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Circa 1924 Citizen of Simcoe, Ontario

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Charles E. Innes Charles E. Innes
"Born in Simcoe, March 22, 1880, son of William P. Innes and Marian Livingstone Innes. Educated at Simcoe Public and High Schools.  Manager Dominion Canners Ltd. Plant No. 17, Canning Division. Director Norfolk Golf and Country Club.  Member Executive Norfolk Soldiers War Memorial."

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Brother: W. L. Innes
Brother-in-law: Wm. R. Drynan

[Compiler's Comment: we received the following email on 13 May 2006: I have been researching Canadian hackney horses, and was very surprised to read the information on Mr. [Charles E.] Innes, who was a leading breeder and exhibitor for a number of years. He exhibited at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto from 1926 until 1937. No present exhibitor knew anything about him, and it was from reading your website that I found out where he got all the money to show the number of horses he had. He bought 30 hackneys at the J. J. Mitchell farm dispersal in 1925 or 26. He also bought and sold others. Some went as far as [Louis Long Combs' Longview Farm at Kansas City]. Thank you for making this information available. He was a man of mystery to me. John Fullerton, Paisley, Ontario]

Source: Simcoe and Norfolk County published by Pearce Publishing, 1924
(Out of print. Copy available for inspection at Norfolk Historical Society.)
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