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The Old Halfway House

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The Half-Way House. Large image, please wait...
"For many years a familiar and much loved landmark at the turning of the highway between Simcoe and Port Dover. Erected 1850 or 1852. Proprietor for the first 18 or 20 years was Charles Brown Sr. Succeeding proprietors: Mr. White, George Brown, Chas. Brown Jr., George Adams, Gabe Mabee, Edward Spencer, Chas. Brown Jr., 'Poopie' White, Ansley Yeager, James Acker, Eddie Robertson, Charles Derrickson, Aquilla Steinhoff. Burned in 1906.  Named 'Derby House' during Mr. Yeager's proprietorship."

[Transcriber's Note: 'The Halfway House' was a gas station on the same spot in the mid-1950s.  It was eventually torn down. Today the northeast corner of highways 6 and 24, halfway between Simcoe and Port Dover, is a farmer's field.]

Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
Copyright 1997-2013 John Cardiff and Norfolk Historical Society