, being famed for the fishing and its pleasure parties, as well as for the musical ability of its proprietor, Caleb Smith, who keeps a Temperance Hotel here. Numerous pic-nic parties come to this place to enjoy the boating, &c. Neil Brown was the first settler in this neighborhood.

Nixon is a station on the Air Line Railway, and is fast developing into a village under the energetic guidance of Robt. Wood, who has mills here. It is midway between Simcoe and Delhi.

Kelvin is a village on the north town line. It lies party in the County of Brant. It is a thriving village, with a hotel, stores, &c.

Township Officers

Reeves, since the introduction of the present municipal system, have been L. H. Hunt, Daniel Matthews, Robert Young and Charles Robertson.

Clerks -- John Brown, D. W. Freeman, G. F. Master and Robt. Green (since 1869).

Treasurers -- John Robins and Robt. A. Clement

In the early days, under the old system, John Green and Gabriel Culver were Clerks of Windham.

The present Council (1877) consists of -- Reeve Chas. Robertson, 1st Deputy Reeve John Jull, 2nd Deputy Reeve R. M. Wilson, Councillors James Clement and John B. Freeman. Assessor: (1877) Robt. Watson.

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Baker, J.
Book, Conrad
Brown, C.
Brown, John
Brown, Neil
Cox, Joseph
Clement, James
Clement, Robt. A.
Crane family
Culver, Gabriel
Desbrow, Ira
Freeman, D. W.
Freeman, John B.
Green, John
Green, Robt.
Grover, John
Hunt, L. H.
Johnson, Mr.
Jull, John
Kelly, S.
Malcolm, Chas.
Martin, Geo. F.
Master, G. F.
Matthews, Daniel
McElhone, A.
Millard, Wm.
Moore, Wm.
Nun, J.
Reavely, M.
Reynolds, A.
Reynolds. P.
Robertson, Charles
Robins, John
Silverthorne, Wm.
Smith, Caleb
Teeter, George
Teeter, Henry
Teeter, William
Watson, Robt.
Wilson, R. M.
Wood, Robt.
Young, Robt.

From page 59 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
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