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This fine township lies to the north of Charlotteville, to the west of Townsend and to the east of Middleton. It has Norwich also the west, and Burford on the north. It is rectangular in shape, and contains 14 concessions, each nine miles long and 7/8 of a mile wide, each concession contains 24 lots. In form it resembles Townsend, although strictly Windham is the only township in the county which is perfectly regular in its shape -- all the others either having something added or something wanting so as to render their boundaries irregular.

Windham is drained by Big Creek and Patterson's Creek. The former flows from the middle of he the north town line to Fredericksburg in a south-westerly direction -- the latter rises near the middle part of the township, and flows south-east to Simcoe. In the north western part of the township is a wonderful and beautiful lake, called Lake Hunger -- wonderful because of its depth, which is said to be unfathomable, and beautiful by reason of the crystal clearness of its waters and the varied richness of the gorgeous verdure which adorn its banks. Its surface covers about 38 acres. Its outlet, which is small, run into Big Creek. It received its name from the Indians.

The soil of Windham varies greatly with the locality. In the north west portion it is a rich clay loam. In other parts it is a sandy loam. Near the centre there is a good deal of stone. But productive farms are to be found in almost every part. Large tracts covered with pine are still found, despite the continuous labor of the lumberman.

From page 59 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
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