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Parliamentary Representation
The first Canadian Parliament sat in 1792. The first election of which we have any account was held in 1800, at Avery's Mills (Waterford). Thomas Welsh acting as returning officer. Hon. David W. Smith and Richard Cockerel were the candidates. Mr. Smith was elected and became Speaker of the House. The next election was held in 1805 at Turkey Point, when B. Mallory ran against Col. Samuel Ryerse, and defeated him. After 1820, Francis L. Walsh, and Ed. R. Nichol represented the County, also Duncan McCall, Dr. Baldwin, Capt. McNellidge, Dr. Charles Duncombe, and Dr. John Rolph, who vacated his seat in 1838. He was followed by Wm. Salmon (afterwards Judge of the County). Israel Powell (1841-1848), Hon. H. J. Boulton. In 1850, Hon. John Rolph was again elected, and again in 1854, defeating James W. Ritchie. The next representative was Walker Powell, who opposed Thomas W. Walsh in 1858. In 1861 Aquila Walsh was elected and continued to represent the County until Confederation, when he was elected by the North Riding as its representative in the Dominion House of Commons, the member for the South Riding being Peter Lawson. These gentlemen continued to represent the County until 1872, when they were succeeded by John Charlton for the North Riding, and William Wallace for the South Riding.

In the Local Legislature the North Riding was first represented by James Wilson of Townsend, and then by Dr. John F. Clarke, who was re-elected in 1876. The North Riding was first represented by Simpson McCall of Vittoria (1867-1875). It is at present represented by R. Richardson of Port Rowan.

From page 55 of the Mika re-print of 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Norfolk County
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